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The Marian Koshland Bioscience Library licenses BIOBASE Knowledge® Library PROTEOME database to the Berkeley faculty, staffs and students. 

PROTEOME is a large-scale study of protein structures & functions expressed by a genome, cell, tissue or organism.   PROTEOME is one of the best ways to quickly assess a vast set of protein properties for a given protein, or even a set of proteins. With content covering disease, drugs, gene regulation, pathways, and fully annotated genomes, the database contains 520,000 references manually curated from over 4,400 journals, with experimental observations linked to the original PubMed reference, and 12 million data relationships covering mammalian, plant, yeast and worm genomes.  The content is updated every two weeks. 

BIOBASE Knowledge® Library focuses on Proteome (protein attribute databases) of mammalian species, model organisms, and human fungal pathogens. It provides access to the following databases:

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