Guides to Business Subjects

No. 9 Investment Information

This is one of a series of subject guides produced by the Thomas J. Long Business Library at the University of California, Berkeley.

This guide lists electronic and print sources used for making investment decisions. Print materials are shelved in Reference or at the Circulation Desk.

UC Berkeley faculty, registered students, and staff who are off campus may use items marked * by using the library's proxy server.

Last updated 2/2013.

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  • CategorySources
    Investment Advisory Services * Thomson ONE
    Analyst reports from investment banks via Thomson ONE
    Choose "Screening & Analysis -> Research" on the left sidebar.
    Must be accessed using Internet Explorer.

    * Mergent Online (formerly Moodys Investor Services)
    Company Reports: History, description of business and property, financial statements, management, debt, capital and other key data. Industry reports: Current environment, industry profile, major companies and their performance, market trends and outlook.

    * Mergent/Moodys Manuals Archive Online (formerly Moodys Investor Services) - through 2011
    Select "Search MergentWebReports" link.

    Mergent Manuals (in print)
    HG4961 .M6* Latest are in Reference, unless noted otherwise.

    • Mergent Bank & Finance Manual
    • Mergent Government Manuals
    • Mergent Industrial Manual - stocks on ASE (AMEX) and NYSE
    • Mergent Industry Review - includes comparisons and rankings of major companies within industries.
    • Mergent International Manuals
    • Mergent Municipal Manuals
    • Mergent OTC Unlisted Manual: HG4501 .M66 Latest in Reference
    • Mergent Public Utility and Transportation Manual

    Handbook of Common Stocks
    One-page analysis of 900 companies on the NYSE as well as Mergents Dividend Achievers (increased cash dividend payments for 10 consecutive years.) Best/worst rankings on various measures and by industry. Comparisons with equally valued companies on the S&P composite index. Forecasts.
    HG4905 .M775 Latest in Reference

    Mergent Industry Review
    Monthly. Industries reviewed and ranked.
    HG4961 .M68 Latest in Reference

    Mergent complete corporate index
    Lists every corporation and institution from all Mergent manuals.
    HG4961 .M72 Latest in Reference

    * Standard & Poor's NetAdvantage
    NetAdvantage enables users to screen for stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. Also includes detailed securities reports and access to investment newsletters.

    Standard & Poor's publications (in print)

    • Outlook - weekly investment advisory newsletter
      Shelved at Circulation Desk: Request no. 6
    • Standard Corporation Descriptions (aka Standard Corporation Records)
      HG4501.S76636 Reference - available in S&P NetAdvantage also
    • Stock Reports
      Business summary, short balance sheet, stock beta, analysis and prospects for 3,000 companies on NYSE, ASE, NASDAQ, and regional exchanges.
      HG4905 .S445 Reference
    • Security Owner's Stock Guide
      S&P indices stocks: Ratings, price range, capitalization, dividend yield, financial position
      Shelved at Circulation Desk: Request no. 8

    * Value Line Investment Survey
    Individual company and industry reports. Includes mutual funds, options, convertibles. Updated: daily


    Mergent Bond Record
    Global ratings for corporates, convertibles, governments, municipalities. Price range, yield to maturity, call dates, date issued, current call prices, upgraded, downgraded, withdrawn, retired, matured, redeemed, new preferred stock, etc. Monthly with annual compilation
    HG4905 .M781 Reference

    Standard & Poor's Bond Guide
    Ratings, fixed charge coverage, long-term debt, capitalization, price range, current yield and yield to maturity. Frequency: Monthly
    Shelved at the Circulation Desk: Request no. 3

    Daily Prices/Dividends * Capital Changes Reporter
    Updated daily. Stock dividends, stock splits, reverse stock splits, reorganizations, exchanges, rights and other changes in capital structure for 58,000 US corporations. To access, click the "Capital Changes" button on the CCH Internet Tax Service entry page.

    * CSRP: The Center for Research in Security Prices
    A comprehensive collection of standard and derived security data available for the NYSE, AMEX and NASDAQ Stock Market.
    Available at Haas only.

    Stocks, bonds, warrants, futures, options. International and deep historical coverage. Available on a dedicated Datastream terminal inside the library for Haas students and faculty only. Login with Haas username and password
    Datastream is also available to the non-Haas community at Datalab inside Doe Library building

    * Global Financial Database
    Stocks, bonds, commodity futures, real estate market data. Daily prices, deep historical coverage

    Mergent Dividend Record
    Weekly, semi-annual and annual.
    Latest at Circulation Desk Financial no.1 (annual) & no. 2 (weekly)

    Quarterly Dividend Record (Standard & Poor)
    Shelved at Circulation Desk: Financial no. 7 (quarterly), no. 5 (annual compilation)

    Handbooks/Guidebooks See section Reference HG151 through HG176 for finance and investment handbooks, dictionaries, encyclopedias.

    Search OskiCat for subjects such as "Investments United States" (Europe, Latin America, China, Foreign, Developing Countries, etc.) or "Investments handbooks" or "Saving and investment" or "Commodity futures" or "Stocks United States" etc.

    The Wall Street Journal Guide To Understanding Money & Investing
    Kenneth M. Morris, Virginia B. Morris.
    HG4910.M67 2004 Reference

    Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)

    SDC Platinum
    Search for new issues, deals by various criteria.
    Available on stand-alone Datastream terminal to Haas students and faculty only with a Haas username and password.

    OskiCat for title words and subjects "going public," "valuation," "corporate finance and government," "investment analysis," "venture capital" for books on IPOs (how to, raising capital, investing in IPOs, valuing companies, etc.) in Long Business Library.

    News Current issue of each publication is available in Newspaper racks or in Current Periodicals.

    * Lexis-Nexis
    Many investment-related daily, weekly, monthly publications.

    * Factiva
    Many investment related daily, weekly, monthly publications. Includes Wall Street Journal, Barrons, Financial Times, Business Week and more.

    * Barron's
    Latest at Newspaper Rack; earlier unbound issues at Circulation Desk Features analysts' investment advice, stock recommendations, reports on companies and major market news.

    * Business Week
    General business news with in-depth coverage and analysis of issues.
    HF5001 .B85 Recent issues in CURRENT PERIODICALS; later issues bound in stacks

    * Financial Times (1-day delay)
    UK business daily highly regarded for impartial and independent reporting on business, culture and politics worldwide. UK-based companies are covered in great detail. Latest at Newspaper Rack; earlier issues at Circulation Desk. Kept until film received.

    * Inc.
    Focus is on small and medium sized business. Annual rankings of the fastest-growing 100 publicly held companies and top 500 privately held companies are also published.
    HD2346 .U5 I55 Recent issues in CURRENT PERIODICALS; later issues bound in stacks

    * The Investment Dealers' Digest
    Weekly. Every corporate underwritten offering being made in the United States is detailed by issuer, location, size, co-managers, filing date, price ranges, business lines for initial public offerings, and more.
    HG4501.I57 Current issues in CURRENT PERIODICALS; later issues bound in stacks

    * Institutional Investor - America and International editions (latest month not available online)

    * Investors Business Daily
    Geared for investors - news and business stories on companies.
    Available one day after publication. Print publication is not available at Long Library.

    *Wall Street Journal
    Latest at Newspaper Rack; earlier issues at Circulation Desk. Kept until film received.

    Financial News websites

    Stock and Commodity Exchanges Commodity Futures Trading Commission
    A U.S. government agency that regulates commodity futures and options markets in the US. Links to US exchanges, futures trading laws and regulations, customer protection, research reports and more.

    Stock and Commodity Exchanges
    Worldwide coverage. Stock, commodity and exchanges for trading options, derivatives, futures. Links to regulatory agencies and market quotes. From Rutgers University Libraries.

    Country Reports These contain historical, political, economic, commercial analysis, opportunities, uncertainties and forecasts for most countries:
    Trade and Professional Associations

    SBBI Yearbook - Stocks, bonds, bills, and inflation . . .
    Reference HG4915.S751

    Global Stock Markets Factbook (Standard & Poor)
    Reference HG4551 E43

    World Investment Report 2012
    Reference HG4538 .W67