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Data Management

Data Management Tools & Services

Step-by-step instructions for creating a ready-to-use data management plan (DMP) that meets the requirements of specific funding agencies [CDL]
An open-source tool for managing, describing, and archiving tabular data in Microsoft® Excel [CDL]
DataUp Practice Data file
Create persistent identifiers (DOIs and ARKs) for digital content. Berkeley researchers can contact for a free account.

Data Management Guidelines

Data management and sharing
A portal for information on data requirements, management and sharing [Science Libraries @ UC Berkeley]
NSF data management plan requirements
An outline from the NSF Directorate for Biological Sciences
Preparing data management plans for NSF grant applications
UC Berkeley-specific tutorials and guidelines for NSF data management plans [Science Libraries @ UC Berkeley]
UC3 Data Management Guidelines
A checklist for creating, organizing, managing, and sharing your data [CDL]

Data Repositories in the Life Sciences

Selected Life Science data repositories by discipline

Integrative Biology & the Environment
Microbiology & Medicine

For additional data repositories, see:

Data repositories can:

Choosing a data repository:

Choose early: Data repositories often have specific requirements for file formats and documentation that are far easier to conform to from the beginning of a project, rather than waiting until the end.

Questions to consider:

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