Guides to Business Subjects

No. 12 - Alternative Energy

Market and Industry information for fuel sources other than fossil fuels and nuclear.

This is one of a series of research guides produced by the Thomas J. Long Business Library at the University of California, Berkeley. The following sources contain information about alternative energy.

Last updated: 12/2013.


Cleantech i3
Profiles of Cleantech companies, VC investment and M&A data, and research on the Cleantech industry.
Password protected -- request login info from a librarian.

Energy Central Database
News, industry data and company profiles for the Energy industry.

Science Daily Renewable Energy News
News relevant to renewable energy industryindustry.


UN Energy Statistics - choose Energy Statistics Database from the Databases menu to get international data on trade and production of dozens of types of alternative fuels by country.

International Energy Agency (IEA) has World Energy Annuals and Book Series, Renewables Information

Annual Energy Review (US) includes US renewable energy production and consumption. US energy demand for residential, commercial, industrial and transport sectors by type of use and by region. Annual Energy Outlook has projections to 2040.

Renewable Energy Data Book - US renewable energy data, national and state data for all renewables.

Energy Information Administration - carbon dioxide emissions data for the US and international (1940s+), by energy source (petroleum, coal and natural gas). US state emissions by sector and source. US greenhouse gas emissions (1990+).

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, (US) publications:

BP's Statistical Review of World Energy includes Renewable Energy

USDA Economics Research Service reports on Biofuels

California Renewable Energy Information has information on California's Renewable Portfolio Standard and detailed information and statistics on California renewable energy.

Research and
BCC Research - market research and technical analysis of technologies relevant to the renewable sector.

Business Monitor Online
provides industry and market forecasts quarterly for 52 countries in the Power sector and related fields like Infrastructure, Freight Transport, Autos, Shipping.

Frost & Sullivan
Industry research. (Select Advanced Search option - then select Industry - Energy & Power Systems, and Ownership-Owned to limit results to reports available to our subscription.)

MarketResearch Academic
Detailed market research reports on alternative energies and components includes wind, geothermal, ocean tidal, biofuels, energy services, solar, smart grid, advanced batteries, etc.

IBIS World Industry Information
IBIS World covers over 700 industries - reports average 35 pages for each covered industry and provide market information as well as links to upstream and downstream industries. Has reports on hydroelectric and renewable energy as well as related industries such as window and door manufacturing, air conditioning, residential construction, etc.

Standard and Poor’s Net Advantage - Industry Surveys
cover sectors related to energy: Electric Utilities, Environmental & Waste Management, Transport, Construction (Residential and Commercial).

Business news, magazines and trade press: Magazines and Newspapers:
Economist, Business Week, Fortune, WSJ, New York Times, Barrons, Venture Capital Journal, China Business Review, all have had major coverage of opportunities and trends in clean tech.
Available in Business Source Complete and Factiva.

Company Directories Thomas Register of American Manufacturers - directory of US manufacturers, distributors and service providers with detailed product catalogs which often include CAD drawings and other product specifications.
Funding Energy related funding from American Recovery and Reinvestment Act 2009

State Incentives for Renewables

Pratt’s Guide to Private Equity Sources. Reuters.
Directory of private equity sources including venture capital firms, buyout firms and mezzanine firms. International listings are arranged alphabetically by company name and include project, industry and geographic preferences. Index by geography and type of firm (buyout, venture or mezzanine) Analysis of private equity process: characteristics of a successful entrepreneurial management team, raising private equity, and getting business development financing for both private and public sectors.
HG 65 P73 Latest in Reference

Thomson ONE (Works only in Internet Explorer, version 9 only.)
Choose "Screening & Analysis -> Private Equity" on the left sidebar to access.

General Topical Reports Science Accelerator
Technical reports on selected fuels, technologies and materials.

UN's Energy and Environment reports

OECD iLibrary - Reports on renewables, wind, solar, biofuels, for all OECD countries and many others.

Worldwatch Institute - website has key global trends, charts, tables, topical analysis including potential and costs of building a low carbon world in China and India. Current State of the World and other Worldwatch publications at UCB.

Books Recent books on alternative energy in Long Business Library