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Development Studies

Contact: Jim Church

Scope of Collection

The library collections in development studies focus on materials relating to the study of international economic development and its history, as well as current development problems in a local and regional context. Library collections support the study of the role and influence of markets, states, and civil society in the eradication of poverty and the improvement of human development in the Global South.


The historical and current and foreign and international government information collections are a hallmark of this collection as a basis of the political and economic history of the developing world in the 19th and 20th centuries. Digital collections of primary source materails such as the British Parliamentary Papers and Confidential Print collections from the British Foreign and Colonial Offices are also a strength. The library also collects alternative and smaller presses from both the Global North and South to support programmatic research.

Primary Languages and Formats

Primarily english. Primary source and other materials in languages throughout the developing world are collected in affiliation with library selectors in international and area studies.

Related Collections

Anthropology, Business, Economics, Giannini Agricultural Economics, Social Welfare, and Environmental Design.

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