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July-September 2007

SciFinder Scholar 2007 Release

The SciFinder Scholar 2007 client software is now available for both PC and Mac OSX users. UCB students, faculty and staff can download the software at the UC distribution site. Remember that PC users have two files to download, the SciFinder Scholar file and the site.prf file. There is only one file for Mac OSX users. You need to upgrade before January 2008, when the older client versions will no longer be supported.

What’s New in SciFinder Scholar 2007:

Categorize a reference answer set by subject categories and substances into order to create a histogram for easy analysis
Combine a current answer set with a saved answer set of the same type: reference, substance, or reaction
Launch a new structure search or refine a current structure search by clicking on any structure in an answer set
Export Commercial Chemicals records into Microsoft Excel
Print substance answers in a 1-4 column grid

Off-campus access to SciFinder Scholar and the UC software distribution site for the SciFinder Scholar 2007 client is available if you use the campus Virtual Private Network (VPN) service. You cannot use the library's proxy server to access these resources

DiscoveryGate for Beilstein/Gmelin Trial Access

We currently have trial access to DiscoveryGate, which is MDL’s web-based product for accessing Beilstein and Gmelin. The library will maintain the CrossFire client; DiscoveryGate access would be in addition to CrossFire. One major attraction of DiscoveryGate is that users do not have to install a client. Also, DiscoveryGate works with the library’s proxy server so installation of the VPN is not necessary. Please give DiscoveryGate a try and let me know what you think of it.
When you first connect, the default database is set for the MDL Compound Index. This is MDL’s approach to integrating structure searching across a number of databases. However, you can also use the 'pull down' Database menu on the upper left corner and change the database selection to either Beilstein or Gmelin. The online guides and videos available from the DiscoveryGate homepage are recommended.

While access is web-based, there still are some simple, but necessary installation steps:
Macintosh Users
Safari browser recommended
Go to
Message will be displayed: "DiscoveryGate client java components are available for this application".
Clicking OK, will download the components, and the browser will close by itself.
Macintosh does NOT require additional software (auto-update needs to be enabled).

PC Users
Go to
Disable popup blocking for
Click on "Download Software".
Ignore links on the left and click on large "Download" button.
After downloading, close all other files.
Locate and run the Installer file.
Internet Explorer users should add as a trusted site.

Firefox is NOT supported
Be sure to disable popup blocking

New Study Carrels

During the summer the library replaced all sixteen study carrels with new ones that have better lighting and easier accessibility to electrical outlets for laptop users. The carrels are also larger and should provide a better experience for patrons that want a quiet study environment. Six of the study carrels are on the main floor of the library and ten are on the mezzanine level.

New Online Books

The UCB libraries recently purchased electronic versions of the books listed below to complement our print holdings. To access any of these titles, simply find the item in a library catalog (Gladis, Pathfinder or Melvyl) and click or follow the appropriate link. These are all high-use, course reserve or reference books; please send me any purchase recommendations you might have for additional purchases. Publishers generally do not make online textbooks available to the library, but in some cases, books you select for course reserve are not considered textbooks by the publishers and might be available electronically.

New Books

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