Northern Research Library Facilities (NRLF)

Many CCSL materials are located at the University's storage facility in Richmond, known as the Northern Research Library Facilities (NRLF). Items at NRLF are available for borrowing, and can be ordered by submitting an online request when using the GLADIS catalog. Materials will be delivered to CCSL in about 3 days. Alternatively, patrons may visit the NRLF directly and request materials.

RFS Van Service to NRLF

A shuttle service between the Richmond Field Station and UC Berkeley is available, departing Monday through Friday (except University holidays) from the Hearst Mining Circle on campus. Upon request, the driver will drop off passengers at NRLF, Building 400. Fare for a one-way ride is $1.00. Please have the exact fare; drivers are not able to make change. Frequent riders may wish to purchase discounted monthly passes (ask the driver for more information).

RFS van schedule

Leave RFSArrive UCBLeave UCBArrive RFS
7:00AM 7:30AM 7:35AM 8:00AM
8:30 9:05 9:10 9:35
9:40 10:05 10:10 10:35
10:40 11:05 11:10 11:35
11:40 12:05PM 12:10PM 12:35PM
12:40PM 1:05 1:10 1:35
1:40 2:05 2:10 2:35
2:40 3:05 3:10 3:35
3:40 4:05 4:10 4:35
5:00PM 5:30PM 5:35PM 6:05PM