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There are three versions of this worldwide library catalog.

Next Generation Melvyl Pilot screen

(Formerly known as "Next Generation Melvyl")
Recommended for searching libraries in the UC System and worldwide. It includes all the materials in (see below), but gives priority to displaying items in the UC libraries. Not all UC materials are in the database yet.
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»  Frequently Asked Questions screen
Books, journals, videos, music scores and recordings, maps, and other materials in over 10,000 libraries around the world. Also includes about 30 million journal and magazine articles.
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WorldCat on FirstSearch screen

WorldCat on FirstSearch
This version has a different interface and additional search capabilities, and does not automatically include journal articles. It is licensed for use by UC Berkeley students, faculty, and staff, and is available to anyone visiting our libraries. Please note that WorldCat on Firstsearch is open to only a limited number of users at one time. If there are no ports available, you will be denied access.

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