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The Bioscience Library's Top Ten List

Things Every Berkeley Life Sciences Researcher Should Know:

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  1. How to choose an appropriate article database to search

    Databases for Life Sciences Research has coverage information and links to major databases for:
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  2. How to find papers that cite a key reference

    Using Web of Science to do a cited reference search:
    Cited Reference Search [Thomson-Reuters]

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  3. How to keep current with new research in your field

    Setting up e-mail alerts and RSS feeds:
    Keeping Current in the Biological Sciences

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  4. How to locate journals, books, and other resources

    Finding journals online:

    Using the catalogs OskiCat (UC Berkeley) or Melvyl (all UC) to find journals, books, & conference proceedings in print or online:
    About Library Catalogs

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  5. What to do when the Library doesn't own something you need

    Special services for Berkeley researchers:
    Borrowing from Other Libraries

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  6. How to access the Library's electronic resources from off-campus

    Using the Library's Proxy Server or Virtual Private Network (VPN):
    UC Berkeley Library Proxy Server or VPN

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  7. How to keep track of your references

    Using citation managers to save and organize references and to automatically format bibliographies for papers and theses:
    Reference managers

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  8. How to renew your books online

    Keeping track of the books you have checked out of the library:

    Renewing Your Books

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  9. How to manage your data

    Information on data management and sharing:
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  10. How to maximize the impact of your publications

    Disseminating your scholarly work as widely as possible:
    Publish to Maximize Impact

    Getting reimbursed for publication fees:
    Berkeley Research Impact Initiative

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