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Bio 1B Tutorial Modules

Finding Information in the Life Sciences

  1. Don't attempt the questions in the online course before viewing the tutorial modules.
  2. At the end of each module, enter your name and select
    your GSI and section to get credit for the module.
  3. The completion of all parts of the tutorial is worth three points towards your library assignment grade.
  4. Consult the Bio 1B Library Guide to review material from the tutorial needed to complete the assignment.
link to module 1 of the tutorial Scholarly communication (~5 min.)
link to module 2 of the tutorial Searching for peer-reviewed articles by topic (~5 min.)
link to module 3 of the tutorial Searching for peer-reviewed articles by author (~3 min.)
link to module 4 of the tutorial Getting full text of peer-reviewed articles (~3 min.)
link to module 5 of the tutorial Citation and plagiarism (~3 min.)
link to module 6 of the tutorial Science on the web (~5 min.)

We're here to help! Please contact the Bioscience Library reference staff if you need assistance with the tutorial or assignment. You can visit us at the reference desk, contact us via email or phone (see information at left), or refer to the BIO 1B Library Guide. The Bioscience Library is located on the west side of the second floor of the Valley Life Sciences Building, right behind the big T. Rex.


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