Attention all CrossFire Users: The CrossFire platform will be retired on December 31, 2010. It is being replaced by Reaxys.

The MDL CrossFire Commander program provides acces to the Beilstein and Gmelin databases. The Beilstein database contains data on more than 6 million organic substances covering the literature from 1771 to the present. The Gmelin database contains data from 1772 to the present on inorganic and organometallic compounds (approximately 470,000 coordination compounds, 14,000 glasses and ceramics, 3,200 minerals, and 55,000 alloys).

  1. In order to download the CrossFire client, you must first connect to the internet in one of the following ways: (Note: access via the library proxy server is not available)
  2. Which Client Version?
    • Vista users must install Version 7.1. Windows XP users can install either 7.1 or 7.0.
    • CrossFire 6.0 is the only version available to Mac users (OS 9 and OS X, but not native-mode OS X).
    • Version 6.0 will not run on Intel Macs.
  3. To install Versions 6.0 and 7.0, go to the UCB Installation Instructions for CrossFire.
    • During the installation process you will be prompted for this information:
    • TCP/IP Address/Hostname: (case sensitive)
    • License Group Name: ucb (case sensitive)
    • User ID/Login: ucb000 (three zero's not the letter O)
    • Password: w38cep
  4. To install Version 7.1, go to the Elsevier CrossFire Commander site.
    • When prompted for the Article Resolver URL, enter
    • When prompted for the Patent Resolver URl, use the default URL given.
    • If you are prompted for the Host IP Address, License Group Name, User ID or password, use the same values as for Versions 6.0 and 7.0 listed above.
  5. Structure Drawing Options for Crossfire
    • The CrossFire Structure Editor is the drawing program that comes with CrossFire, even though initially it is not set as the default editor. If you have trouble opening the drawing window, it is usually because CrossFire pre-selects ISIS/Draw during installation. To make the CrossFire Structure Editor your default editor, go to Options >> Select Structure Editor, and change it to CrossFire Structure Editor.
    • You can download ISIS/Draw at the MDL/Symyx site (no charge, but registration required). Be sure to set the Structure Editor under Options to ISIS/Draw.

For help or more information contact Mary Ann Mahoney, Chemistry Librarian.

Installation Instructions for other UC Campuses

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