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Biological Sciences

(includes Biology, Agricultural and Environmental Chemistry, Comparative Biochemistry, Integrative Biology, Molecular and Cell Biology, Neuroscience, and Plant and Microbial Biology)

Susan Koskinen (Agricultural and Environmental Chemistry, Agricultural and Resource Economics, Biology, Integrative Biology, Plant and Microbial Biology)
Elliott Smith (Comparative Biochemistry, Molecular and Cell Biology, Neuroscience)

Scope of Collection
The research level collection serves the Division of Biological Sciences which includes the Departments of Integrative Biology (Botany, Zoology, Systematics, Paleontology, Physiology, Ecology) and Molecular and Cell Biology (Neurobiology, Genetics, Cell and Developmental Biology, Immunology, Biochemistry). We also purchase materials that support the basic biological sciences for the Plant and Microbial Biology department in the College of Natural Resources. The Natural Resources selector purchases the applied biology materials used by this group.

The Marian Koshland Bioscience and Natural Resources Library is the premier life science collection west of the Mississippi, especially concerning 19th and early 20th century materials in all areas. We have a particularly strong journal collection. Resources include print and digital monographs, proceedings and journals; a broad range of online specialized databases in the biosciences and natural resources with direct links to full text online when possible.

Special Collections
The Marian Koshland Bioscience and Natural Resources Library has a rare book collection of over 8,000 volumes with additional volumes at NRLF. This special collection of books and journals covers life sciences, paleontology, natural history, botany, zoology and anatomy and physiology. Highlights include the most complete Darwin collection anywhere in the world (over 600 volumes) and one of the few complete collections of Linne (also duplicated in Bancroft).

Primary Languages and Formats
Most materials are in English, but we collect in any language for botany and zoology (flora, fauna and systematics), historically a print-based collection. Research bibliographic databases and most journals are primarily online, a few are in print with electronic access. Many monographs are purchased in electronic and or print formats by title and in collections. Microfiche and microfilm collections are primarily pieces of replacement serials that could only be obtained in that manner, and government documents.

Related Collections
Chemistry (biological chemistry) and HSIS/Optometry (basic medical sciences). We have subject affinities with Engineering (bioengineering and civil engineering), Anthropology (primate biology), Earth Sciences (paleontology, climate biology), Doe/Main (history of biology, science), Public Health (viral biology, toxicology, bioethics) and Education-Psychology (brain, animal behavior).

For information about research tools, library guides, and related pages, see Bioscience and Natural Resources Library.

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