Borrowing, Renewing, and Returning Books

The Long Library's book stacks are located on the lower level of the library and are self-service. You may retrieve the book(s) you need and take them to the Circulation Desk on the entry level for checkout.

Library Borrowing Cards

UCB students - use your registration/ID card

UCB faculty - use your Berkeley faculty ID

UCB staff - use your Staff ID card or a library card issued by the Doe Library Privileges Desk

Non-affiliated - inquire about borrowing privileges at the Doe Library Privileges Desk

Presentation of your library borrowing card when checking out materials signals an agreement on your part to abide by library rules and procedures for using and returning items. You will be held responsible for all materials until they have been returned.

Circulation Loan Periods

Undergrad/Staff Graduate Faculty/Lib.Staff Non-UC
Books 1 month 3 months 1 year 1 month
Journals 1 week
Reserves 2 hours (Library Use Only)
Reference Library Use Only
Microform Library Use Only

Recalling Books Checked-out

Items charged out to another borrower may be recalled by presenting your library card and the title or call number of the item you need at the Circulation Desk. The borrower having the item is emailed requesting its return within 7 days. You will be notified by email when the item is available. If you do not pick up the item by the date indicated, it will be given to the next person on the hold list or returned to the book stacks.

Recalls depend on the cooperation of all library borrowers to make the system work. If you receive a recall notice, please return the item immediately, or you will risk having the item become overdue.

After hours book return

An after hours book return is located outside the 3rd level entrance to the Haas Student Services Wing, just outside the doors to the lobby between the library and the computer center. This book return may be used to return library materials when the library is closed.


You may renew materials charged out to you by following the procedures on the RENEWING page.

If the item you are trying to renew has been recalled by another borrower, you will not be allowed to renew it online. Instead, please return the item to the library immediately. If you have problems, the Circulation Desk staff is available to assist you.

Overdue, Lost or Damaged Material

Library borrowers must return or renew items by their due date. When an item becomes overdue, borrowing privileges will be blocked until the item is returned. All library materials are subject to billing at any point after the due date.

If an item is damaged or lost, borrowers are liable for charges incurred to repair or replace the item. A borrower may replace lost or damaged materials with copies acceptable to the Business Library. Arrangements should be made with the Business Library before a replacement is purchased.

Replacement costs ($150 per book or the actual cost of the item, which ever is greater) and a non-reversible $10 processing fee for each item billed are charged for overdue materials that are not returned. Any library account with billing $50 or greater will be blocked from access to all library services, including the proxy server, until the debt is reduced below $50. Debts of $200 or more, on account for 30 days or more, will be referred to the Registrar for blocking of all Registrar-related functions. This includes, but is not limited to TeleBears registration and transcript requests. Blocks are removed after bills and fines have been paid at the Privileges Desk (198 Doe).

Unpaid bills are forwarded to a collection agency. Direct all questions about bills, and blocked or revoked privileges to the Privileges Desk. You may contact the Privileges Desk by phone, 510-642-3404, or by email.

Responsibilities of Borrowers

  • Borrowers are responsible for library materials charged out to them until they are returned to the Business Library.
  • Borrowers are prohibited by library policy from lending their library card to others.
  • UC Berkeley students, faculty and staff are responsible for maintaining a current e-mail address in the CalNet Directory.
  • Library cardholders are responsible for maintaining a current e-mail address in My OskiCat
  • All borrowers are responsible for having a current physical address on file with the library Privileges Desk.

Borrowers who abuse library borrowing privileges may have their privileges suspended throughout the library. Examples of abuse of library borrowing privileges include repeatedly not returning materials on time, not paying replacement bills, not responding to recall notices, not returning library materials even after replacement bills have been issued, and mutilation or damage of library materials.

Policies for Library Users

The Library Code of Conduct and Library Computer Use Policy document the library's standards for library use of our facilities, collections and services. These policies are in place to create a safe and secure research and study environment.

The UC Berkeley Library respects and upholds the privacy of transactions and communications. Please see the library's privacy policies for more information.