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What's included in the Next-Generation Melvyl Pilot

What can I find in it?
Everything with our OCLC holdings code (CUY) set on it is in the pilot. Additionally, our Shared Cataloging Program materials will be in the pilot with their (CUYER) holdings code, as well as at least some records from the Google digitization project, with another unique holdings code.

What has our CUY holdings code set on it?
All records in GLADIS that are high level (GLADIS levels f, r, b = 5.5 million records). Also, new d-level records for the new temporary cataloging workflow are being created in OCLC, so d-level records created after mid-April 2008 will be in the pilot (d = DLA/CDL minimum standard records - usually no LC subject headings). Another category that will have our holdings set over time are t-level records provided for us by PromptCat when a full record is not available, intended for later upgrade to full level.

How does this relate to what Berkeley has in Melvyl?
Mevlyl contains all of the above, but includes all d-level and t-level records, and additionally includes c-level serial records, some p-level records, and records of all levels for the affiliated libraries (both those who use GLADIS as their catalog and those who do not).

What additional categories of records are in GLADIS but not in Melvyl or OCLC?
Order records
Reserve records
NRLF n-level inventory control records for northern UC campuses
Quick records created at charge for items not barcoded

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