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Using UC-eLinks in PubMed to get Article PDFs/Full-text

The California Digital Library has worked with the National Library of Medicine to customize PubMed for UC researchers. Links to journals we have licensed, links to our print holdings, and the ability to request articles we don't own are now available to researchers who use the customized version of PubMed. Use the following URL to access the UC-specific version of PubMed:

Benefits of using this PubMed URL include:

UC-eLinks: Consolidated access to online journals, print holdings information, and document delivery.

UC-eLinks is an emerging standard service for all UC database interfaces; it is a powerful service that provides access to articles indexed in PubMed. Based on availability, UC-eLinks provides links to:

PubMed does not display the UC-eLinks button button on the Search Results page; you will need to view the individual article record to see the UC-eLinks button. To view the individual article record, choose the article you are interested in by clicking on the author's name in the Results page. PubMed's default display is AbstractPlus, in which you will see the UC-eLinks button button at the far right of each record.

Screenshot of PubMed interface showing location of UC-eLinks button

Clicking the UC-eLinks button will open the UC-eLinks interface (in a new window or tab) for access options to the article:

Screenshot of UC-eLinks interface


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