Course Guide

UGBA 187-1 Special Topics in Real Estate Economics and Finance

Fall 2010

The following online and print resources provided by the Long Business Library are key to finding information required for this course. Use the Library proxy Server to access the electronic resources from off-campus.


Use the OskiCat catalog to search for books. City planning, real estate business, real estate investment, and urban economics are all subject headings in OskiCat. Choose the subject search box and restrict the search to the Long Library by choosing BUSI from the location menu. E-books may be located and used online through Ebrary.

Key Journals

Emerging Trends in Real Estate
Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics
Journal of Real Estate Portfolio Management
Journal of Urban Economics
Mortgage Banking
National Mortgage News
National Real Estate Investor
Real Estate Economics
Real Estate Finance Journal
Real Estate Review

Analyst Reports

Business Source Complete A database for articles on all aspects of real estate in trade publications, business newspapers and magazines, and research journals.
Factiva See Subject - Editor's Choice - Construction/Real Estate for judiciously selected real estate articles.
Fisher Center for Real Estate and Urban Economics (FCREUE) at UC Berkeley Research reports and working papers on real estate markets, financial institutions, the California Economy, and other urban and regional economy topics.
HUD User U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development's Office of Policy Development and Research publishes research reports, articles, books, monographs and data sources in housing policy, buildiing technology, economic development, urban planning, etc., including the quarterly, U.S. Housing Market Conditions
National Association of Realtors Reports, trends, news in commercial and residential real estate, housing and economic indicators.
National Real Estate Investor Commercial real estate, major industry news, leading trends and market profiles of key markets.
Emerging Trends in Real Estate Real Estate Research Corp.
Analyzes outlook for real estate in the U.S.
HD251 .E47; Latest in Reference
Emerging trends in real estate. Europe. Urban Land Institute : PriceWaterhouseCoopers
HD581.A1 E44 Reference
Emerging trends in real estate. Asia Pacific. Urban Land Institute ; PricewaterhouseCoopers
HD841 .E44; in Book stacks


Lexis Nexis Statistical References to statistics from international to place level.
SRI microfiche are shelved in the cabinets across from the Reference Desk.
RAND California The Rand Corporation database includes statistics on California real estate including prices, vacancy, and construction.
US Census Housing Data Statistics and reports on construction, building permit activity, housing, demographics at the national, regional, and metropolitan levels.

Real Estate Finance

Federal Housing Finance Board Monthly Interest Survey Interest rates, loan terms, and house prices by property type, by loan type, and by lender type, as well as information on 15- and 30-year fixed-rate loans. Quarterly information on conventional loans by metro area.
National Delinquency Survey Mortgage Bankers Association of America. Quarterly.
Delinquency and foreclosure measures by loan type (prime, subprime, VA and FHA) and fixed and adjustable rate products. Other details.
SRI microfiche A6450-1

California Real Estate

Trends in California Real Estate California Association of Realtors. Monthly.
Statewide and regional housing prices and sales, housing market indicators, median home sales price, housing supply, unsold inventory index, affordability index.
HD7285 .C345 Reference
Real Estate and Construction Report Real Estate Research Council of Southern California at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. Quarterly.
Statistical data for Southern California counties. Construction costs, historical data, housing prices, price changes, market prices, building permits, and construction.
HD266 .C2L63 Reference
Northern California Real Estate Report Real Estate Research Council of Southern California at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. Quarterly.
Housing, mortgate lending, construction, home prices, changes, building permits, construction activity for Northern California.
HD266 .C225 Reference

Supplemental Readings

The links below will help you to access the supplementary readings listed on your course syllabus. (Very brief citations are listed; please see the syllabus for full citation.) Book titles link to the catalog record for the book. For journal articles, a direct link to the article is provided.

Remember to set up the Library Proxy Server to access online articles.

Why Cities?
Krugman, P. Geography and Trade.
Fujita et al. The Spatial Economy.
Glaeser, E. Cities, Agglomeration, and Spatial Equilibrium.

Agglomeration: Downtowns and Silicon Valleys
Bresnehan et al. 'Old Economy' Inputs for 'New Economy' Outcomes.
Jaffe et al. Geographic Localization of Knowledge Spillovers as Evidenced by Patent Citations.
Saxenian, A. Regional Advantage.
Fujita and Thisse. Economics of Agglomeration.

Growth and Sustainable Cities
Kahn, M. Green Cities.

Land Rent and Land Use
Anas et al. Urban Spatial Structure.

Suburbanization, Subcenter, and Sprawl
Helsley and O'Sullivan. Urban Subcenter Formation.
Brueckner and Helsley. Sprawl and Blight. (Working paper; search Google Scholar)
Garreau, W. Edge City.
Rybczynski, W. Last Harvest.
Bruegmann, R. Sprawl: A Compact History.

Helsley and Strange. A Game Theory Analysis of Skyscrapers.

Land Prices and Urban Growth
DiPasquale and Wheaton. Urban Economics and Real Estate Markets.
Wheaton W.C. Theories of Urban Growth and Metropolitan Spatial Development.
Capozza and Helsley. The Stochastic City.

Zoning and Land Use Regulation
Fischel, W. The Economics of Zoning Laws.

Growth Controls
Katz and Rosen. The Interjurisdictional Effects of Growth Controls on Housing Prices.
Glaeser et al. Why is Manhattan so Expensive?"

Transportation and Congestion in Cities
Small, K. Urban Transporation Economics.

Housing Markets and Housing Prices
Genesove and Mayer. Loss Aversion and Seller Behavior.
Gyourko et al. Superstar Cities.
Follain and Jimenez. Estimating the Demand for Housing Characteristics.

Local Public Goods and Sorting
Helsley, R. Urban Political Economics.
Cheung, R. The Interactions Between Public and Private Governments.

Real Estate and Capital Markets
Wheaton, W. Real Estate Cycles.
Renaud, B. The 1985 to 1994 Global Real Estate Cycle.
Saito, H. The US Real Estate Bubble.

Vacancies, Price Adjustment and Cycles
Wheaton, W. Real Estate Cycles.
Renaud, B. The 1985 to 1994 Global Real Estate Cycle.
Saito, H. The US Real Estate Bubble.

Real Estate and the Financial Crisis
The Economist. When a Flow Becomes a Flood.
Baily et al. The Origins of the Financial Crisis.
Gorton, G. The Subprime Panic.
Pagano and Volpin. Credit Ratings Failures. (Manuscript. Search Google Scholar)
Wheelock, D. What Happens When House Prices Fall?
Muolo and Padilla. Chain of Blame.
Shiller, R. The Subprime Solution.

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