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February – April 2008

Faculty Discuss Scholarly Communication (Monday April 14

Recent local, national and international headlines indicate the importance of open access in scholarly communication. The UC Berkeley Academic Senate Library Committee and the Library are co-sponsoring a discussion about what this means for UC Berkeley and the University of California System. Details of the discussion are:
Date: Monday, April 14
Time: 2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Place: Men's Faculty Club, Seaborg Room
Participants: Prof. Mike Eisen, Molecular & Cell Biology; Prof. Nick Jewell, Public Health; Prof. Randy Schekman, Molecular & Cell Biology
Moderator: Thomas Leonard, University Librarian

Complying with the NIH Public Access Policy

The NIH Public Access Policy affects you if you have a current NIH grant, have students or staff whose salaries are paid by NIH, or are paid by NIH yourself. Beginning on April 7, if you have received NIH funding for research published in a peer reviewed journal, or your salary is paid by NIH, you will need to comply with the NIH Public Access Policy. The library has developed a guide on the NIH Mandate with information on how to comply.
Important Dates:
April 7, 2008: all articles based on research funded by the NIH must be submitted to PubMed Central upon acceptance for publication.
May 25, 2008: NIH applications, proposals, and progress reports must include the PubMed Central reference number (PMCID) when citing an article that falls under the policy and is authored or co-authored by the investigator, or arose from the investigator's NIH award.
This policy includes applications submitted to the NIH for the May 25, 2008 due date and subsequent due dates.

ACS’s NIH Policy Addendum

ACS authors with NIH funding will be required to complete an NIH Policy Addendum as outlined on the ACS Publications page.

Physics-Astronomy Library Now Back in LeConte Hall

The Physics-Astronomy Library is has reopened in 351 LeConte Hall. The Physics-Astronomy Library”s Grand Re-Opening Celebration will be on Wednesday, April 23, 2008, from 3:00 5:00 pm in 351 LeConte Hall

New Resources

Inorganic Syntheses
The complete Inorganic Syntheses series (volumes 1-34) is now available online.

Springer Protocols
Humana Press, publishers of BioMedProtocols and numerous molecular biology journals, was acquired by Springer, and Humana's digital content is migrating to the Springer site. BioMedProtocols is now availabe as Springer Protocols. Springer Protocols, a protocol database of more than 18,000 searchable protocols in molecular biology and biomedience includes protocols from the series Methods in Molecular Biology, Methods in Molecular Medicine, Methods in Biotechnology, Neuromethods, and other sources. The new interface for Springer Protocols features commenting, video protocols, and the ability to upload protocols.

Cambridge Structural Database
The Library and the College of Chemistry have jointly funded a site license for the Cambridge Structural Database (CSD) system. Please note, for those associated with the College of Chemistry, access to the CSD system through the College research facilities remains as it always has, this site license simply allows UCB students, faculty and staff the right to install the CSD system on their own computers for academic purposes, if they so desire. To use the CSD system, you must install the data and software programs onto your computer. The programs and data files are being distributed via the web through a UC shared site. Since these files are so large, you cannot directly download them; instead, you must copy the ISO files onto CDs and then use the CDs to install the programs. You will need site and confirmation codes the first time you run the CSD. These codes are available at the above site along with the files. If you have questions about this site license, please contact me at There are 3-4 CSD updates each year. You will need the site and confirmation codes to download the update files. There is also a mailing list to alert uses when updates are available.

New Trials

The campus now has online trial access for ChemSusChem, a new journal from Wiley on chemistry and sustainability, energy and materials. ChemSusChem is published on behalf of the Editorial Union of Chemical Societies (EUChemSoc). Founding societies are the Società Chimica Italiana and the Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker (GDCh). The journal is supported by the Asian Chemical Editorial Society (ACES).

Materials for Medical Devices Database
During the month of April, the library will have online trial access to the Materials for Medical Devices Database from ASM International. Materials for Medical Devices is a set of mechanical, physical, biological response, and drug compatibility properties for the materials and coatings used in medical devices. Please send comments or questions to lngo (at) library (dot) berkeley (dot) edu.

New Books

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