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Biological Animations, Movies, and Lectures

  • Biology Animation Library Dolan DNA Learning Center (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory)
  • Cells Alive Animation of molecular and cell biology processes.
  • Drugs and the Brain The University of Utah, Genetic Science Learning Center
  • Gary Carlson Animation of molecular and cell biology processes.
  • Harvard's Biological Animations Interviews with faculty and animations of cell processes. Funded by Howard Hughes Medical Institute.
  • Lodish 5th ed. Animations From: Molecular and Cell Biology. W.H. Freeman & Co.
  • Movies of Biological Processes Includes development, genetics, molecular biology, immunology, and lab techniques. (Davidson College, Davidson, NC)
  • HHMI BioInteractive Includes animations, movies, lectures and more on subjects such as RNA, DNA, Genomics and Chemical Genetics, HIV/AIDS, Stem Cells, Evolution, Obesity, Cancer, Neuroscience, Sex Determination, Biological Clocks, Infectious Diseases, Cardiovascular, and Immunology. (Howard Hughes Medical Institute)
  • UC Berkeley Webcasts Audio and video of lectures from various Berkeley departments, including classes with BIO, IB, MCB, and NS prefixes (NOTE: use the Select Semester menu at the top-right to find courses that have been offered previously).
  • MIT OpenCourseware Course lectures and materials from many MIT departments, including Biology, Neuroscience, and Biological Chemistry.


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