SciFinder Client

The SciFinder client will be retired in June 2011. As this date becomes closer, the number of ports allocated to the client will be decreased in order to encourage users to transition to the web version. To use the web version, you must first register, instructions are here. Once you have registered, and have your own login and password, you can use the direct link to access SciFinder. For off-campus access, you can use either the library proxy server or the campus Virtual Private Network client (VPN) if you are using the web-based version of SciFinder. For the client/sever program, you can only use the campus Virtual Private Network client (VPN) for off-campus access.

  1. In order to download the SciFinder client, you must first connect to the internet in one of the following ways: (Note: access via the library proxy server is not available)
  2. Next, read the User Agreement.
  3. Once you have read and accepted the terms by clicking on the appropriate button, you will be allowed to download the software.
    Note: the site.prf file is meant only to sit in the same hard disk directory as sfschlr.exe (typically C:\SFSCHLR or C:\Program Files\SFSCHLR). It is not meant to be executed, and it does not belong in the Start Menu shortcut folder for SciFinder Scholar.

Please allow other UC researchers to use this resource by minimizing connect time and logging out as soon as searches are completed.

For more information about SciFinder Scholar at UCB including questions about access, contact Mary Ann Mahoney ( or phone 510 642-4345.