Tips for Importing SciFinder Scholar References into EndNote

In Scifinder Scholar:

  1. Select the references to be saved by checking the boxes to the left of the references
  2. Click the Save As button at the top of the screen
  3. A Save File As box appears. Save the file to a convenient location such as the desktop
  4. Name your file and change the Save as type to Tagged Format (*.txt) (e.g. scifinder.txt)
  5. Click Save

To Import into EndNote:

  1. Open your EndNote Library
  2. From the File menu, select Import
  3. Use the Choose File button to find the tagged *.txt file of your saved references from SciFinder Scholar
  4. From the Import Option menu choose the SciFinder import filter. Note: This filter is not part of the initial EndNote software program, and needs to be downloaded and placed in the EndNote Filters subfolder

To Download the SciFinder Filter:

  1. The filter is included in the SciFinder Scholar installation program when you downloaded the SciFinder Scholar client from the web. Look for the folder named filters in your installation folder, typically C:\SFSCHLR or C:\Program Files\SFSCHLR. The file will have an *enf extension, e.g. SciFinder2006.enf.
  2. Place the SciFinder*.enf filter in the EndNote Filters subfolder
  3. At this point you may wish to use EndNote’s Filter Manager (Edit > Import Filters > Open Filter Manager) to select the filter so that it will appear in your pre-selected pick list during the import process. If you don’t select it with the Filters Manager, you may need to click on the Other Filters button to locate the filter during the import process.
  4. The filter can be modified to suit your needs

Additional information is at the Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) SciFinder Scholar Software Support site.