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Doe (Main) Library Reference

Contact: Myrtis Cochran

Scope of Collection
The Doe Reference Collection is a non-circulating collection of approximately 30,000 volumes.

The main purpose of the reference collection is to support the current and anticipated educational and research goals of its primary community of UCB students, faculty, and staff.

Doe Reference collects extensively, from basic to research levels, in the humanities, area studies, social sciences and government information. In addition to general materials, the major subject areas covered include art history, ethnic, gender, media, and library and information studies, history (including the history of science), language and literature, performing arts, philosophy (including the philosophy of science), political science, religion, and sociology.

Because of the interdisciplinary nature of the research which the reference collection supports, Doe Reference also collects, selectively, on a basic level, in the areas covered by the following campus subject libraries: Anthropology, Business, Education/Psychology, Environmental Design, Music, and Social Welfare. For the subject areas of pure and applied sciences, engineering, and law, which are covered comprehensively by other campus libraries, Doe Reference collects at a minimal level, i.e., general dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks, directories, and biographical sources.

The Library is a depository for US federal, California state, and UN and other IGO publications. Most government information reference sources including US and foreign statistical yearbooks, legislative /statistical indexes, US/California legal codes, US Census, and other guides and bibliographies are housed in the Government Reference North Reading Room (NRR). High use items including selected California, US, and IGO statistical sources, federal and California budget information and almanacs/handbooks, etc., with current and/or historical information related to government and public affairs are located in the Doe Reference Center. Government Documents Collections at UC Berkeley provides a more complete description of the government publications acquired by the Library.

Primary Languages and Formats
Most of the collection is in English and Western European languages, but there are no language restrictions. Emphasis is on appropriate material in any language, which supports the subjects, and languages taught at UCB. There are no geographical or chronological limitations for the collection.

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