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Electronic Databases (A-Z)

The Business Library provides access to numerous business and economic databases via the world wide web. Most web-based databases are available for remote use by UCB faculty, students, and staff by using the library proxy server. CD-ROMS are ONLY available from library workstations by clicking on the cd-rom icon from the desktop.

A complete list of all of the University Library's electronic resources may be found here.

Use of electronic resources is subject to license agreements with each publisher. Breach of the University's contractual arrangements with publishers could result in suspension of access for the entire UC Berkeley community. Read about the Conditions of Use.

List of Business Databases by Subject

Academic Search Complete (EBSCO) Large index of periodicals and journals in the humanities, sciences, and social sciences. About half are full-text - click "UC E-Links" if not.
Dates Covered: 1865-Present.
Help Index
Access World News (NewsBank, Inc.) Includes a number of databases providing a variety of domestic and international news. Those of most interest include Global Newsbank(1996-current), Newsbank Newsfile (1991-current), Newsbank Full-text Newspapers, Sacramento Bee, and the San Jose Mercury News.  
BCC Research Industries: Advanced Materials, Advanced Transportation Technologies, Biotechnology, Chemicals, Energy & Resources, Engineering, Environment, Food & Beverage, Fuel Cell & Battery Technologies, Healthcare, Information Technology, Instrumentation & Sensors, Manufacturing, Membrane & Separation Technology, Nanotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Plastics, Safety & Security, and Semiconductor Manufacturing.
Geography: Global
Business Monitor Online (BMO) Industries: Agribusiness, Autos, Commercial Banking, Consumer Electronics, Defense & Security, Food & Drink, Freight Transport, Information Technology, Infrastructure, Water, Insurance, Metals, Mining, Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Power, Real Estate, Retail, Shipping, Telecommunications, and Tourism.
Geography: U.S. and 50+ Foreign Countries
Index of Help Topics
Business Source Complete (EBSCOHost) Large index of peer-reviewed, scholarly business journals as well as industry trade publications. About 65% is full-text - click "UC E-Links" if not.
Dates covered: 1965-Present.
Updated: daily
Help Index

Tutorial (from the Engineering Library)
CCH Capital Changes Reports Capital change histories of nearly all US and some foreign public companies. "Capital Changes" include stock dividends, stock splits, reverse stock splits, reorganizations, exchanges, rights, mergers & acquisitions, and other changes in capital structure. To access, click the "Capital Changes" button on the CCH Internet Tax Service entry page.
Updated: daily
Quick Start Guide

Quick Reference
CCH Internet Tax Research NetWork UCB subscribes to the CCH OmniTax School Library portion of this online service. Use it to complete tax course assignments requiring access to U.S. Federal and state tax information. Click on the Federal Tax button to use the Standard Federal Tax Reporter, Internal Revenue Code, Treasury Regulations, Revenue Rulings, and all court cases.
Updated: daily
Quick Start Guide

Quick Reference
CEIC Global Provides detailed macro-economic data with 1,400,000 time series for 121 countries, including National Accounts, Balance of Payments, Production, Sales,& Inventory, Banking, Construction, Interest and Foreign Exchange Rates, Government Finance, Investment, Demographics and Labor Markets, Economic & Household Surveys, Tourism, Inflation, Transport and Telecommunication, and Domestic & International Trade. Sources include International Organizations and National Statistics Offices.  
Chinese Studies Online Provides access to five separate databases with information on Chinese culture, medicine, business, and science. Includes a database of over 170,000 companies. All text is in Chinese. Navigating the site
Cleantech i3
Password protected -- request login info from a librarian.
The i3 platform provides profiles of Cleantech companies, VC investment and M&A data, and research on the Cleantech industry.  
Commodity Statistics Trade Database (COMTRADE) Provides commodity trade statistics between countries for 40 years. Knowledgebase
Communication Abstracts Indexes 160 sources, with over 44,000 records reflecting articles, reports, papers and books covering communication literature in subjects such as mass media, journalism, advertising, marketing, public opinion, interpersonal communication and organizational communication.
Dates Covered: 1977- present, some full text
Advanced Search Help
Comperio (PriceWaterhouseCoopers)
dedicated PC in the reference area
accessible only from Haas
A comprehensive online library of authoritative financial reporting and assurance literature. Restricted to users with a personal Haas School login on a dedicated pc in the reference area.
Updated: regularly
accessible only from Haas
Allows users to download Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow data items on US and foreign public companies. The following Compustat products are not available to Haas users: executive compensation, global currency, global financial services, global industrial/commercial, global issue, and quarterly updates. Access via WRDS.
Dates covered: 20 Years of Annual Information
12 Years of Quarterly Information
20 Years of Monthly Information
The Conference Board TCB research is a searchable database of full-text research reports on the latest issues in business management and US and global economics. Proprietary, nonbiased research includes studies of Fortune 500 companies on business trends, leadership decisions, performance excellence, ethics and corporate governance, HR, productivity, CRM and more. Economics material includes US and global economic indicators and analysis and forecasts of regional, national, and international economic conditions.
Dates covered: Full-text coverage from 1995 to date.
Search Tips
Congressional Quarterly Moneyline Provides tracking of the flow of money in politics at the federal level with some state information from 1980 to the present. Enables tracking of contributions from Political Action Committees (PACs), individual donors to politicians, elected officials, and party committees; follow soft money through 527 groups, and retrieve information on thousands of lobbyists, indexed by client and issue.  
accessible only from Haas
The Center for Research in Security Prices (CRSP) maintains a comprehensive collection of standard and derived securities prices for the NYSE, AMEX and NASDAQ. Quarterly updates are not available to Haas users.
Dates covered: December 1925 - present.
Data Planet Provides over 100 public domain and licensed government and business quantitative datasets. Results are displayed in various formats including tables, graphs, charts, and maps which are printable or downloadable. Select How Do I?
(Thomson Reuters)
datastream terminal in the library only

Haas School Funded
Large database of U.S. and international market data. Includes stocks and bonds, indexes, macroeconomic data, options, futures, exchange rates, and more. Some (but not all) series have up to 40 years historical data.
Restricted to users with a personal Haas School login on a dedicated pc in the reference area.
Updated: : regularly
Must provide name and email address to access.
Digital Dissertations (UMI International) Indexes and abstracts dissertations from most U.S. and some foreign universities.
Dates covered: 1861-
Search Guide
Dow Jones Averages
accessible only from Haas
The DJ averages are comprised of The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA), The Dow Jones Transportation Average (DJTA) and The Dow Jones Utility Average (DJUA).
Dates covered: 1896 - present
EconLit (American Economic Association) Indexes over 400 economics journals and some collected volumes.
Dates covered: Indexes since 1969; abstracts since 1987.
Economist Historical Archive Provides the full text of each issue of the Economist from 1843- 2007. The content may be search by keyword or article author, or browsed by year. For content after 2007, please use the Business Source Complete or Factiva databases.
Dates covered: 1843 - 2007.
Help File

Search tips
Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) Country Profiles and Reports In-depth, lengthy reports on macroeconomic, financial, and political conditions in over 200 countries. Also includes reports on monetary structure, business environment, and stock markets in 51 countries.
Dates covered: 1996-Present.
Help includes
- Search Help
eMarketer Industries: E-commerce, Internet media, online marketing
Geography: Worldwide
Energy Central Professional Contains news, industry data, and company profiles for the oil and gas, nuclear, and alternative energy sectors. Use "News Quick Search" for the last 30 days, and "Archive News" for older stories.
Environmental Sciences & Pollution Management Databases (Cambridge Scientific Abstracts) A multidisciplinary database covering ecology, agricultural biotechnology, energy, climate, pollution, toxicology, waste management, water resources, and other environmental issues. Coverage includes citations and abstracts from 1500 scientific journals, conference proceedings, books, reports, and governmental publications. "Environmental Routenet" provides daily news items, environmental impact statements, and other current resources related to legislation and patents.
Dates covered: 1981-Present
Quick Reference Card: Getting Started (PDF)

Advanced Search Help
eScholarship Repository The University of California's eScholarship repository provides full-text access to working papers, journals, books, and data sets produced by university faculty. Advanced Search Help
Euromonitor Passport GMID
Berkeley Students Only
Industries: Two dozen consumer products and services, including food & beverage, beauty & personal care, consumer appliances and electronics, pet care, toys & games, luxury goods, consumer finance, travel & tourism, and more.
Geography: 80+ countries
Europa World Plus Provides political and economic information on over 250 countries and territories, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. A useful source of statistics on area and population, health and welfare, agriculture, forestry, fishing, mining, industry, finance, external trade, transport, tourism, communications media, and education.
Updated: annually with current news updates
Help Index
Eurostat (European Commission) A good source for European business and economic information and data. Most of the statistical series and all of the documents in PDF format are available free of charge. UCB does not subscribe to the fee portion of the service. FAQ

Haas School funded
Factiva content includes full-text of newspapers, magazines, trade journals, and transcripts. Major foreign language publications are included.
Dates covered: varies by publication.
View Guide
Berkeley Students Only

Requires creation of a personal account by each user.

Haas School funded
A comprehensive platform used to analyze financial data from global equity and fixed income markets, and public and private companies. View Guide
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)
accessible only from Haas
This database contains financial data and history of all entities filing the Report Of Condition and Income (Call Report) and some savings institutions filing the OTS Thrift Financial Report (TFR). These entities include Commercial banks, savings banks, or savings and loans.
Dates covered: 1986 - present
Federal Reserve Bank databases Fraser - contains scanned images of U.S. historical economic statistical publications, news releases and other documents.

Fred - U.S. economic time series data with spreadsheet downloading capabilitiy.

Alfred - vintage versions of economic data that were available on specific dates in history.
Financial Times Historical Archive Complete run of the daily Financial Times from the first issue in 1888 through 2010.
Dates covered: 1888 - 2010.
Frost & Sullivan Industries: Aerospace & Defense; Automotive & Transportation; Chemicals, Materials & Food; Electronics & Security; Energy & Power Systems; Environment & Building Technologies; Healthcare; Industrial Automation & Process Control; Information & Communication Technologies; and Measurement & Instrumentation.
Geography: U.S. and Worldwide
Berkeley Students Only.
Requires CalNet authentication.

You will receive an automated registration email after accessing for the first time.
Industry: Information Technology
Geography: North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Worldwide
Global Development Finance, World Bank Provides development finance data for 136 countries since 1970. Data may be exported for spreadsheets. Search Tips

Global Financial Database (GFD) - Global Financial Data, Inc. The Global Financial Database contains extremely long runs of historical data on U.S. stock prices and macroeconomic data for the U.S. and foreign countries. Our subscription includes the full service and these sub-sets: Long-term Financial, Interest Rate, United States Daily Stock Market, Global Stock Market, Total Return, Annual Data, and Dow Jones Industrial Average Intraday.
Dates covered: 1 AD-Present.
Select Customer Support from the top menu bar
Global Insight Historical Data
accessible only from Haas
Global Insight offers a comprehensive collection of U.S. financial, economic and industry information. While a monthly frequency option appears, only quarterly and annual data are available through the Haas subscription. Access via WRDS.
Dates covered: 1936 - present
Global Road Warrior Global Road Warrior country profiles offer practical guidance for travelers and people conducting business in foreign countries. Reports include information about business etiquette and protocol, communications, transportation, and culture, plus a snapshot of the economy and political situation.  
Historical Annual Reports Collection (Proquest) Provides full-text images of annual reports for over 800 U.S. companies.
Dates covered: 1884-2005.
Search Tips
Historical Statistics of the United States Contains the entire contents of the Historical Statistics of the United States, Colonial times to 2000, including text and statistical tables. A rich source of information for studying U.S. history, economics, politics, and other social topics. Data is downloadable in Excel or CSV spreadsheet formats.
Dates covered: Colonial times to 2000.
Help Index
Hoover's Online (Hoover's, Inc.) Over 1,800 company profiles and industry descriptions. Also includes IPO Central, a source of initial public offering data. Our subscription does not include the advanced features.
Dates covered: Current year only; frequent updates.
User's Guide
accessible only from Haas
Institutional Brokers' Estimate System gathers earnings and other forecasts from Wall Street analysts. Current and historical forecasts for U.S. and foreign stocks. Access via WRDS.
Dates covered: 1975 - present
IBISWorld Industries: Hundreds of industries.
Geography: U.S., China, and Global
IMF Direction of Trade Statistics The Direction of Trade Statistics (DOTS) database presents annual, quarterly, and monthly figures on the value of merchandise exports and imports by trade partners as well as area and world aggregates showing trade flows between major areas of the world. The DOTS database provides users with more than approximately 100,000 time series of annual, quarterly, and monthly trade data for approximately 250 countries, 1980 to present.

Please note that the IMF has not yet released the Historical Direction of Trade Statistics data back to 1948. For now you still need to consult the DOT Historical Statistics CD ROM, which is networked and available on all Berkeley library workstations.
DOT Online Help

Also select "Tutorial" or "Documentation" from the upper menu bar.
International Directory of Company Histories Detailed timelines and narrative histories of major U.S. and international companies. Search by a company's exact legal name.  
International Bibliography of the Social Sciences (IBSS) International Bibliography of the Social Sciences is compiled by the British Library of Political & Economic Science of the London School of Economics & Political Science. This database contains bibliographic information from an international selection of publications (including over 2600 journals) in the fields of economics, political science, sociology, and anthropology.
Dates covered: 1981 to the present.
Help Index
International Financial Statistics - International Monetary Fund Financial, trade, and national accounts statistics by country. Historical data is available back to 1948 and is reported in various time frequencies, including monthly and annual statistics.
Dates covered: 1948-present; updated monthly.
IFS Online - Help


Also select "Tutorial" or "Documentation" from the upper menu bar.
Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) Headquartered at the University of Michigan, ICPSR maintains and provides access to a vast archive of social science data for research and instruction. Data available includes survey data, census records, election returns, economic data, and legislative records. Files may be downloaded for use in SAS and SPSS. A good source for consumer and economic behavior surveys. Data Use Tutorial
JSTOR JSTOR is a digital archive of academic journals in many subject fields. It includes historical runs of journals, but not current volumes. Many journals in business and economics are included. More about JSTOR Search Help
Legacy Tobacco Documents Library Contains more than 9.7 million documents (50+ million pages) created by major tobacco companies related to their advertising, manufacturing, marketing, sales, and scientific research activities.
Dates covered: late 19th century through 2002.
Legal Trac (Gale Group) (Law Library) LegalTrac on InfoTrac Web offers indexing since 1980 for all major law reviews, legal newspapers, specialty law publications, bar association journals and thousands of law-related articles from general interest publications. LegalTrac also includes selective full text.
Dates covered: Updated monthly.
Help on Subject Guide Search
Lexis-Nexis Academic A full-text online source for business information, current affairs, legal information, medical information and news. Provides full-text, online access to over 70 million articles appearing in newspapers, journals, newsletters, broadcast transcripts, reference works and other documents. Use is limited to currently enrolled UC Berkeley students engaged in course-related research.
Dates covered: 1979-present; updated daily.
Select How Do I? or View Tutorials
Literary Marketplace Literary Market Place (LMP) is an online directory for the people and companies of the book publishing industry, in the U.S. and worldwide.
Updated: Regularly.
Search Help
Los Angeles Times
-- browse issues
-- search issues
This collection includes every article from every issue of the Los Angeles Times (from 1988):
  • browse issues: this will open a page of LAT issues listed by date. today's paper is available, as well as previous issues.
  • search current issues: conduct a search of all LAT issues 1988 - present (as current as yesterday's issue).
Search Help
Making of the Modern World: The Goldsmith's-Kress Library of Economic Literature A digital collection of more than 61,000 books from the period 1460-1850, and 466 pre-1906 serials. Focuses on economics but includes political science, history, sociology, and special collections on banking, finance, transportation, and manufacturing. Combines the Goldsmiths' Library of Economic Literature at the University of London Library, and the Kress Library of Business and Economics at the Harvard University Graduate School of Business Administration along with supplementary materials from the Seligman Collection in the Butler Library at Columbia University and from the libraries of Yale. Search Help
Market Share Reporter Market Share Reporter lists the top players and market segments for hundreds of products and industries. The information is gathered from newspapers, magazines, and trade journals.  
MarketResearch Academic Contains more than 600 market studies from four publishers: Kalorama Information, Packaged Facts, SBI Energy, and Simba Information.
Industries: Life Sciences, Pharmaceuticals, and Medical Devices (Kalorama); Food, Beverage, and Consumer Packaged Goods (Packaged Facts); Energy Technology, Materials & Chemicals, Equipment & Machinery, and Building & Trades (SBI); Publishing & Media (Simba).
Geography: Mostly U.S., some Global.
Search Help
Mergent Online Mergent is the library's best source for public company financials and SEC documents. Income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements can be downloaded directly into MS Excel.
Dates Covered: Mergent Online offers 15 years of U.S. company data.
Help On Basic Search

Database Demo (requires Adobe Flash Player)
Mergent/Moody's Online Manuals This is the digital archive for Moody's Manuals (old name) and Mergent Manuals since 1909.
To use the archive, click on the SEARCH MERGENT WEB REPORTS button on the upper left side of the entry page.

A comprehensive and unique history of corporate America for almost 100 years is available. Included are corporate histories, financial statements, subsidiaries, long-term debt, officers and directors, etc. The digital collection includes:

  • Transportation Manual 1909-2007
  • Public Utility Manual 1914-2007
  • Industrial Manual 1920-2007
  • Bank and Finance Manual 1928-2007
  • OTC Industrial Manual 1970-2007
  • International Manual 1981-2007
  • OTC Unlisted Manual 1986-2007

Additional resources in the archive include:

  • corporate annual reports
  • industry reports
  • equity reports
Click on the HELP button at the right top of the entry page.
Mintel Reports
(market research)
Berkeley Students Only

Requires creation of a personal account by each user.
Industries: Beauty & Personal Care, Drink, Food, Foodservice, Health & Wellbeing, Household, Lifestyles, Retailing & Apparel, Consumer Technology, and Travel.
Geography: Mostly U.S., some U.K. and Western Europe
User Guide
National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) The NBER is a private, nonprofit, nonpartisan research organization dedicated to promoting a greater understanding of how the economy works. Their research is conducted by more than 600 university professors around the country, the leading scholars in their fields. Research results are published in a working paper series available on this site.
Dates Covered: 1994 - present.
New York Times
-- browse issues
-- search current issues
-- search historical issues
This collection includes every article from every issue of the Eastern Edition (US) of the New York Times:
  • browse issues: this will open a page of NYT issues listed by date. today's paper is available, as well as previous issues.
  • search current issues: conduct a search of all NTY issues 1999 - present.
  • search historical issues: conduct a search of all NYT issues 1857 - 1999
Help with Publication Issues Search
Newspaper Source This database provides cover-to-cover full text for 25 U.S. and international newspapers, including the Christian Science Monitor, USA Today, Washington Post, Washington Times, Times of London, Toronto Star, etc. The database also contains selective full text for more than 335 regional American newspapers. In addition, full-text transcripts of television and radio news shows are provided from ABC news, CBS news, CNN, CNN International, Fox News, NPR, etc.
Updated: daily
Help Index
accessible only from Haas
The Trade and Quote (TAQ) database contains intraday transactions data (trades and quotes) for all securities listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and American Stock Exchange (AMEX), as well as Nasdaq National Market System (NMS) and SmallCap issues.
Dates covered: 1993 - present
OECD iLibrary (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) A collection of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development's economic and governmental studies and reports on the major economies of the world. Some of the topics include labor, trade, government spending, financial market trends, and national accounts. Also includes many data sets.
Dates covered: coverage varies by title.
User Guide
OneSource - Global Business Browser

Haas School Funded
OneSource profiles companies, industries, and executives and allows screening by industry, region, company size, company sales, and more. It is a one-stop resource with lots of extras, including SEC documents, analyst reports, and market research reports.

Access is restricted to Haas School of Business students, faculty, and staff having personal passwords.
Online Tutorials
PAIS International (Public Affairs Information Service) The PAIS International database contains records for all types of materials in the area of public affairs. Topics covered include agriculture, banking, demographics, education, environment, finance, government, law, legislation, political science, social sciences, and statistics. The database covers materials from the 1972 to the present and is updated monthly.
Dates covered: 1972-present.
Search Help
accessible only from Haas
PHLX provides data on currency trading on the Philadelphia Stock Exchange.
Dates covered: 1983 - present
PolicyFile PolicyFile includes information addressing virtually all aspects of public policy. It collects data from world renowned public policy think tanks including the American Enterprise Institute, Brookings Institution, Cato Institute, Center for Strategic and International Studies, Economic Strategy Institute, Heritage Foundation, Hoover Institute, Hudson Institute, International Monetary Fund, RAND Corporation, Urban Institute, World Bank; university research programs, and publishers. Please use an Internet Explorer web browser to access this resource.
Dates covered: Updated Weekly
Help Index
ProQuest International Newsstand Provides current news from countries around the world, mostly in English but some in local languages. Updated daily.
ProQuest Statistical Insight Includes all American Statistics Index (ASI), Statistical Reference Index (SRI), and Index to International Statistics (IIS) abstract and index records, links to 800 full-text documents published during 1994-1997 and stored on LEXIS-NEXIS, and links to 2,000 publications on federal agency web sites. Materials abstracted in ASI are available in microfiche in GSSI. Materials abstracted in SRI are available in microfiche in the Business Library. Select How Do I?
ProQuest Social Sciences Provides indexing, abstracts, and some full text for a wide variety of academic journals and general interest magazines and newspapers. Over 1800 titles are covered.
Dates covered: varies by publication, but back to the 1970's for many titles.
Help Index

List of Reference Guides
PsycINFO Use the PsycINFO database to retrieve citations to articles in over 1,300 professional journals, conference proceedings, books, reports, and dissertations in psychology and related disciplines. Most citations include abstracts.
Dates covered: 1872-present
Search Help
Rand California
(Rand Corporation)
RAND, one of the nation's think tanks, sponsors and maintains this comprehensive web site on California public policy issues. The web site includes services and products in six areas: 1)An extensive database on California and its cities and counties, ranging from the economy to crime rates to school test scores; 2)An online index of public policy and research publications; 3)An online calendar of workshops, seminars, and other discussions on California public policy issues; 4)Federal policy bulletins from the California Institute on national issues; 5)A new bi-monthly bulletin on state policy developments; 6)Monthly reports on the California economy. Search Tutorial

Readers' Guide Retrospective Readers Guide Retrospective is a database containing comprehensive indexing of the most popular general-interest periodicals published in the United States and reflects the history of 20th century America. The version available covers the years 1890-1982. It is useful for locating articles in business magazines such as: Business Week, Forbes, Fortune, Harvard Business Review, etc.

No full text is available online. Articles must be located in the library's print collection.
Help Index
Regional Business News (EBSCOHost) Regional Business News incorporates 75 business journals, newspapers and newswires covering all metropolitan and rural areas within the United States. Included in this database are Arizona Business, Business North Carolina, Crain's New York Business (and other Crain Communications editions), Des Moines Business Record, Enterprise Salt Lake City, Fort Worth Business Press, Orange County Business Journal, Westchester County Business Journal, etc.
Updated: weekly
Help Index
Reuters Research on Demand * note: Replaced by Thomson One
Roper Center for Public Opinion Research An archive of U.S. and international public opinion information and data on many topics. Help on searching datasets
SBRNet (Sports Business Research Network) Industries: Professional and Recreational Sports, Sporting Goods.
Geography: U.S.
SDC Platinum (Thomson Reuters)
dedicated PC in the reference area
accessible only from Haas
SDC contains deal data. New Issues database includes IPO's and debt offerings; M&A database includes mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures.
Restricted to users with a personal Haas School login on a dedicated PC in the reference area.
Updated: daily
Must provide name and email address to access.
SimplyMap A web-based data analysis and mapping application that allows users to create custom thematic maps, tables and reports using demographic, business, and marketing data for the United States. Includes over 70,000 data variables related to demographics, employment, real estate & housing, crime, businesses, consumer spending, and points of interest data from the US Census, historical US Census data (1980, 1990, 2000), SimmonsLOCAL data from Experian, and Nielsen Claritas PRIZM data.  
Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI) (ISI Web of Knowledge) Indexes 1,700 journals spanning 50 disciplines. Contains searchable, English language author abstracts for 60% of the articles in the database.
Dates covered: 1956-present
Search Help

Sociological Abstracts Citations for articles from over 1,900 journals, books, book chapters, and reviews in the social sciences.
Dates covered: 1963-present.
Help Index
Standard & Poor's NetAdvantage Standard and Poor's NetAdvantage provides proprietary reports about companies and industries, including industry and company profiles, stock, bond, and mutual fund analysis, and economic forecasts. Regularly updated publications include S&P's Industry Surveys, The Outlook, Credit Week, and directories of private companies, executives, and security dealers.  
Statista A statistics portal that integrates data from reliable sources on thousands of topics. Categorized into market sectors, Statista provides access to quantitative facts on media, business, politics, and other areas. Sources of information include market research reports, trade publications, scientific journals, and government sources. Data may be downloaded into spreadsheets and presentations. Also includes industry reports.  
Thomson ONE
Must be accessed using Internet Explorer.
Thomson ONE is the platform for accessing:
  1. Public company information, including fundamentals, consensus estimates, broker research, recent deals, and share ownership.
  2. Venture capital and private equity data, including portfolio companies, investment funds and firms, and investment round details.
Check your browser with the Thomson One Diagnostic Tool
United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTADstat) UNCTADstat provides data on international trade, foreign direct investment, commodity prices, and more. This replaces the former "Commodity Price Statistics Online."
United Nations Statistical Databases (UNdata) Provides 442 economic, social, cultural, and demographic series indicators for countries of the world. Some data therein reaches back to the 1940s, most are current through 2000, and some projections reach to 2050. FAQ - How to Access Data
U.S. Company Directory/Reference USA The library's most comprehensive database of U.S. companies; even very small establishments are included. Provides phone-book type information and some extras. Searching and screen capability. The database also includes residential addresses for 120 million U.S. households.
Dates covered: current only
Select "Search Tips" on the home page, or "Help" on the upper menu bar.
Uniworld Online Screen for foreign firms with offices in the U.S., and vice versa. This database replaces the print "Directory of American Firms Operating in Foreign Countries" and "Directory of Foreign Firms Operating in the United States" directories, which have been discontinued by the publisher.
Value Line Research Center Full text access to these VL products:
  • The Value Line Investment Survey (1,700 companies)
  • The Value Line Investment Survey - Small & Mid Cap Edition (1,800 companies)
  • The Value Line Database Companies (4,000 companies)
  • The Value Line Mutual Fund Survey
  • The Value Line Daily Options Survey
  • The Value Line Special Situations Service
  • The Value Line Convertibles Survey
  • The Value Line Historical Archive (10 years of VL surveys)
Updated: daily

UCB Students, Faculty, and Staff:
Please access on campus or through the library proxy server. Click the Log In button on the top right-hand corner of the database homepage to access subscription content. No further password should be required.
Please contact the library if you have trouble accessing the database.

Quick Study Guide

Subscriber Guides
Vogue Archive Full-color images of every page of American Vogue from 1892-present, including advertisements. Search all issues, or browse a particular issue.
Wall Street Journal
-- browse issues
-- search current issues
-- search historical issues
This collection includes every article from every issue of the Eastern Edition (US) of the Wall Street Journal:
  • browse issues: this will open a page of WSJ issues listed by date. today's paper is available, as well as previous issues.
  • search current issues: conduct a search of all WSJ issues 1986 - present.
  • search historical issues: conduct a search of all WSJ issues 1889 - 1995
Publication Issues Help
Wharton Research Data Service (WRDS)
Haas School Funded

Day Pass Link
Haas Buildings Only

Account Request Link
Faculty and Graduate Students Only
UCB'S WRDS subscription includes:

Compustat - a database of financial, statistical, and marketing information. It provides more than 300 annual and 100 quarterly Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Statement of Cash Flows, and supplemental data items on more than 7500 publicly held companies.

CRSP - The Center for Research in Security Prices (CRSP) maintains the most comprehensive collection of standard and derived security data available for the NYSE, AMEX and Nasdaq Stock Market. CRSP is a research center at the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business, and maintains historical data spanning from December 1925 to the present.

WRDS use is restricted to UCB faculty and graduate students. Reguires a password issued by WRDS. Click on the link, choose "account request," and if you qualify, a password will be sent by email.
Online manuals and Help for the following databases are available by clicking on "Support" in the left navigation menu:
- Compustat
- DJ Averages
- Global Insight
- I/B/E/S
Who's Who Marquis Complete Who's Who contains the full contents of all Who's Who volumes since 1985. Publications include Who's Who in America, Who's Who in the World, Who's Who in Finance and Business, Who's Who in the West, and more.
Dates Covered: 1985 -
World Bank E-Library A searchable portal of over 1,200 World Bank titles, plus each new book as it is published. It is possible to browse reports by geographic region (Africa, East Asia, Eastern Europe/Central Asia, Latin America, Middle East/North Africa, and South Asia). Search Tips

World Development Indicators, World Bank Provides time series development indicators data (1960-present) for 207 countries. Includes tables for population, labor and employment, education, health, energy, urbanization, national accounts, purchasing power, trade, government finance, monetary, balance of payments, external debt, investment risk, taxes, prices and exchange rates, military expenditures, transport and communication, and information & technology. Data may be exported for spreadsheets. Search Tips