Electronic Books in Business and Economics

The University Library at Berkeley offers its students and faculty access to thousands of e-books in many different subject areas and from several e-book vendors. Those of particular interest in the fields of business and economics are listed below. E-book content is available for use on the campus, or by remote access through the Library Proxy Server.


Provides access to over 5,600 e-books in business, economics, and related fields, plus thousands of additional titles in other subject areas (complete academic collection).


Several hundred e-books in business and economics.

Springer E-Books

E-books in business and economics from 2005 forward.

Safari Books Online

Hundreds of IT e-books and computer manuals.


Full text e-books on IT management, operations management, networking communications, internet and web-based computing, etc.


A collection of mathematics handbooks including standard mathematical tables and formulas. Includes a category for "mathematics of finance."


Over 120 full text e-books on statistics, including a category for "statistics for business and finance." A useful source for subjects such as risk modeling and analysis, time-series analysis, sampling, and introductory statistics.


Over 50 e-books on the technical aspects of telecommunications.

World Bank E-Library

Includes over 1,800 books and reports from the World Bank. Selected titles of interest include:
  • Africa's Silk Road: China and India's New Economic Frontier
  • Dancing with Giants: China, India, and the Global Economy
  • Emerging Capital Markets and Globalization
  • How Universities Promote Economic Growth

Handbooks in Economics (Elsevier)