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The Digital Data Library

Numerous numerical and statistical databases are available to UCB faculty and students. The following are those most frequently requested and used by researchers looking for data on countries, companies, industries, stock markets, etc.

The University Library operates a Data Lab on the first floor of Doe Library, which includes consulting services.

For those databases that may be accessed remotely, please use the Library Proxy Server, or one of the services at this link, to connect to the UCB campus. A current student or faculty ID and CalNet passphrase is required. All databases are licensed for educational use only by the UCB academic community.

Datastream may be used to locate historical and current economic and financial data. The content includes: index-related data across global markets, including valuation measures and constituent lists; global and sector indices; exchange-trade derivatives data; global investment research; detail information on global fixed income and equity securities; current and historical foreign exchange and money markets data; global forecast and historical economics data; and interest and exchange rates. Access:

Data Lab, Doe (Main) Library

Long Business Library (restricted to faculty and students with Haas network accounts at a pc in the reference area)

Direction of Trade Statistics (International Monetary Fund) database presents annual, quarterly, and monthly figures on the value of merchandise exports and imports by trade partners as well as area and world aggregates showing trade flows between major areas of the world. The DOTS database provides users with more than approximately 100,000 time series of annual, quarterly, and monthly trade data for approximately 250 countries, 1980 to present. Access:
From any library public access pc, or via proxy server.
Global Development Finance (World Bank) Provides development finance data for 136 countries since 1970. Data may be exported for spreadsheets. Access:
From any library public access pc, or via proxy server.
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Global Financial Database contains extremely long runs of historical data (over 6,000 series) on security markets and macroeconomic trends for over 150 countries, including the United States. Access:
From any library public access pc, or via proxy server.
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Historical Statistics of the United States contains the entire contents of the Historical Statistics of the United States, Colonial times to 2000, including text and statistical tables. A rich source of information for studying U.S. history, economics, politics, and other social topics. Data is downloadable in Excel or CSV spreadsheet formats. Access:
From any library public access pc, or via proxy server.
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International Financial Statistics (International Monetary Fund) provides financial, trade, and national accounts statistics by country. Historical data is available back to 1948 and is reported in various time frequencies, including monthly and annual statistics. Access:
From any library public access pc, or via proxy server.
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Interuniversity Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) A vast archive of social science data including survey data, census records, election returns, economic data, and legislative records. Access:
From any library public access pc, or via proxy server.
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Data Planet Provides over 100 public domain and licensed government and business quantitative datasets. Results are displayed in various formats including tables, graphs, charts, and maps which are printable or downloadable. Access:
From any library public access pc, or via proxy server.
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Monthly Bulletin of Statistics Online (United Nations) presents current monthly economic statistics for most of the countries and areas of the world. Access:
From any library
National Bureau of Economics Research (NBER) Data Sets A wide-variety of datasets associated with NBER research are available for download from their website (e.g., business cycle dates, industry data, international trade data, patent data, etc.) Access:
From any library public access pc, or via proxy server.
Rand California (Rand Corporation) An extensive database on California and its cities and counties, ranging from the economy to crime rates to school test scores. Access:
From any library public access pc, or via proxy server.
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SDC Platinum may be used to research merger & acquisition transactions, global new issues (IPOs & private placements), syndicated loans, corporate restructurings (bankruptcies), public finance (municipals), private equity (venture capital), corporate governance (poison pills, proxy fights) and more. Access:
Long Business Library (restricted to faculty and students with Haas network accounts at a pc in the reference area).
OECD iLibrary (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) includes datasets on labor, trade, government spending, financial market trends, and national accounts for OECD countries. Access:
From any library public access pc, or via proxy server.
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Wharton Research Data Service The Haas School of Business subscribes to the following databases which may be used through WRDS.

AuditAnalytics: Access detailed audit information on over 1,200 accounting firms and 15,000 publicly registered companies. Know who is auditing whom and how much they are paying for what services. Create reports by auditor, fees, location, industry, etc.

Compustat Global: Compustat Global provides authoritative financial and market data covering publicly traded companies in more than 80 countries, representing over 90% of the world's market capitalization, including coverage of over 96% of European market capitalization and 88% of Asian market capitalization. Hundreds of data items, ratios and concepts and up to 12 years of annual history are included.

Compustat North America is a database of U.S. and Canadian fundamental and market information on more than 24,000 active and inactive publicly held companies. It provides more than 300 annual and 100 quarterly Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Statement of Cash Flows, and supplemental data items.

CRISP (The Center for Research in Security Prices) maintains the most comprehensive collection of security price, return, and volume data for the NYSE, AMEX and NASDAQ stock markets. Additional CRSP files provide stock indices, beta- and cap-based portfolios, treasury bond and risk-free rates, and mutual fund databases .It also provides CRSP/Compustat Merged Database, a database that simplifies matching COMPUSTAT financial data to the CRSP security price data.

Dow Jones Averages provides the daily and monthly Dow Jones Composite (DJA), as well as The Dow Jones Industrial (DJI), The Dow Jones Transportation (DJT), The Dow Jones Utility (DJU), the The Dow 10, and The Dow 5.

First Call Historical Database, or FCHD, is a history of First Call's real time earnings estimates. FCHD contains earnings information dating as far back as 1990, on over 9,700 securities, including: 8,500 U.S. Securities 1,000 Canadian Securities 180 ADR's.

Global Insight offers the most comprehensive economic coverage of countries, regions and industries available from any source. Their collection of U.S. and international financial, economic and industry data is complimented by more than 225 analysts, researchers and economists whose expertise covers over 120 industries and 200 countries.

Trade and Quote (TAQ) database contains intraday transactions data (trades and quotes) for all securities listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and American Stock Exchange (AMEX), as well as Nasdaq National Market System (NMS) and SmallCap issues.

Option Metrics is a comprehensive source of historical price and implied volatility data for the US equity and index options markets. Encompassing more than six years of data, Ivy DB OptionMetrics contains historical prices of options and their associated underlying instruments, correctly calculated implied volatilities, and option sensitivities. With Ivy DB OptionMetrics, you'll be able to backtest trading strategies, evaluate risk models, and perform research on all aspects of options investment.

RiskMetrics is a leader in corporate governance data. Two datasets identified as RiskMetrics Group Historical Governance and Historical Directors data are available. The Governance set was formerly known as the IRRC Takeover Defense database.

Thomson Reuters covers mutual fund holdings (CDA Spectrum s12) and 13f institutional holdings (CDA Spectrum s34). The insider filings database contains transaction and holdings information filed with the SEC.

Library public access PCs in Long Library or any pc in the Haas School.

Faculty and PhD students are eligible for remote logon passwords through this Link
Online manuals and Help for the following databases are available by clicking on "Support" in the left navigation menu:
- Compustat
- DJ Averages
- Global Insight
- I/B/E/S
World Development Indicators (World Bank) provides time series development indicators data (1960-present) for 207 countries. Includes tables for population, labor and employment, education, health, energy, urbanization, national accounts, purchasing power, trade, government finance, monetary, balance of payments, external debt, investment risk, taxes, prices and exchange rates, military expenditures, transport and communication, and information & technology. Access:
From any library public access pc, or via proxy server.
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