Guides to Business Subjects

No. 22 International Business Research

This is one of a series of subject guides produced by the Thomas J. Long Business Library at the University of California, Berkeley. It describes international business information reference materials and databases available at Long Business Library.

UC Berkeley faculty, registered students, and staff who are off campus may use items marked * by using the library's proxy server.

Last updated 01/2014.

Business Biographies International directory of business biographies
Profiles over 600 business leaders. International in scope, with almost half the profiles on non-U.S. figures. Includes information on education, awards, family, career path, leadership style, impact, and business strategies. Four indexes (nationality, geographic, company and industry, and name) assist in locating information.
HC29.I57 2005 Reference
Business Dictionaries Business dictionaries in several languages are available in the HF1002 section in Reference as well as in the Book Stacks on the second floor.

Search the library catalog, OskiCat, for subject "business dictionaries" for more.

Business Etiquette Global Road Warrior for country-specific business etiquette.

Search the library catalog, OskiCat, for subject "business etiquette" for country specific guides.

Business History International Directory of Company Histories
Historical background on major companies throughout the world.

Search OskiCat for subject: "business history" for more materials.

Case Studies Business Source Complete - limit search to case studies

Comprehensive teaching materials catalog
Harvard Business School Publishing.
Case studies are available from Harvard Business School for a fee, generally between $5-$7.

Case Center - Case studies available to students for $3-4.

Search OskiCat for subjects: "International Business Enterprises Case Studies" or "International Trade Case Studies" or "International Competition Case Studies" or "Corporate Culture Case studies."

Company Information Bank Directory (aka "Bankers Blue Book")
Directory of all bank offices in the world. Information includes credit ratings, and national/global rankings (based on total assets) of the head office institution. Listed by country, city, and name in alphabetical order.
HG2441.R3, Latest in Reference

China Studies Online

D&B principal international businesses.
Alphabetically by country, cross referenced by SIC. Basic directory profiles.
HF54 .U5D8P7, Latest in Reference

Hoover's Handbook of World Business
Profiles of major global enterprises.
HF4009 .H66 2008 Reference

Lexis/Nexis Academic
"Dossier Create a Company List" allows creation of company lists by geography and other criteria. Worldwide coverage.

Lexis/Nexis Corporate Affiliations "Who Owns Whom"
International volumes.
HG4057 .A1 D5, Latest in Reference

Detailed profiles, financials and news of companies. Worldwide. Can create company lists by geography, industry, and other criteria.
Haas faculty, staff and students only


Japan Company Handbook. First and Second sections.
Directory and financials of all companies listed in the First Section of the Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya stock exchanges.

Country Information Business Monitor Online
Business and political risk, macroeconomic, finance and forecasts for 5 years. Detailed quarterly reports. For most countries.

EIU Country Reports
Country Reports. 200 countries - Monthly updates to detailed annual reports. These provide an in-depth history, political background, industry and economic conditions for most countries. Business/Economic conditions and prospects, political scene, economy, trade, finance, government, economic plans and policies, major investment projects.

Global Competitiveness Report 2012-2013.
World Economic Forum. Ranking of 131 countries on 12 measures of competitiveness indicators. Institutions, infrastructure, macroeconomy, health and primary education, higher education and training, goods market efficiency, financial market sophistication, technological readiness, market size, business sophistication, innovation. Data is gathered from international, regional, and national organizations, private institutes, and a survey conducted by the publisher.

UCB Library's Government Information portal
Links to foreign governments and international organizations.

Country Commercial Guides
See the Business link for each country. Guides on doing business in that country and important statistics written by US consular officers.

Country Commerce /
EIU Country Commerce
51 countries. A practical reference guide to specific operating conditions, commercial laws and business regulations. How to obtain proper permit and registrations, how to protect intellectual property, how to comply with local tax laws-including e-commerce rules.

EIU Country Finance
45 countries - Comprehensive guide to changes in financial services, operating conditions, tax laws and investment opportunities. Cash management and short-term investment options, bank and non-bank credit, equity and debt financing, and markets for stocks, bonds, currencies and derivatives.

International Financial Statistics (IFS)
International Monetary Fund. Monthly, quarterly, and annual statistics from 1948+. Primarily dealing with banking, finance, and money statistics in a time series, it also includes population, GDP, production, consumption, government expenditures, export/import, balance of payments, etc. for IMF member countries.

OECD iLibrary
Comprehensive statistics and chapters and/or books on various themes for OECD countries - includes a fair amount for non-OECD countries

World Investment and Political Risk
Political risk perceptions, foreign investment intentions, and longer-term demand for political risk insurance (PRI), especially in emerging economies.

World Bank Reports and World Development Indicators
Social, environmental and economic development statistics and reports.

World Investment Report (UN)
Analysis of Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) as it relates to development for previous year, ranking of largest transnational corporations, in-depth analysis for selected FDI topics, and statistics for 196 countries

Handbooks The Oxford handbook of international business
Alan M. Rugman, Thomas L. Brewer
- Pt. 1: History and theory of the multinational enterprise
- Pt. 2: The political and policy environment
- Pt. 3: Strategy for MNEs (multi-national enterprises)
- Pt. 4: Managing the MNE
- Pt. 5: Regional studies
Industry Information Business Monitor Online
Quarterly market reports on major industries in 55 countries.

Current industry trends and news worldwide for major and emerging "hot" industries.

Management Articles and Encyclopedias Business Source Complete
Articles from scholarly, trade and popular business sources.

Books in Long Library on subjects: "international management" or "International business enterprises -- Management -- Cross-cultural studies"

International encyclopedia of business and management
Malcolm Warner (editor). 2nd edition.
v. 1. Accounting to Coase. v. 2. Cognition to Europe, management in. v. 3. European Central Bank to Hypercompetition. v. 4. Ibuka to Lewin. v. 5. Limpberg to Operations management. v. 6. Operations research to Simulation modelling. v. 7. Singapore, management in to Zimbabwe, management in. v. 8. Index.
HF1001 .I53 2002 Reference; v.1-8

Market Research Business Monitor Online
Forecasts for major industries in 55 countries.

BCC Research
Science and technology market reports

Statistics and reports on e-commerce worldwide as they relate to advertising/marketing, B2B, consumers and e-commerce, demographis, media usage, mobile, social media, and industries (auto, consumer products, financial services, healthcare and pharm, insurance, media and entertainment, retail and travel)

For 80+ countries, statistics and reports on consumers and consumer industries such as food & beverage, beauty & personal care, consumer appliances and electronics, pet care, toys & games, luxury goods, consumer finance, travel & tourism, etc.

Frost & Sullivan
Worldwide coverage. Technical insights, market insights and research on Aerospace & Defense, Automotive & Transportation, Chemicals, Materials & Food, Electronics & Security, Energy & Power Systems, Environment & Building Technologies, Healthcare, Industrial Automation & Process Control, Information & Communication Technologies, and Measurement & Instrumentation.

Market research reports for consumer goods and services, mostly in the US and UK. Includes reports on lifestyles. Product reports have brand share, distribution channels for products, advertising strategy, consumer demographics for product, etc.

World Market Share Reporter
Market shares of products and companies worldwide in pie charts and percentages. Indexed by brand, company name, product and SIC code.

News Factiva
Latest news on companies and business worldwide, includes major business newspapers and magazines in 24 languages.
Statistics Business & Industry
Especially good for market sizes and shares for all manner of services and products.

European Economic, social, business, and environmental data for the European Union and its member states, as well as major trade partners. The economy (national accounts, prices and wages, balance of payments, international trade in goods, environment, science and technology, sectors and enterprises (business structures at a glance, industry and construction, distributive trade, financial markets, transport, tourism, energy), and agriculture, forestry, and fisheries. Appendixes include a glossary, geonomenclature, classification of economic activities, classification of commodities, and a list of abbreviations and acronyms.

Global Financial Database
Current and historical data on stocks, commodities, and economic indicators for most countries

International Financial Statistics (IFS)
By the International Monetary Fund. Monthly, quarterly, and annual statistics going back to 1948. Primarily dealing with banking, finance, and money statistics in a time series, it also includes population, economic/financial, income, GDP, production, consumption, government expenditures, export/import, balance of payments, etc. for IMF member countries.

ProQuest Statistical Insight
Statistics from governments, non-governmental agencies, United Nations agencies, regulatory agencies, as well as trade and professional associations. For reports and data not available electronically: record numbers prefixed with SRI are on microfiche and are filed in cabinets across from the Reference Desk in Long Library, while those that are prefixed with ISS and ASI are housed at in Doe Library.

OECD iLibrary

UN Comtrade
Commodity trade statistics, UNCTAD publishes a number of statistics, including those for world trade in creative products and services.

UN statistical databases

World Bank Reports and World Development Indicators
Social, environmental and economic development statistics and reports.

Taxation and Accounting Tax information is also available in business guides for specific countries.

Books on subject: "international business enterprises accounting"

AICPA professional standards. International volume : international accounting ; international auditing as of ... International volume.
HF5667 .A43 Latest in Reference

International financial reporting standards 2011: A Practical Guide.
World Bank
pt. 1. Introductory principles -- pt. 2. Group statements -- pt. 3. Statement of financial position/balance sheet -- pt. 4. Statement of comprehensive income/income statement -- pt. 5. Disclosure.

Books on subject: "corporations foreign taxation"

Trade Guides

Dictionary of international trade: Handbook of the global trade community includes 21 key appendices
An A-Z guide to terms on exporting, importing, banking, shipping, and other matters relating to international trade. Definitions make up half the book, with the other half devoted to appendices for: acronyms and abbreviations, country codes, international dialing guide, currencies of the world, business entities worldwide, weights and measures, ship illustrations, airplane illustrations, truck and trailer illustrations, railcar illustrations, guide to air freight containers, guide to ocean freight containers, world airports by IATA code, world airports by airport, seaports of the world, computer terms, guide to Incoterms 2000, guide to letters of credit, resources for international trade, top websites, guide to trade documentation, guide to international sourcing, key words in eight languages, global supply chain security, and maps of the world.
HF1373.H55 2005 Reference