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Scope of Collection
This collection serves the Department of Economics and the programs in Development Studies and Political. It also serves themanu institutes and centers related to the tudy of economics on campus as well as related minors.

Historically the main library collection was strongest in the areas of labor, economic history and development, although at present it covers all economics sub-disciplines: macroeconomics, economic theory, development, industiral organization, labor, econometrics, behavioral economics, public and institutitonal economics, and monetary theory. The collection is supplemented by primary source materials, censuses, and statistical pubications from international and national government organizations, particularly from developing countries in the Global South, with a concentration of materials from Africa, Latin America, and South and Southeast Asia. An increasing priority is the collection of numeric data files, online or housed on workstations and CD ROMs in the library data lab.

Primary Languages and Formats
Primarily English from USA Commonwealth countries. Primary source materials include but are not limited to Western and Eastern European languages, the languages of South and Southeast Asia, and Middle Eastern languages.

Related Collections
Business, Giannini Agricultural Economics, Biosciences & Natural Resources, Institute for Research on Labor and Employment, and Data Lab.

For information about research tools, library guides, and related pages, see this guide to Economics.

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