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RefWorks: Importing Search Results from PubMed

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In PubMed:

  1. On the search results screen, use the checkboxes to select the citations you want to import to RefWorks, and then click on the Send to: menu.

    Selected PubMed citations

  2. In the Send to: menu, choose Citation manager and then click Create File.

    PubMed Medline

  3. Save the .nbib file of citations to your desktop.

In RefWorks:

  1. In a new browser tab, open the RefWorks Login page and enter your user name and password, or sign up for an account if you are a new user.

  2. From the menu, choose References > Import.

    RefWorks menu

  3. Under Import From Text File, select Import Filter/Data Source: NLM PubMed and Database: PubMed. Then Browse to the location of the citation file, select it, and click the Import button.

    RefWorks import settings

  4. When the Import Completed dialogue box appears, click the View Last Imported Folder button to view your imported citations.

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