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English and American Literature

Contact: Michaelyn Burnette

Scope of the Collection

The Library maintains a research collection to support the teaching and research of the faculty and students of University of California, Berkeley, English Department. English classes offer “many different focuses: major authors, historical periods, genres, critical theories and methods, as well as cultural and multicultural studies. Courses in language offer instruction in both the history and the structure of the English language. Writing courses offer training in both expository and creative writing. “ (text from the General Catalog). The Library collects scholarly works as well as fiction, poetry and drama to meet the needs of the faculty and students of the department. The Library has special agreements with Stanford University, with other University of California campuses, and with Hathi Trust and Western Regional Storage Trust that add research depth to the Berkeley collection.

Primary Languages and Formats

Mostly English, but other languages as well. Formats include books, journals, online resources, and microform.

Related Collections

Morrison Library, Special Collections, Ethnic Studies, some overlap with East Asian Library, Graduate Services and Anthropology.


For information about research tools, library guides, and related pages, see this guide to American Studies.

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