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Scholarly Communication: Elsevier, a Case Study

Two factors are especially potent in driving the crisis in scholarly communication: a high-profit motive on the part of publishers, and attendant actions to consolidate market share and pricing power through mergers. Much has been written about increases in science, technology and medicine, about commercial publishers, and about Elsevier, this sector's most successful player.

CDL undertook long and serious conversations with Elsevier as the former contract came to a close in December 2003. Happily, a new five-year contract was negotiated that accommodates the University's deteriorating budget situation without sacrificng access to the titles selected by each campus. For more information and a list of Elsevier titles currently available see Elsevier Journals — UC Status.

UC faculty contributions to Elsevier

A large portion of what Elsevier is selling to the UC community, was created, vetted, or enhanced by UC faculty. These statistics are from 2003.

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