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Earth and Planetary Science / Maps

(includes Geography, Geology, and Geophysics)

Contact: Brian Quigley

Scope of Collection
The collection is selected to support the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Department of Geography, and the Berkeley Seismological Lab.

We collect at the research level in almost every aspect of earth sciences and physical geography. This includes atmospheric science, climatology, geochemistry, geology, geomorphology, geophysics, glaciology, oceanography, planetary science, seismology, and stratigraphy. We have historical strengths in publications from the U.S., state and foreign geological surveys, most of which are now published online.

For maps and geospatial data, we collect at a study level for all areas of the world and at a research level for specific regions of interest to the campus community. Our collection emphasizes California and the nine counties of the San Francisco Bay Area and the counties of northern California specifically, collecting topographic, geologic, and thematic maps of the area as well as aerial photography and GIS data. We also collect books and journals related to cartography and GIS.

Online journals in primary subject areas, digital and online geoscience reference resources and databases, digital and online maps, atlas and gazetteers. The print and online journal collections are particularly strong. Other areas of strength include: historic USGS topographic maps of California and other states; current and historic topographic maps of foreign countries at scales between 1:25,000-1:500,000; aerial photography for northern California from 1920s to the present; geologic mapping for California, many U.S. States, and selected foreign countries; significant holdings of maps of Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and other South Asian countries through the Library of Congress South Asia Cooperative Acquisitions Program (SACAP).

Primary Languages and Formats
Primarily English. Significant holdings in Russian, Chinese, and Japanese through library exchange programs. Historical strengths in French, German, and Spanish. Maps and atlases are collected in all languages.

Related Collections
Bioscience and Natural Resources, Engineering, and Physics-Astronomy for earth sciences and physical geography. Anthropology, Environmental Design and Doe for human geography.

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