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Margaret Phillips

Scope of Collection
The collections serve the listed primary constituents.

Graduate School of Education (GSE): M.A., Ph.D., Ed.D., credential programs, and an undergraduate minor. The Ed.D. programs are for educational, language/literacy and culture, and program evaluation and assessment. Credential programs in developmental teacher education, math/sci/technology, multicultural urban education, reading and language arts, principal development and leadership.

Graduate School of Education: the focus is on K-12 education. Collection areas include social cognition and moral judgment in the child, language and literacy, special education, math/science and technology education, human development across the life span, school psychology, educational leadership (especially at the principal level), educational policy research, school program evaluation and assessment methodologies, qualitative methods and evaluation in education, and the social, cultural, political, and economic contexts of public schooling.

Special Collections
ERIC microfiche collection: 1966-2003 (ceased in 2003). Small collection of U.S. primers/readers.

Children's Literature collection: historically collected with state funds to serve former Library School children's librarianship program and curriculum needs for old GSE programs.

Primary Languages and Formats

Related Collections
Doe and Anthropology.

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