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Chinese Studies

Contact: Jianye He

Scope of Collection
Chinese language monographs and serials are comprehensively acquired at research level for most areas of the humanities and social sciences with an emphasis on Chinese history, languages and literature, philosophy, religion, fine arts, ethnography, politics, economics, foreign relations, law, etc. Reference and translations in other languages are collected selectively.

The collection priorities include: primary resources, high quality secondary scholarship, important reference works, and critical electronic resources. For networked databases see East Asia - Electronic.

The strong subject areas of the Chinese collection are: (1) linguistics (2) literature and literary criticism (3) history and archaeology (4) philosophy and religion (5) fine arts and art history, (6) policitcs and economics, (7) film studies and visual culture, (8) social conditions in contemporary China, etc..

Special Collections

  1. Chinese rare books collection: East Asian Library has more than 800 titles of Chinese rare books dated before year 1795, including some important manuscripts, scrolls; In addition, the Chinese collection contains over 4,000 titles of thread-bound Chinese classics dating back to prior 1911.

  2. John Fryer collection: It was built up based on the donations of EAL founder, Prof. John Fryer, who had assumed official position in the late 19th century's China. The collection is distinguished by its Chinese translations of western scientific and technological works.

  3. Chinese calligraphy and stone rubbings (over 3,000 pieces).

  4. The Ho-Chiang collection of Buddhist scriptures, which documents the development of Buddhism in China, Japan, and Korea, contains manuscripts written in silver and gold. The Mongolian and Manchu collections include an exceedingly rare seventeenth-century work, Tai Sang-ni acabume karulara bithe. Among the pre-1949 xyhographs of the Tibetan collection is a body of Tantric texts of the Nying-ma-pa sect and an eighteenth-century Narthang edition of the Kanjur section of the Buddhist cannon.

  5. "Wen Shi zi liao" (Chinese local historical materials.)
  6. Ann Tompkins (Tang Fandi) and Lincoln Chushing Chinese posters collection.
  7. Taiwan aborigines collection.
  8. Contemporary Chinese avant-garde arts.
  9. Chinese overseas in Southeast Asia.

Primary Languages and Formats
Chinese. Chiefly monographs and serials (print), electronic (e-books, e-journal databases, etc.), Audio-video materails (DVDs, CD-ROMs, cassettes, etc.), some microfilm, a few archives.

Related Collections
Doe/Moffitt Library, Art History/Classics Library, Chinese American Collection (Ethnic Studies Library), Earth Science/Map Library, Anthropology Library, Environmental Design Library, Media Resources Center, Law School Library, The Bancroft library.

For information about research tools, library guides, and related pages, see East Asian Library.

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