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  1. P. Tebt. II 275
    UC 2222
    Magical Charm

    The Tebtunis papyri were found in the winter of 1899/1900 at the site of ancient Tebtunis, Egypt. The expedition to Tebtunis, which was led by the British papyrologists Bernard P. Grenfell and Arthur S. Hunt, was financed for the University of California by Mrs. Phoebe Apperson Hearst.

    The Tebtunis papyri form the largest collection of papyrus texts in the Americas. The collection has never been counted and inventoried completely, but the number of fragments contained in it exceeds 30,000.

  2. Llibre del bisbe de Jaen (Biblia parva). 15th c.
    MS UCB 155
    Folio 1, recto

    The Catalonian manuscript collection at The Bancroft library is a collection of original Catalonian records including a miscellany of legal instruments recording commissions, donations, sales, exchanges, payments, receipts and the like, which evidently survived in old private archives still numerous in Catalonia. The records contain a wealth of information about ordinary people, their names, transactions, and property. Chiefly in Latin, often lapsing into the vernacular. One piece, dated 1497, is entirely in Catalan. Also included are a Catalan translation of De consolatione philosophiae, and a guide to enable Christians to argue convincingly against Jews and Muslims, and persuade them to convert.

  3. Books on library shelf

    Digital photograph by John Kupersmith, Reference Librarian, Doe Library.

  4. PLOS journal cover
    Scanning electron micrograph by Jeffrey Skerker; false color by Liana Holmberg

    A scanning electron micrograph of Caulobacter crescentus cells at 10,000x magnification. Each cell division for C. crescentus is asymmetric, generating two distinct daughter cells: a motile swarmer cell and a sessile stalked cell. A systematic dissection of the signal transduction genes controlling cell cycle progression, growth, and morphogenesis is presented in Skerker et al.

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