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Summer Session hours

Fall Semester hours (Wednesday, August 26 - Friday, December 18):

Winter Holiday closure:
Hours vary on holidays and during intersessions; for more information please see:

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Location & Contact Information:

Marian Koshland Bioscience and Natural Resources Library
2101 Valley Life Sciences Building # 6500
University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94720-6500
Circulation: (510) 642-2531
Reference:   (510) 642-0456
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About the VLSB

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Copying, Printing, & Scanning

Self-service printing and scanning is available in the library using Cal 1 Cards or Guest Cards only (no cash).

For more information, please see Printing and Scanning in the Libraries.

For full-service assistance with printing, copying, scanning or binding, please visit:

Moffitt Copy Center
321 Moffitt Library


"Where are the bathrooms?" and other FAQs:

Where are the bathrooms?
Take the spiral staircase outside the library down one floor, you'll find restrooms down the hall to your left.

Where is the nearest payphone/campus phone?
The nearest payphone and campus phone are on east side of the second floor of VLSB, between room 2050 and the courtyard.

Where is the nearest drinking fountain and/or vending machine?
There is a drinking fountain in the second-floor elevator lobby next to the library entrance.
For food and beverage machines go downstairs to the first floor elevator lobby next to the T. Rex.

Please do not bring FOOD or DRINK into the library.
Food and drink stain the carpet and attract bugs, which leads to damaged books.

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