Finding Laboratory Experiments

Browse print laboratory manuals
Laboratory manuals can be found in the reference section as well as the circulating book collection of the library. The call numbers ranges for manuals are QD261 (organic), QD155 (inorganic), QD457 (physical chemistry), and QD415.5 and QP519 (biochemistry).
Browse the print copies of Journal of Chemical Education and Chemical Engineering Education
The new unbound issues are in the journal display area and the older bound issues are in the stacks. All print journals in the library are arranged alphabetically. You can also browse this journal online.
Search the Journal of Chemical Education
You can do this in two ways.
  • Go to Project Chemlab which is a database of laboratory experiments from the Journal of Chemical Education. You can search by type of chemistry, level, and keywords. Searching by type can be useful, for example, you can pull up all the biochemistry experiments. When searching by keywords, you MUST use the keywords that the database uses. It really is a controlled vocabulary list. The list is there on the site, be sure to use those words. Experiments from 1996 are online. Be sure to get any supplementary information if there is any associated with the experiment.
  • Use the search box on the Journal of Chemical Education home page for the JCE Index. On the upper right hand side of the page there is a search box where you can enter keywords to see if there are experiments on the topic in the journal.
Note: You can search the online journals from any computer connected to the campus network. If you are in the library or in the dorms it is very easy. If you are trying to do this from off-campus you will need to install the campus VPN or configure your Internet browser to access the library's proxy server. See instructions.
Search SciFinder Scholar
Search on your topic and then refine by research topic with the words "laboratory experiment." You can also search on your topic and then analyze by journal name and sort the results alphabetically to identify articles from chemical education journals.
SciFinder Scholar is a client server software program. In order to search it, you need to install a client on your computer. Instructions