Guides to Business Subjects

No. 20 - Stock Exchange and Stock Index Information

This is one of a series of research guides produced by the Thomas J. Long Business Library at the University of California, Berkeley. The following sources contain information about stock exchanges and stock indexes worldwide.

See also Berkeley Business Guide #9: Investment Information for information on investment research resources.

UC Berkeley faculty, registered students, and staff who are off campus may use items marked * by using the library's proxy server.

Last updated: 6/2010.

Electronic databases Datastream
Restricted to use by business and economics students and faculty at the Datastream terminal in the Business Library. This system contains long time series for U.S. and worldwide stock indexes, e.g. Wilshire Index, Hang Seng, Neiki, Kuala Lumpur, etc.

* Global Financial Database
This database contains extremely long runs of historical data on U.S. stock prices and other economic data for the U.S. and foreign countries.

* Wharton Research Data Service (WRDS)
WRDS is a package of financial information tools including CRSP, a comprehensive database of standard and derived security data for NYSE, AMEX, and Nasdaq stock market, plus other useful databases. Please note that use of WRDS is restricted to UCB faculty and graduate students.

Current stock index information Websites:

Dow Jones Averages
Includes historical data.

Google Finance
Free, detailed stock and market information, including tables, charts, and news feeds.


New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
(includes AMEX)

* Standard & Poor's NetAdvantage
NetAdvantage includes information about S&P indices, plus a snapshot of NYSE, NASDAQ, and AMEX that includes the day's most active stocks, winners, and losers.

Yahoo Finance
A free and easy-to-use source of stock and market information. Some historical stock prices go back decades.

News Sources:

Barron's Weekly
Contains Barron's Market Week, a summary of most U.S. indexes such as the Wilshire, Value Line, Russell Indexes, as well as Dow-Jones and the New York Stock Exchange. Some major foreign market indexes are included.
Latest on Newspaper Racks. Current at Circulation Desk. Earlier in Microform Collection, 1923-

Financial Times
Daily newspaper which contains information for most European exchanges, Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and South Africa. Contains some managed funds information.
Latest on Newspaper Racks. Current at Circulation Desk. Earlier in Microform Collection, 1967-

Wall Street Journal
Contains major U.S. indexes on a daily basis. Many major foreign exchanges included.
Latest on Newspaper Racks. Current at Circulation Desk. Earlier in Microform Collection, 1889-

Stock exchange handbooks The Compaq Handbook of World Stock, Derivative & Commodity exchanges
Mondo Visione.
Latest issue in Reference, HG4551 .H32

Global Stock Markets Factbook
Standard & Poor's.
Statistical overview of world stock markets with a special concentration on emerging economies. Contains a short history of each market, with statistics on trading volume, market capitalization, number of companies listed, and market performance.
Latest issue in Reference, HG4551 .E43

International Encyclopedia of the Stock Market
Fitzroy Dearborn.
Stock market terms, stock exchange information, and biographical profiles.
HG4551 .I57 1999 Reference

World Stock Exchange Fact Book
Electronic Commerce, Inc.
A comprehensive source of information on world stock exchanges, with rankings and including companies which comprise various indexes. Includes monthly index values, annual trading volume, and country economic indicators.
Latest issue in Reference, HG4551 .W64