Frequently Used Search Operators and Search Fields in Factiva

Note that unlike Google, Factiva automatically groups phrases.

and All the words or phrases you enter.
technology spending and Canada
or One or more of the words or phrases you enter.
merger or acquisition
not Exclude items that contain these words.
software not spreadsheets
same Two words in the same paragraph.
vodafone same telecommunications
atleastn Words mentioned more than once.
atleast5 microsoft
atleast2 berkeley
() Group words together.
press releases and (university or instruction or courses)
* Words with multiple endings of any length.
Example: insur* retrieves insurance, insurable, insured, and insurer
? Single wildcard character.
Example: globali?ation retrieves both globalization and globalisation
w/n Words adjacent to each other in the SPECIFIED order, within a certain number.
Example: president w/3 bush retrieves both President Bush, President George Bush, and President George W. Bush
nearn Words near each other in ANY order, within a certain number.
Example: carrefour near4 sales retrieves both Carrefour reported net sales and retail sales posted by Carrefour
by= Searches for words in the "author's name" (byline) field.
Example: by=(michael near2 pollan) retrieves articles where the author is indexed as michael pollan or pollan, michael
hd= Searches for words in the article's headline.
hlp= for words in the article's headline and two lead paragraphs.
Searches for the number of words in the article.
Example: clear channel and wc>2000 retrieves only major articles over 2,000 words long.