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Dutch Studies

Contact: Jason Schultz

Scope of Collection
The Dutch and Flemish Studies collections support teaching and research in the fields of Dutch/Flemish language, literature, philosophy, history, sociology, law, economics, political science, information science, and general European culture. They are also relevant to the programs and objectives of the UCB Institute of European Studies and they provide ancillary resources for faculty and students in fields such as German Studies, Environmental Design, Anthropology, Business, Education, Psychology and Social Welfare.

Collection Strengths
Berkeley has outstanding collections of Dutch and Flemish linguistics, the history of the languages and literatures of the Low Countries, and the dialectography of the Low Germanic languages and dialects. We collect in all periods of linguistic and literary history and are particularly strong in the high middle ages.

After the middle ages, the greatest strength of the Dutch/Flemish collections lies in the Baroque period, both for literary and historical works, followed by the Early Modern. Our holdings for the 18th and 19th centuries are reasonably strong but not as distinguished as those for earlier periods. Our holdings for the 20th century, and particularly for the period just before and during World War I, are among the strongest in North America.

In addition to our excellent Dutch and Flemish holdings, Berkeley has also built and currently maintains the most extensive collection of material in Frisian studies outside the geographical boundaries of Friesland itself.

Our Dutch and Flemish collections are extremely strong and constitute an irreplaceable national resource in this field.

Primary Languages and Formats
We collect primarily but not exclusively in print, and we have extensive holdings in microform and digital formats in addition to books, newspapers and periodicals. In cooperation with Gary Handman of the Media Research Center we are building a strong collection of Dutch cinema on DVD.

Special Collections
The Main Library has a large number of monographs which deal with the German occupation of the Netherlands during World War II; Bancroft also has several thousand very scarce underground publications of this type. Our Dutch Clandestine Books and Pamphlets collection is one of the largest of its kind in the world.

We also have excellent rare books collections of Baroque Dutch materials in Bancroft as a part of our overall very strong Germanic collections from the Baroque period.

Related Collections
We have points in common with Art History/Classics, Environmental Design, Business/Economics, Education/Psychology, Music, Law and Anthropology. To a lesser extent we overlap with BioSciences, Public Health and Social Welfare. There is virtually no duplication of materials among these collections, however; Doe acquires interdisciplinary materials which intersects with their collecting interests.

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