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No. 25 Business Plans

This is one of a series of research guides produced by the Thomas J. Long Business Library at the University of California, Berkeley.

This guide lists resources for business plan research at the Long Business Library.

UC Berkeley faculty, registered students, and staff who are off campus may use items marked * by using The Library's proxy server.

Last updated 06/2010.

Guides for writing
business plans
Business Plans Handbook : A Compilation of Actual Business Plans Developed by Small Business Throughout North America
HD62.7 .B865 Reference

The entrepreneur's information sourcebook : charting the path to small business success / Susan C. Awe.
HD62.5 .A96 2006
Table of contents
Search OskiCat for subject: "new business enterprises planning" or "proposal writing for business" or "entrepreneurship" for locating more library that describe in detail how to write a business plan.

General Resources for Entrepreneurs
A collection of recommended resources from the Lester Center. Find titles from the reading list by searching OskiCat.

Write a Business Plan
U.S. Small Business Administration
A set of free resources to help entrepreneurs develop a business plan.

Industry Research See also the Long Library's Industry Information Guide

* Business & Industry
National and international industry information from trade journals. Market size, shares, trends.

Economic Census
Detailed reports on all industries every 5 years. Subject series reports for manufacturing industries include product summaries, input/output materials summary, industry concentration and industry product analysis summary. For other industries, detailed product and other reports are available. The Census also has monthly, quarterly, annual reports for some industries.

* Thomson ONE
Analyst reports from investment banks via Thomson ONE
Choose "Screening & Analysis -> Research" on the left sidebar.
Must be accessed using Internet Explorer.

* Lexis/Nexis Statistical
Statistical reports of industries produced by various sources: business journals, commercial publishers, research centers, trade and professional associations, and other government and nongoverment sources. Full text of most abstracts is available on microfiche in the library. Check OskiCat for availability in print or electronic format.

* Onesource(Haas students only)
Industry analysis, statistics, market shares, news articles, top companies, available by major industrial classifications and SIC code.

Standard and Poor's Industry Surveys
Detailed and comprehensive reports covering current industry environment, trends, forecasts, comparative company analysis for over 50 major industries.
HC101 .S77
Latest editions shelved in Reference.

The following cover more industries than S&P above, but are not as detailed:

Encyclopedia of American Industries: Manufacturing
Reference HC102 .E53

Encyclopedia of Emerging Industries
Reference HC102 .E54

Encyclopedia of Global Industries
Reference HD2324 .E53

Competitor Information * Factiva
Search for news articles about companies and industries. For detailed reports on individual companies, click on the Companies tab.

* Thomson ONE
Analyst reports from investment banks via Thomson ONE
Choose "Screening & Analysis -> Research" on the left sidebar.
Must be accessed using Internet Explorer.

* Mergent Online
See annual 10-K reports for companies. A company's annual 10-K report provides insight into the industry that the company is doing business in, the company's operations, strategies, distribution, competition, and management's views into the long term for the industry and the company.
National and international industry information from trade journals. Market size, shares, trends.

* Onesource (Haas students only)

Search for Title:"Plunkett's" in OskiCat for almanacs on selected industries. These almanacs provide industry trends as well as a directory of companies in those industries.

Market Research See also the Long Library's Market Research Resources Guide.

Many detailed market research reports can be found in the following databases. Reports generally provide competitor strengths/weaknesses, market share, sales volume, pricing issues, distributors, suppliers, customer segments, and more.

* Business Source Complete
Market research reports in some consumer and industry sectors.

* Marketresearch Academic
Consumer market research reports.

* Mintel Reports
Consumer market research reports worldwide.

Rand McNally Commercial Atlas and Marketing Guide
ffHF1023.R3 Reference

Demographic Research U.S. Census
Detailed 10 year census as well as the rolling American Community Survey census for demographics of communities

Demographics of the US Trends & Projections
HB849.49.R875 Reference

Household spending: who spends how much on what
HC110 .C6.O35 Reference

Lifestyle Market Analyst
Interests, hobbies, activies of US inhabitants at the local, regional and national levels.
HF5415.33 .U6.L54 Reference
After 2008 continued by * SRDS Local Market Audience Analyst

Projections. Association of Bay Area Governments
Projects population and job growth for the Bay Area counties.
HD5726 .S4.P72 Reference

Community sourcebook of ZIP code demographics
US income distribution and household spending by zip code.
HA203 .S66 Reference
(Publication ceased in 2008.)

Financial Ratios See also the Long Library's Financial and Operating Ratios Guide

Financial Studies of the Small Business
HD2346 .U5.F5 Reference

Industry Norms and Key Business Ratios
HG4027 .I55 Reference

RMA Annual Statement Studies
HG1507 .R65 Reference

Funding Sources See also the Long Library's Private Equity and Venture Capital Guide

The directory of venture capital & private equity firms, domestic & international.
HG4751.F582 Reference