Unbound journals shelved by title
QE993A1A48A18 AASP Newsletter
SB375A33 Abacaxi em foco
QH5M8 Abhandlungen aus dem Westfalischen Museum fur Naturkunde
QH5G6 Abhandlungen und Berichte des Naturkundemuseums Gorlitz
QH5M3 Abhandlungen und Berichte fur Naturkunde
QL458A33 Acari : bibliographia Acarologica
SB379A26A34 Acerola em foco 
f- Current 2 yrs only Acres, U.S.A.
QH301A28 Acta adriatica
S16P6A4 Acta agraria et silvestria. Series agraria
SD1A19 Acta agraria et silvestria. Series silvestris
S13Z38  Acta agriculturae slovenica 
S15A2 Acta agronomica  (Palmira, Columbia)
S16H8A3 Acta agronomica Hungarica
S16H8M48 Acta agronomica Ovariensis
QH111A21 Acta amazonica
QL451A7 Acta arachnologica
QP501A22 Acta biochimica polonica. English
QH301A32315 Acta biologica (Zagreb, Croatia)
QK1A326 Acta biologica cracoviensia. Series Botanica
QL1A15 Acta biologica cracoviensia. Series: Zoologia
QH301A3232 Acta biologica Debrecina
QH301A32 Acta biologica Hungarica
QH301A325 Acta biologica paranaense
QH301A322 Acta biologica silesiana
QH7A4 Acta biologica venezuelica
QH301A33 Acta biotheoretica
QK1A43 Acta botanica Croatica
QK1A36 Acta botanica fennica
QK1A455 Acta botanica gallica
QK1A328 Acta botanica Hungarica
QK1A38 Acta botanica Mexicana
QL461C525 Acta entomologica chilena
QL461A3965 Acta entomologica silesiana
QL750A28 Acta ethologica (Print cancelled, available online) d
QH540A27 Acta facultatis ecologiae Zvolen
SD217C9Z8S2 Acta facultatis forestalis Zvolen
SD430A38 Acta Facultatis Ligniensis 
QK1B92L8 Acta Horti Botanici Bucurestiensis
SB317.5A37 Acta horticulturae et regiotecturae
QL614A23 Acta ichthyologica et piscatoria
Q1A331 Acta manilana
QR1A328 Acta microbiologica et immunologica Hungarica
QH573A2 Acta morphologica et anthropologica
QH540A385 Acta oecologica (Print cancelled, available online) d
HD1401A28 Acta oeconomica et informatica
QL671W34 Acta ornithologica
QE901A25 Acta Palaeobotanica
QE701A3 Acta Palaeontologica Polonica
QP1A346  Acta physiologica et pharmacologica Bulgarica
QP1A34 Acta physiologica Hungarica
QP1A35 Acta physiologica scandinavica (Print cancelled, available online) d
SB599A18 Acta phytopathologica et entomologica hungarica
QK1A363 Acta phytotaxonomica et geobotanica
QL1G6A25 Acta Regiae Societatis Scientiarum et Litterarum Gothoburgensis. Zoologica
SD1A263 Acta silvatica & lignaria Hungarica
QK1P8 Acta Societatis Botanicorum Poloniae
QL1C45 Acta Societatis Zoologicae Bohemicae 
QL700A3 Acta theriologica
QH84.5A1A2 Acta tropica (Print cancelled, available online) d
S7B8361 Acta Universitatis Agriculturae et Silviculturae Mendelianae Brunensis
TD172E595  Acta Universitatis Carolinae. Environmentalica
QK1A25 Acta Universitatis Lodziensis. Folia botanica
QH96A1A3 Acta Universitatis Lodziensis. Folia limnologica
QL1A226 Acta Universitatis Lodziensis. Folia zoologica
QK1S93 Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis. Symbolae botanicae Upsalienses
QR360A1A26 Acta virologica
QL1A2 Acta zoologica (Print cancelled, available online) d
QL1A17 Acta zoologica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae
QL1A235 Acta zoologica Bulgarica
QL606.55P7A38 Acta zoologica Cracoviensia. Ser. A, Vertebrata
QL365.47P7A38 Acta zoologica Cracoviensia. Ser. B, Invertebrata
QL1A25 Acta zoologica Fennica
QL1A28 Acta zoologica Lilloana
QL298L8A28 Acta zoologica Lituanica
QL1A29 Acta zoologica Mexicana
QH301A3271 Actualidades biologicas
QK1P29B822 Adansonia
S469P7A38 Advances in agricultural sciences
SB13R571 Advances in horticultural science
SB385A3 Advances in strawberry research 
QL692S6A35 Africa birds and birding
QL461E682 African entomology
SK1E3 African j. of ecology (Print cancelled, available online) d
QH93.7S6 African j. of marine science
SK351A4 African wild life
QL1Z602 African zoology
f- S534A2A44 Ag illustrated
RC952A131 Age and ageing
HD9000.1F672 AgExporter (available online, closed with July 2004) d
S469E7A4 Agraarteadus
S7A47 Agrarforschung
S13V48 Agrarnaia nauka
S16H8A47 Agrartorteneti szemle
HD9003A35 Agri marketing
SB453.3S7A4 Agricola vergel
S15A49 Agricultura
S13S416 Agricultura Moldovei
S193A27 Agricultura tecnica (Santiago, Chile)
S165A64 Agricultura tecnica en Mexico
S16F5S85 Agricultural and food science 
SB818A47 Agricultural and forest entomology (Print cancelled, available online) d
S600A1A4 Agricultural and forest meteorology
HD1775C2A35 Agricultural and resource economics update
HD1751A324 Agricultural economic report (United States. Dept. of Agriculture)
HD2057A1C9a Agricultural economics report (Cyprus)
S531A5 Agricultural education magazine
HG2041A1A45 Agricultural finance review
S1A25 Agricultural history
S3A314 Agricultural history review
S3A37 Agricultural research
S1A357 Agricultural reviews
S19C481 Agricultural sciences in China
HD2071A57 Agricultural situation in India
S215A35 Agricultural situation in the European Union
S1A283 Agriculture and human values (Print cancelled, available online) d
S601A364 Agriculture ecosystems and environment (Print cancelled, available online) d
S215A355 Agriculture in the European Union 
S21A74 Agriculture information bulletin
f- S105A5 Agriculture quarterly (Oregon)
S15R425 AgriScientia
S15A592 Agro sur (Chile)
TX360V4A36 Agroalimentaria
HD1871A472 Agroanalysis
S33E26 Agroborealis
S539M6C412 Agrociencia
S494.5A45A3472 Agroforesteria en las Americas
SD387M8A47 Agroforestry systems (Print cancelled, available online) d
S583A47 Agrokemia es talajtan
S583A48 Agrokhimiia
S15A35 Agronomia Colombiana
S15A638 Agronomia costarricense
S15A64 Agronomia Lusitana
SB111A2M3 Agronomia tropical
S5A53 Agronomy for sustainable development
S22A7 Agronomy journal
S537C3A9 Agronomy progress report
SB4A57 Agronomy research
SB267A1R41 Agrotropica
S541.5C22U23 AIC Issues Brief
S541.5C22U24 AIC quarterly
SD69A48 Aktuelt fra skogforsk
SH11A74A4 Alaska fishery research bulletin
QL671A49 Alauda
QK1A345 Albertoa
QK1A3453 Albertoa. Serie Fabales
QK1A3452 Albertoa. Serie Urticineae (Urticales)
QL737U55N661 Alces
QE701A55 Alcheringa 
QP141A1A45 Alimentos e nutricao
QK149A5 Aliso
QK1A499 Allertonia
SD1A4 Allgemeine Forst und Jagdzeitung
QK1A53 Allionia
SB401C24 Almond facts
Current 3 yrs only Alumni news (NY State Ranger School)
QL640A47 Alytes
HD1751A42 Amber waves
QH540A521 Ambio
QE701A57 Ameghiniana
QL522.5T5A45 Amemboa
SF521A5 American bee journal
QL548A47 American butterflies
QL461E632 American entomologist
QK520A6 American fern journal
SD1A5 American forests 
SB1N25 American gardener
S1J6 American j. of agricultural economics (Print cancelled, available online) d
QK1A64 American j. of botany
QP141A1A6 American j. of clinical nutrition
TP500A224 American j. of enology and viticulture
GN49A43 American j. of human biology (Print cancelled, available online) d
QH301A386 American j. of human genetics
RB1A4 American j. of pathology
QP1A45 American j. of physiology
SB211P8A6 American j. of potato research
RC1200J66 Reserve American j. of sports medicine
QL401A532a American malacological bulletin
QH1A37 American midland naturalist
QH1A38 American Museum novitates
QH1A5 American naturalist
SB1A63 American nurseryman
QE701A43 American paleontologist
SB411A1A43 American rose magazine
Q1A55 American scientist
QL640A46 Amphibia-reptilia
QL362.5A47 Amphipacifica
S539P8L5 Anais do Instituto Superior de agronomia
S16R6A53 Analele Universitatii din Craiova. Agricultura, montanologie-agroturism…
S16R5U5A52 Analele Universitatii din Craiova. Biologie, horticultura, tehnologia…
QH301A476 Anales de biologia
QK1M25 Anales del Jardin Botanico de Madrid
QP501A57 Analytical biochemistry
QL801A563 The anatomical record. Part A (Print cancelled, available online) d
QL801A564 The anatomical record. Part B (Print cancelled, available online) d
QL801Z42 Anatomy and embryology (Print cancelled, available online) d
QL750B7 Animal behaviour (Print cancelled, available online) d
QL1M53 Animal biodiversity and conservation
QL1A72 Animal biology (Netherlands)
QL785A55 Animal cognition (Print cancelled, available online) d
QL81.5A55 Animal conservation
SF105.3A54 Animal genetic resources information
QP98A1A5 Animal genetics (Print cancelled, available online) d
QH5V51 Annalen des Naturhistorischen Museums in Wien. Serie A fur Mineralogie... 
QK1A6725 Annales bogorienses
QK1A6727 Annales botanici fennici
QH431A1A56 Annales de genetique (Print cancelled, available online) d
QL461S69 Annales de la Societe entomologique de France
QH96A1A66 Annales de limnologie
S345A36 Annales de l'INRAT
S5I47A5 Annales de l'institut national agronomique (Algeria)
QE701A62 Annales de paleontologie
QP1A57 Annales d'endocrinologie
QH7B8 Annales historico-naturales Musei Nationalis Hungarici
QH301L82 Annales Universitatis Mariae Curie-Sklodowska. Sectio C, Biologia
S539P5L8 Annales Universitatis Mariae Curie-Sklodowska. Sectio E, Agricultura
QL1W3 Annales zoologici
QL1A62 Annales zoologici fennici
QH7G4 Annali del Museo civico di storia naturale Giacomo Doria
S9P4 Annali della Facolta di Agraria (Universita di Perugia)
SD67I8A5 Annali dell'Istituto Sperimentale per la Selvicoltura
RA274B4 Annali dell'Istituto superiore di sanita
QK1A7 Annali di botanica
QL801A6 Annals of anatomy
QH301A39 Annals of applied biology
SB599K5 Annals of the Benaki Phytopathological Institute
QK1A73 Annals of botany
SD304N5A3 Annals of forest science
QP34.5A5 Annals of human biology
HQ750A1A5 Annals of human genetics (Print cancelled, available online) d
R11A68 Annals of internal medicine
QL461E63 Annals of the Entomological Society of America
QK1S3 Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden
QH1T67 Annals of the Transvaal museum 
SB111A2A7 Annals of tropical research
S469P7T41 Annals of Warsaw Agricultural University. Food technology, nutrition …
S13W25R6 Annals of Warsaw Agricultural University, SGGW-AR. Agriculture
S605A1M4 Annals of Warsaw Agricultural University, SGGW-AR. Land reclamation
QK495A6A6 Annonaceae newsletter
QL1A6495 Annotationes zoologicae et botanicae
SD432W46A35 Annual environmental performance report (Weyerhaeuser Company)
HD9436N48N481 Annual review of the New Zealand sheep and beef industry (dropped (lapsed)) d
RM265A62 Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy
QR1A63 Antonie van Leeuwenhoek (Print cancelled, online available) d
QK1S565 Anuario da Sociedade Broteriana
HD1875S3A58 Anuario IEA
HD9765P8D57 Anuario florestal (ceased) d
R81A34 APMIS (Print cancelled, available online) d
R81A341 APMIS. Supplementum (Print Cancelled, not available online) d
QP141A1A2 Appetite (Print cancelled, online available) d
QR1A66 Applied and environmental microbiology 
SB605I7A3 Applied entomology and phytopathology
QL461A68 Applied entomology and zoology
QR1E8 Applied microbiology and biotechnology
QH541.5S6A67 Applied soil ecology (Print cancelled, online available) d
QK900A66 Applied vegetation science
QL614A68 Aqua : j. of ichthyology and aquatic biology
SH1A66 Aquaculture (Print cancelled, online available) d
QK102A6 Aquatic botany (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH541.5W3A67 Aquatic conservation (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH541.5W3A678 Aquatic ecosystem health and management
SH222C2C3 Aquatic farming
QL461A69 Aquatic insects
QL713A6 Aquatic mammals
QR106A1M3 Aquatic microbial ecology
QH5Z4 Aquatic sciences (Print cancelled, online available) d
QL671A6 Aquila
Q1A69 Arab gulf j. of scientific research
SD391A1A7 Arbor age 
SD1J58 Arboriculture & urban forestry
SB435A73 Arborist news
CC79.5A5A69 Archaeofauna
QE701F896a Archaeopteryx
QH5A54 Archiv der freunde der naturgeschichte in Mecklenburg
QH301A65 Archiv fur hydrobiologie (title changed) d
QH301A65ser.2suppl. Archiv fur Hydrobiologie. Supplementband
QL401A6 Archiv fur Molluskenkunde
QR1T8 Archives de l'Institut Pasteur de Tunis
QP1A69 Archives Italiennes de biologie
QP501A7 Archives of biochemistry and biophysics (Print cancelled, online available) d
QM552A7 Archives of histology and cytology
QL461A77 Archives of insect biochem. and phys. (Print cancelled, online available) d
R11A85 Archives of internal medicine
QR1A7 Archives of microbiology (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH8S57 Archives of natural history
RC321A72 Archives of neurology
RC110I73 Archives of Razi Institute
QR360A1A7 Archives of virology (Print cancelled, online available) d
QK101A73 Archivio geobotanico
QP141A1V4 Archivos latinoamericanos de nutricion
Q180A67A1A73 Arctic, antarctic, and alpine research
QL671A64 Ardea
QL696C52A73  Ardeid
QL671A67 Ardeola
S612A74 Arid land research and management
QK495L52A75 Aridus
QK475H283 Arnoldia
AM101C35A4 Arnoldia Zimbabwe
QK495A685A7 Aroideana
QH132A9A762 Arquipelago. Ciencias biologicas e marinhas : boletim da Univ. dos Acores
QH91A1F66 Arquivos de ciencias do mar
QL1A83 Arquivos de zoologia
QL1L57A27  Arquivos do Museu Bocage. Nova serie
SB599S3 Arquivos do Instituto Biologico
QL494I51 Arthropod structure and development (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH324.2A742 Artificial life
S15A79 Arxius
HD9235S6A73 ASA today
QE565A1A7 Atoll research bulletin
QH7T8 Atti del museo civico di storia naturale di Trieste
QL671B5 Audubon
S900A93 Audubon Canyon Ranch : bulletin
QL671A75 Auk
QH540A9  Austral ecology (Print cancelled, available online) d
SB599A93 Australasian plant pathology
QL401A938 Australasian shell news
QL487A1A8 Australian entomologist
SD1A89 Australian forestry 
S17A82 Australian j. of agricultural research
QK1A96 Australian j. of botany
QL461A8J6 Australian j. of entomology (Print cancelled, available online) d
S17A9 Australian j. of experimental agriculture
S599.7A1A8 Australian j. of soil research
QL1A865 Australian j. of zoology
QL733A93 Australian mammalogy
QK431A1A88 Australian plants
QK1A97 Australian systematic botany
QL1A87 Australian zoologist
QK1A98 Austrobaileya
QL690S65A9 Avian ecology and behaviour
RC987J6 Aviation space and environmental medicine
QL671A9 Avicultural magazine
HD9259A95A9 Avo greensheet
S367A35 Al Awamia
QL55A1I5 Awi quarterly
b Current 2 yrs only Backgrounder
QK1B2 Badania fizjograficzne nad Polska Zachodnia. Seria B, Botanika
QL284B3 Badania fizjograficzne nad Polska Zachodnia. Seria C, Zoologia
SB13Y3D4 Bahce
SD192B3B3 Bahia agricola
QL571B35 Baltic j. of coleopterology
SF405.5L29 Baltic j. of laboratory animal science
SB379B2B36 Banana em foco
QK1B32 Bangladesh j. of botany
QL334B34B351 Bangladesh j. of zoology
R97B3 Bangladesh medical journal
QH540B27 Basic and applied ecology
RS1A3 Basic & clinical pharm. & toxicology (Print cancelled, available online) d
S401F6A24 Basic texts of the FAO
QL401B36 Basteria
QE770B38 Batalleria
QK1B345 Bauhinia
QH105C2B39 Bay nature
QL1W4751 BBC wildlife
QL1B4 Beaufortia
SB413B4B4 Begonian
QL750B534 Behavioral ecology
QL750B42 Behavioral ecology and sociobiology (Print cancelled, online available) d
QL750B43 Behaviour
QP376B4 Behavioural brain research (Print cancelled, online available) d
QL750B47 Behavioural processes (Print cancelled, online available) d
QL461B45 Beitrage zur Entomologie
QE755A8B4 Beitrage zur Palaontologie
QK1S75 Belgian j. of botany
QL461B44 Belgian j. of entomology
QL1S58 Belgian j. of zoology
QH5N28 Bericht der Naturhistorischen Gesellschaft zu Hannover
QH5N4 Berichte des Naturwissenschaftlichen Vereins fur Schwaben e.V
SB117G85 Bericht uber die Arbeitstagung ... der "Arbeitsgemeinschaft…
QK1B35 Berichte der Bayerischen Botanischen Gesellschaft zur Erforschung…
QH149B455 Berichte der Naturforschenden Gesellschaft der Oberlausitz
Q49I6 Berichte des Naturwissenschaftlich-medizinischen Vereins in Innsbruck
Q1B46 Berkeley science review
Q1B47 Berkeley scientific
S1B4 Better crops with plant food
S539P7B53 Bibliografia publikacji pracownikow Akademii Rolniczej w Szczecinie…
TS835Z9B5 Bibliografia Technickej univerzity vo Zvolene
QK1B45 Bibliotheca botanica
SB599A1B5 Bimariha-yi giyahi
QH301C85 Bio systems (Print cancelled, online available) d
QP501B49 Biochemical and biophys. res. comm. (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH431A1B56 Biochemical genetics (Print cancelled, online available) d
QP501B52 Biochemical journal d
QH345A1B52 Biochemical systematics and ecology (Print cancelled, online available) d
QP501B548 Biochemistry
QP501C3 Biochemistry and cell biology
QP501B56 Biochimica et biophysica acta (Print cancelled, online available) d
QP501S6 Biochimie (Print cancelled, online available) d
SB599E58 BioControl (Print cancelled, online available) d
SB975B562 Biocontrol science and technology d
QH150B66 Biocosme mesogeen
S661A1C6 Biocycle
QR97X46B56 Biodegradation (Print cancelled, online available)
QH75A1B55 Biodiversity
QH75A1B56 Biodiversity and conservation (Print cancelled, online available) d
QP82.2E43B53 Bioelectromagnetics (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH345A1B55 Bioessays (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH505A1B52 Biofizika d
QH301S424 Bioformosa
QP801B66B5 Biogenic amines
QH344B58 Biogeochemistry (Print cancelled, online available) 
G11S48 Biogeographica d
QH301B564 Bioikos
QH324.2C652 Bioinformatics
QP501B6 Biokhimiia
QH301B534 Biologia. (Bratislava, Slovakia)
QH301B467 Biologia. (Lahore, Pakistan)
QH320P6B5 Biologia. (Torun, Poland)
S1B53 Biological agriculture and horticulture
QH301B52 Biological bulletin
QP501H7 Biological chemistry
S900B5 Biological conservation (Print cancelled, online available)  d
SB975B5 Biological control (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH353A1B56 Biological invasions (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH301L472 Biological j. of the Linnean Society (Print cancelled, available online) d
QH301P66B84 Biological letters
QH301B526 Biological reviews of the Cambridge Philosophical Society
QH527A1J6 Biological rhythm research
QH345B538 Biological trace element research
RA401A1J681 Biologicals (Print cancelled, online available)
QH601A1B53 Biologicheskie membrany d
QH91A1B53 Biologiia moria
QH301E45 Biologija = Biology = Biologiia
QH301D32 Biologiske skrifter
AS122R583 Biology and environment
QH84.8B61 Biology and fertility of soils (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH331B47 Biology and philosophy (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH301P742 Biology letters d
QP251A1B5 Biology of reproduction
QH201J56 Biology of the cell (Print cancelled, online available) d
R850A1B5 Biomedical research
QH301B525 Bionature
QP501B75 Bioorganicheskaia khimiia
QH505A1B53 Biophysical journal
QP501A76 Bioquimica y patologia clinica
QH505A1B58 Biorheology
QH301B585 Bios
QH301A13 Bioscience
QH506B6 Bioscience reports (Print cancelled, online available) d
S583A4 Bioscience, biotechnology and biochemistry
QH305A12B56L5 Ref Desk BIOSIS serial sources (Ceased with 2005) d
QH237A1S82 Biotechnic and histochemistry
RB37A1B55 Biotechniques
S494.5B563B515 Biotechnologie, agronomie, societe et environnement
QH345J6 Biotechnology and applied biochemistry
TP248.13B574 Biotechnology biotechnological equipment
TP248.3B4 Biotechnology letters
TP248.2B61 Biotechnology progress                  
QH301B622 Biotropia
QH1B541 Biotropica
QL671B45 Bird behaviour
QL671B58 Bird study
QL671B585 Birds
QL671B588 Birds in Northumbria
QL690G7B53 Birds on the Farne Islands
SF510W3B5 Birdscapes
Current 2 yrs only Birdscope
GN670B6 Bishop Museum occassional papers
QL401B58 Biulleten Dalnevostochnogo malakologicheskogo obshchestva
QK1M727 Biulleten Glavnogo botanicheskogo sada
Q60M6O2 Biulleten Moskovskogo obshchestva ispytatelei prirody
RB1B55 Blood
Current only Blue diamond update 
QH1B56 Blue jay
QK1B48 Blumea
QK1B483 Blyttia
R31B78 BMJ : British medical journal
QK1B38 Bocconea
QK1S57 ser.2 Boletim da sociedade broteriana (new series)
QK1S39 Boletim de botanica
SF15B7S3 ser.2 Boletim de Industria Animal. Nova Serie
S15B58 Boletim de pesquisa e desenvolvimento
SD27B6 Boletim de pesquisa florestal 
TX341B64 Boletim do Centro de Pesquisa e Processamento de Alimentos
QH117B57 Boletim do Museu de Biologia Mello Leitao
QK1R63 Boletim do Museu Nacional. Nova serie, Botanica
QL1R53 Boletim do Museu Nacional. Nova serie, Zoologia
QH301S48 Boletin de la Real Sociedad Espanola de Historia Natural. Seccion biologica
QK1S54 Boletin de la Sociedad Botanica de Mexico
QH301S46 Boletin de la Sociedad de Biologia de Concepcion
SB950.3S6A4B6 Boletin de sanidad vegetal plagas
GC1S64B62 Boletin del Instituto Espanol de Oceanografia
GC1B6B6 Boletin ecotropica
S491A12A7B62 Boletin informativo de AIBDA
QK600B65 Bollettino del Gruppo micologico G. Bresadola
QL461P59 Bollettino del Laboratorio di entomologia agraria "Filippo Silvestri", Portici
QH1B58 Bollettino del Museo civico di storia naturale di Verona. Botanica, zoologia
QE1B57 Bollettino del Museo civico di storia naturale di Verona. Geologia…
QE701S37 Bollettino della Societa Paleontologica Italiana
QH7A33 Bollettino dell'Accademia gioenia di scienze naturali
QL461A79B6 Bollettino dell'Associazione romana di entomologia
SB801B6 Bollettino di zoologia agraria e di bachicoltura
QL461B62 Bombus
QP88.2B577 Bone (Print cancelled, online available) d
QE862D5B6 Bones
QL1B616 Bonner zoologische beitrage
SB13B72 Bonplandia
QH541.5P6B67 Boreal environment research
SD388A1B6 Bosque 
QK1S4 Botanica helvetica
QK339L5B66 Botanica Lithuanica
QK275A1B6 Botanica macaronesica
QK564B6 Botanica marina
QK1B513 Botanical garden newsletter
QK1B52 Botanical j. of Scotland
QK1L54 Botanical j. of the Linnean Society (Print cancelled, available online) d
QK1B518 Botanical review
QK1A317 Botanical studies
QK1B526 Botanicheskii zhurnal
QK1B53 Botanikai kozlemenyek
QK1B535 Botanische Jahrbucher fur Systematik, Pflanzengeschichte und Pflanzengeo.
QK1B633 Bothalia
SB403B78 Boxwood bulletin
QK1B8671 Bradea
SB317C2B82 Bradleya
S15B6 Bragantia
RC321B7 Brain (Print cancelled, online available) d
QL750B65 Brain behavior and evolution
QP376A1B72 Brain research (Print cancelled, online available) d
QP351B76 Brain research. Brain res. protocols (Print cancelled, online available) d
QP376B7251 Brain research bulletin (Print cancelled, online available) d
QP376A1B725 Brain research. Cognitive brain res. (Print cancelled, online available) d
QP376A1B723 Brian research. Develop. brain res. (Print cancelled, online available) d
QP376A1B722 Brain research. Molecular brain res. (Print cancelled, online available) d
QP376A1B724 Brain research reviews (Print cancelled, online available) d
SD146B7B75 Branch lines
QH301R34  Brazilian j. of biology
R850A1R47 Brazilian j. of medical and biological research
GC1S36  Brazilian j. of oceanography
QK710R48 Brazilian j. of plant physiology
S946B69 Breakthroughs
QL1B64 Breviora
SD146B7B67 Bridge
QH441.2B75 Briefings in bioinformatics
QL671B7 British birds
Q125A1B7 British j. for the history of science
RC261A1B7 British j. of cancer (Print cancelled, online available) d
QL461B5562 British j. of entomology and natural history
QP141A1B72 British j. of nutrition
RS1B7 British j. of pharmacology (Print cancelled, online available) d
RC1200B74 British j. of sports medicine
R31B75 British medical bulletin
SB215B7 British sugar beet reveiw
QK1B635 Brittonia
QK495B76B76 Bromelia
QK1B87 Bryologist
SB229Q8B74 BSES Bulletin
SD97J3B6 Buletin penelitian hutan
QH301A343I9 Buletinul Academiei de Stiinte a Moldovei. Stiintele vietii
QH3S63 Bulletin de la Societe d'histoire naturelle de Toulouse (title changed) d
QH3S63 Bulletin de la Societe d'histoire naturelle de Toulouse et de Midi-Pyrenees
QL461S7 Bulletin de la Societe entomologique de France
QK313S6B8 Bulletin de la Societe Linneenne de Bordeaux
QL461S65 Bulletin de la Societe royale belge d'entomologie
QL1S6 Bulletin de la Societe zoologique de France
TP490I5 Bulletin de l'Institut international du froid
QH3S79B8 Bulletin des naturalistes des Yvelines
QL461B74B8 Bulletin. Entomologie
QH3S672 Bulletin mensuel de la Societe linneenne de Lyon
QH1C345B8  Bulletin of Carnegie Museum of Natural History
QL461B8 Bulletin of entomological research
S19C25 Bulletin of Faculty of Agriculture
QL461B6 Bulletin of insectology
QH91A1B8 Bulletin of marine science
QH91A1K62R4 Bulletin of marine sciences and fisheries
QH505A1B8 Bulletin of mathematical biology (Print cancelled, online available) d
SB413I8A1A55 Bulletin of region 14
SB413I8A6 Bulletin of the American Iris Society
QH1A392 Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History
QH7B5 Bulletin of the Biogeographical Society of Japan
QL671B75 Bulletin of the British Ornithologists' Club
R131A1J6 Bulletin of the history of medicine
QH301F555 Bulletin of the Florida Museum of Natural History. Biological sciences
QL1H32 Bulletin of the Museum of Comparative Zoology
QL1K59B8 Bulletin of the National Science Museum. Series A, Zoology
QK1K62B8 Bulletin of the National Science Museum. Series B, Botany
QH1O7B8 Bulletin of the Osaka Museum of Natural History
QH301C24 Bulletin of the Scripps Institute
QE747C2S68B8 Bulletin of the Southern California Paleontological Society
S227B84 Bulletin of the Szent Istvan University
SD336T6 Bulletin of the Tokyo University forests
QL353I54 Bulletin of zoological nomenclature
QH3S6ser.2 Bulletin trimestriel de la Societe d'histoire nat. et des Amis du Museum…
QK1W132 Bulletin van de Botanische Tuin Wageningen
QE701B8 Bulletins of American Paleontology
SD111N4B9 Bush telegraph
QH7I5 Butlleti de la Institucio Catalana d'Historia Natural
QL541B84 Butterfly gardener
Current 3 yrs only Buy-sell directory / Pacific Northwest Christmas Tree Association
c QK495C11A1C3 Cactaceas y suculentas Mexicanas
SB317C2C3 Cactus and succulent journal
SB413C12B86 Cactus world
QK263C33 Caderno pesquisa. Serie Biologia
QH91A1C2 Cahiers de biologie marine
QH3L93 Cahiers scientifiques
TX360C35C3 Cajanus
QP88A1C28 Calcified tissue international (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH7.5C3 Caldasia
Current 2 yrs only Calendar of proposed environmental actions
HD1527C2C36 California agricultural bulletin
HD1775C2A2C2 California agricultural statistics
S1C18 California agriculture
SH222C2C3 California aquatic farming (title changed) d
QH76.5C2C328 California biodiversity news
SK373A62 California Cooperative Oceanic Fisheries Investigations reports
HD9275U5C26 California dairy information bulletin
HD9275U5C2C3 California dairy statistics and trends
SD397E8N48 California eucalyptus grower
S1C3 California farmer
HD266C2F37 California farmland conversion report
HD1775C2A176 California field crop review
SK373C3 California fish and game 
SD1C168 California forester 
SD144C2C3458 California forests
SB354C23 California fruit and nut review
f- Current only California grange news
HD9259G75C33a California grape acreage
HD9019O4C2 California Olive Committee annual report
SB605U6C33 California plant pest and disease report
SF481C34C3 California poultry letter
GC58C33 California Sea Grant College Program : directory
SB215C3 California sugar beet
SB349A1C2 California tomato grower
SB435.52C23C3 California trees
Current 2 yrs only California update / The Nature Conservancy
QH1P2 California wild (ceased with spr 06) d
GN476.73C36 Cameroon j. of ethnobotany
TD883.7C2C37 Canada/United States Air Quality Agreement, progress report
QL461C35 Canadian entomologist
QH1C26 Canadian field naturalist
SD1C197 Canadian forest industries 
QK1C23 Canadian j. of botany
RM214C35J6 Canadian j. of dietetic practivce and research
QH1C245 Canadian journal of fisheries and aquatic sciences
SD255C351 Canadian j. of forest research 
QR1C28 Canadian j. of microbiology
QP1C33 Canadian j. of physiology and pharmacology
SB599C29 Canadian j. of plant pathology
S1C345 Canadian j. of plant science
S631C33 Canadian j. of soil science
QL1C33 Canadian j. of zoology
S604.8C36 Canadian reclamation
RC261A1C266 Cancer (Print cancelled, online available) d
RC261A1C38 Cancer and metastasis reviews (Print cancelled, online available) d
RC269.7C36 Cancer cell
QH426C3 Cancer genetics and cytogentics
RC261A1C28 Cancer letters (Print cancelled, online available) d
RC261A1C3 Cancer research
RC261A1G3 Cancer science
QK1C25 Candollea
SD1C33 Canopy international
QD320C35 Carbohydrate polymers (Print cancelled, online available) d
RC268.5C34 Carcinogenesis
RC681A1C35 Cardiovascular research (Print cancelled, online available) d
Q1C34 Caribbean j. of science
QK917C3 Carnivorous plant newsletter
QH573C37 Caryologia
QH7P57 Casopis Narodniho muzea v Praze. Rada prirodovedna
QH7O7C3 Casopis Slezskeho zemskeho muzea. Serie A. Vedy prirodni
QK1C34 Castanea
HD1751C38 Catalyst (Oak Brook, Ill.)
SD397C4C43 Cedar pole news
S15C35 Ceiba
QH573C381 Cell
QH301Z38 Cell and tissue research (Print cancelled, online available)  d
QH573C393 Cell biochemistry and biophysics
QH631C39 Cell biochemistry and function (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH573C44 Cell biology and toxicology (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH573C396 Cell biology international (Print cancelled, online available) d
QP913C2C4 Cell calcium (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH671C39 Cell death and differentiation (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH647C3 Cell motility and the cytoskeleton (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH573C395 Cell proliferation (Print cancelled, online available) d
QL801A2 Cells tissues organs : in vivo, in vitro
QH611A1C4 Cellular and molecular biology (CDROM only v.51(2005)@)
Q1A1E9 Cellular and molecular life sciences (Print cancelled, online available) d
QL931C4 Cellular and molecular neurobiology (Print cancelled, online available) d
QR185C4A1C4 Cellular immunology d
S15C37 Cenicafe
TS2120C4 Cereal chemistry
TS2120C45 Cereal foods world
QP383C455 Cerebral cortex  
QH301C413 Ceylon j. of science. Biological sciences
SD1C584 CFA newsletter
QL671C4 Chat
QL666C5C57 Chelonian conservation and biology
QP455C471 Chemical senses
QP501C43 Chemistry and Biology (Print cancelled, online available) d
QP751A1C45 Chemistry and physics of lipids (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH545A1C48 Chemistry in ecology
HD9437U6A38 Chickens and eggs
S193C54 Chile agricola
SD161C45 Chile forestal 
SD161C453 Chile forestal. Documento tecnico
GC59.7C4 Chinese j. of oceanology and limnology
TX767C5C5 Chocolatier
SD1N623 Christmas tree lookout
QH301C44 Chromosoma (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH600C5 Chromosome research (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH600C494 Chromosome science
QH527C37 Chronobiology international
QL482R9C48 Chteniia pamiati Alekseia Ivanovicha Kurentsova
QL596C56C55 Cicindela
S192C4C1362 Ciencia agronomica
S15C54 Ciencia e investigacion agraria
TP500C54 Ciencia e tecnica vitivinicola
SD15C5 Ciencia forestal en Mexico
S15C56 Cientifica
SD356.48C46C54 CIFOR news
QK266C56 Cinchonia
HD9750.1U54 CINTRAFOR news
RC681A1C5 Circulation
RC681A1C52 Circulation research
SB369.5B7C47 Citros em foco
SB369C455 Citrus and vegetable magazine
SB369C43 Citrus industry
Current 2 yrs only Citrus notes
QH83C52 Cladistics (Print cancelled, available online) d
QC984C2U6 Climatological data, California
HD9259P3C5 Cling peach review
RC261C55 Clinical cancer research
RB155A1C55 Clinical genetics (Print cancelled, online available) d
RD701C55 Clinical orthopaedics and related research 
R15C25 CMAJ : Canadian Medical Association journal
Current 2 yrs only CNR forum
Q180F7C475 CNRS international magazine
QH540U82 Coastal bioenvironment
HD9220U63C2C6 Coastal grower (Salinas, Calif.)
S604C654  Colecao sistema plantio direto
QL571C45 Coleoptera
QL571C55 Coleopterists bulletin
QH193T35B85 Collection and research / Taiwan, R.O.C.
SB108C9S3 Collection of sci. papers, Fac. of Agri. in Ceske Budejovice. Ser. for crop sci.
f- Current 2 yrs only College of Agricultural and Life Sciences quarterly
QE701C16 Coloquios de paleontologia
Current only Colorado Farm Bureau news
QH77U6C6 Common ground
HD1286C65 Common property resource digest (title changed) d
SB950A1C63 Common sense pest control quarterly
HD1286C655 Commons digest
S539B4G5 Communications in agricultural and applied biological sciences
S590C541 Communications in soil science and plant analysis
QK900C66 Community ecology
QH447C642 Comparative and functional genomics (Print cancelled, online available) d
QP31A1C64 Comparative biochem. & physiol. Pt.A (Print cancelled, online available) d
QP501C6512 Comparative biochem. & physiol. Pt.B (Print cancelled, online available) d
QP901C6 Comparative biochem. & physiol. Pt.C (Print cancelled, online available) d
QL55A5 Comparative medicine
QL757A1H44 Comparative parasitology
HD72C26 COMPAS magazine for endogenous development
SD356C66 Compass / USDA Forest Service, Southern Research Station
HD2195.5A13 Compendium of New Zealand farm production statistics
QK495C74C66 Compositae newsletter
TD796.5C584 Compost science and utilization
SB329P3C6 Compte rendu des travaux effectues en ... / Institut technique de la betterave
Q46P225 Comptes rendus. Biologies (Print cancelled, online available) d
QK1M64 Comunicaciones botanicas del Museo de Historia Nat. de Montevideo
QE701M655C6 Comunicaciones paleontologicas del Museo de Historia Nat. de Montevideo
QL1M58 Comunicaciones zoologicas del Museo de Historia Nat. de Montevideo
QL671C7 Condor
QK494.5C75B9 Conifer quarterly / American Conifer Society
SD1C59 Connecticut woodlands (Print cancelled 2003) d
QP88.23A1C6 Connective tissue research
QH75A1C74 Conservation biology (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH75A1C66515 Conservation in practice
QH77G7C66 Conservation land management
QK86S6C66 Conservation leaflet
SD414M4C66 Conservation Malaysia
S934N49B82 Conservation news (Wellington, N.Z.)
S934A8C34 Conservation science Western Australia
SD1C66 Consultant 
QK1C52 Contributii botanice
QK1M395 Contributions from the University of Michigan Herbarium
QH301K96 Contributions from the Biological Laboratory, Kyoto University
QH301C595 Contributions in biology and geology
Q111L67 Contributions in science
QL461A44C6 Contributions of the American Entomological Institute
QL1Z65 Contributions to zoology
QL1C6 Copeia
QE565C67 Coral reefs (Print cancelled, online available) d
QL693C79 Corella
SB205S7S57 Corn and soybean digest
SD359C65 Cornell Plantations 
Current 2 yrs only Cornell Plantations Notes
S195C67 Corpoica : ciencia y tecnologia agropecuarias
QE701C7 Cranium
Current 2 yrs only Crest
QP501C18 Critical reviews in biochemistry and molecular biology 
TA164C93 Critical reviews in biotechnology
QH450C75 Critical reviews in eukaryotic gene expression
TP368C18 Critical reviews in food science and nutrition 
QR180C18 Critical reviews in immunology
QR1C17 Critical reviews in microbiology
QK1C78 Critical reviews in plant sciences
SB123C7 Crop breeding and applied biotechnology
SB599C935 Crop protection (Print cancelled, online available) d
SB183C7 Crop science
S631A5 Croplife
QK1C76 Crossosoma
QL435A1C7 Crustaceana
QK564R451 Cryptogamie. Algologie
QK534C7 Cryptogamie. Bryologie
QK600C7 Cryptogamie. Mycologie
S381L56 CSIRO land and water link (ceased) d
SB599C82 Cuadernos de fitopatologia
S15C87 Cuban j. of agricultural science
S601C8 Cultivar
SB111A2C2 Cultivos tropicales
QK1C973 Cunninghamia
QH301C87 Current biology : CB (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH426C8 Current genetics (Print cancelled, online available) d
QL640H2525 Current herpetology
QR1C8 Current microbiology (Print cancelled, online available) d
TP248.13C87 Current opinion in biotechnology (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH573C87 Current opinion in cell biology (Print cancelled, online available) d
QP550C87 Current opinion in chemical biology (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH426C877 Current opinion in genetics & develop. (Print cancelled, online available) d
QR180C87 Current opinion in immunology (Print cancelled, online available) d
QR1C875 Current opinion in microbiology (Print cancelled, online available) d
QP351C97 Current opinion in neurobiology (Print cancelled, online available) d
QK728C97 Current opinion in plant biology (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH573C83 Current opinion in structural biology (Print cancelled, online available) d
f- SD428A2O752 Currents / Tillamook Forest Heritage Trust
Current 2 yrs only Currents : a newsletter of the UC Center for Water Resources
QK1C82 Curtis's botanical magazine (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH431A1C9 Cytogenetic and genome research
QH301C9 Cytologia
QH573C95  Cytometry. Pt. A (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH573C96  Cytometry. Pt. B, Clinical cytometry (Print cancelled, online available) d
SF1C46 Czech j. of animal science
SB123A1G43 Czech j. of genetics and plant breeding
d HD1751E19 DatelinERS
R81D3 Danish medical bulletin (Print ceased, now online only) d
QK1D38 Darwiniana
Current 2 years only Dateliners
QH5N33 Decheniana
QL81.5D4 Defenders
QK1D39 Delpinoa
QK1A74 Dendrobiology
SD1D32 Dendronatura
SF203D47 Desert feedlot news
QK938D4D4 Desert plants
QL461D5 Deutsche entomologische zeitschrift 
R51D5 Deutsche medizinische wochenschrift
QL951J6 Development
QH301A6 Development genes and evolution (Print cancelled, online available) d
QL951E5 Development growth and differentiation (Print cancelled, online available) d
QR180D37 Developmental & comp. immunol. (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH301D43 Developmental biology (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH573D484 Developmental cell
QL801A5 Developmental dynamics (Print cancelled, online available) d
QP351D49 Developmental neuroscience
RC648A1D5 Diabetes
RC660A1D53 Diabetologia (Print cancelled, online available) d
QK569D54D52 Diatom research
QH401A1D5 Differentiation (Print cancelled, online available) d
SD112D57 Directions
SF997.5M33D56 Diseases of aquatic organisms
QH75A1B57 Diversity and distributions (Print cancelled, online available) d
Current 2 yrs only Dividends from wood research
QH442D59 DNA and cell biology
QH467D158 DNA repair (Print cancelled, online available) d
QP624D1746 DNA research
QH301A372 Doklady. Biological sciences
S13V685 Doklady Rossiiskoi akademii selskokhoziaistvennykh nauk
QH7D6 Doriana
HD9220U63C2D69 Down the vegetable row
Current 2 yrs only Dragonfly news
HD2025C35D7 La Drecera
QL640D86 Dumerilia
QL337S7D8 Durban Museum novitiates
e GE190L38E36 EcoAmericas
QH541.5P6H6 Ecography (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH171E36 Ecologia (Madrid, Spain)
QH540E22 Ecologia en Bolivia
QH540E225 Ecologica
QH540E273 Ecological applications
QH540E265 Ecological economics
TD1E26 Ecological engineering (Print cancelled, online available) d
QL461E3 Ecological entomology (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH541.15M3E3 Ecological modelling
QH540E26 Ecological monographs
QH162E36 Ecological questions
QH540E275 Ecological research (Print cancelled, online available) d
S900R49 Ecological restoration, North America
QH540E296 Ecologist
QH540E3 Ecology 
QH540E325 Ecology letters (Print cancelled, online available) d
SH159E36 Ecology of freshwater fish (Print cancelled, online available) d
SB1E37 Economic botany
HD1930S4A3 Economic report on Scottish agriculture
QH77G7E16 Ecos: a review of conservation
QH540E324 Ecoscience
S542B7E3 Ecossistema
+ QH540E3645 Ecosystems (Print cancelled, online available)  d
QL737E2E34 Edentata
QK1E4 Edinburgh j. of botany
PJ7839A1M3 Egyptian j. of agricultural research
S341E33 Egyptian j. of agronomy
GB611C3 Egyptian j. of desert research
QH540E43 Ekologia Bratislava
QH540E5 Ekologiia. (Sverdlovsk, Russia)
QH540E46 Ekologija
QD79E44E44 Electrophoresis (Print cancelled, online available) d
QL671E55 Elepaio
QL592J28E5 Elytra
QL571E526 Elytron
QH506E4 EMBO journal (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH506E47 EMBO reports (Print cancelled, online available) d
QL671E6 Emu
QL88A1E6 Endangered species bulletin
QL88A1E63 Endangered species update 
Q1E5 Endeavour (Print cancelled, online available) d
QP1E53 Endocrine
QP1E57 Endocrine journal
QP187A1E5 Endocrine reviews
QP1E6 Endocrinology
TD171.5G7E5 Ends report
 QH77E5E54 English nature
HD9199A1E47 Ensayos sobre economia cafetera
QL482C87E67 Entomologia Croatica
QL461E44 Entomologia experimentalis et applicata (Print cancelled, online available) d
QL461E498 Entomologica : annali di entomologia generale ed applicata
QL461E52 Entomologica Basiliensia et Collectionis Frey
QL461E62 Entomological news
QL461E7271 Entomological problems
QL461H285 Entomological research
QL461E625 Entomological review
QL461E627 Entomological science
QL461R4 Entomologicheskoe obozrenie
QL461E6915 Entomologische abhandlungen
QL461E6924 Entomologische berichten
QL461E693 Entomologische Blatter fur Biologie und Systematik der Kafer
QL461H25 Entomologische Mitteilungen aus dem Zoologischen Museum Hamburg
QL461E7532 Entomologische Nachrichten und Berichte
QL461E762 Entomologische Zeitschrift mit Insektenborse
QL461E77 Entomologisk tidskrift
QL461E774 Entomologiske meddeleser
QL461E79 Entomologiste
QL461E816 Entomologist's gazette
QL461E82 Entomologist's monthly magazine
QL461E84 Entomologist's record and j. of variation
QH1E58 Environ
UF767A1E55 Environment
GF75E55 Environment and history
HC79E5E5727 Environment house news
QK757A1R2 Environmental and experimental botany (Print cancelled, online available) d
QL614E5 Environmental biology of fishes (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH75A1E5 Environmental conservation
SB599E441 Environmental entomology
KF3775A15E68 Environmental forum
GE1E585 Environmental history
K5N85 Environmental law
HC79E5E57 Environmental management (Print cancelled, online available) d
QR100E582 Environmental microbiology (Print cancelled, online available) d
TD169E617 Environmental monit. & assessment (Print cancelled, online available) d
TX341E5 RESERVE Environmental nutrition
QH545A1E53 Environmental pollution (Print cancelled, online available) d
GE1E54 Environmental practice
GE1E55 Environmental reviews
GE170E582 Environmental science & policy (Print cancelled, online available) d
TD1E61 Environmental technology
GE170E6868 Environmental values
TD169T68 Environmentalist (Print cancelled, online available) d
S184A34 Envirotalk
QH98E71 Ergebnisse der Limnologie
QL461E95 Esakia
QL461C25E884 Essig bulletin
QH95.9E85 Estuaries and coasts
QH541.5E8E8 Estuarine coastal and shelf science (Print cancelled, online available) d
SB87E78E842 Ethiopian agri. sample enumeration. Report on the prelim. results of area…
QL750Z45 Ethology (Print cancelled with 2004, online availabel) d
QL1M562 Ethology ecology and evolution
QH506E95 Eukaryotic cell
SD1E9 Eurasian j. of forest research
S590P612 Eurasian soil science
HD1916E876 EuroChoices
QH505A1B473 European biophysics j. w/ biophysics letters (Print cancelled, online avail.) d
QP1A63 European j. of applied physiology (Print cancelled, online available) d
QP501E84 European j. of biochemistry (Print cancelled, online available) d
RC261A1E87 European j. of cancer (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH573C79 European j. of cell biology
QP141A1H93 European j. of clinical nutrition (Print cancelled, online available) d
QP1A335 European j. of endocrinology
QH611A1R5 European j. of histochemistry : EJH
RB155E87 European j. of human genetics (Print cancelled, online available) d
QR184J681 European j. of immunogenetics (Print cancelled, online available) d
QR180E81 European j. of immunology (Print cancelled, online available) d
QL801A34 European j. of morphology (temporarily ceased) d
QP351E97 European j. of neuroscience (Print cancelled, online available) d
TX341Z4 European j. of nutrition (Print cancelled, online available) d
QK564B7 European j. of phycology
QR1P74 Eurpoean j. of protistology
SB599T5 European j. of plant pathology (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH540R47 European j. of soil biology (Print cancelled, online available) d
S590E9 European j. of soil science (Print cancelled, online available) d
HD1401E88 European review of agricultural economics
SH167S17S45 Evaluation of downstream migr. salmon prod. in ... from the Cedar River…
QK533.8E9 Evansia
SD88K4E94 Evergreen 
QH301E82 Evolution
QH359E88 Evolution and development (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH540E96 Evolutionary ecology (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH540E865 Evolutionary ecology research
TD169E92 Exchange
RC1200E941 Reserve Exercise and sport sciences reviews
QL458E9 Experimental and applied acarology (Print cancelled, online available) d
QP86A1E88 Experimental aging research
S3E9 Experimental agriculture
QP1E65 Experimental and clinical endocrinology and diabetes
RB1E95 Experimental and molecular pathology (Print cancelled, online available) d
RB125A1E96 Experimental and toxicologic pathology
QP1S6 Experimental biology and medicine
QH573E8 Experimental cell research (Print cancelled, online available) d
QP351E9 Experimental neurology (Print cancelled, online available) d
QL757A1E48 Experimental parasitology (Print cancelled, online available) d
RB1E97 Experimental pathology and parasitology
QP1Q8 Experimental physiology (Print cancelled, online available) d
f HD1428F23 FAO agricultural policy and economic development series
SH1F3 FAO aquaculture newsletter
SH331A1F2 FAO fisheries report
SB112A1I73 FAO irrigation and drainage paper
S539.5F36 FAO research and technology paper
f- Current 2 yrs only Farm bureau news
HD1785F37 Farm income, financial conditions and government expenditures. Data book
S1F22 Farm journal
HD1525A257 Farm labor
HD1491U5F37 Farmer cooperative statistics
TC921C6 Farmers' newsletter (Large area)
HD9259C5U54 FAS quarterly reference guide to world horticultural trade
QH301F41 FASEB journal
QL289F39 Fauna norvegica. Ser. A., Norwegian fauna except ento. and ornithology 
QL1D79 Faunistische abhandlungen
HD9000.9U5A139 FDA consumer
QP501F4F13 FEBS letters (Print cancelled, online available) d
QK1R4 Feddes repertorium (Print cancelled, online available) d
HD9031A52 Feed situation and outlook yearbook
QR1F3341 FEMS immunology and med. microbiol. (Print cancelled, online available) d
QR1F331 FEMS microbiology ecology (Print cancelled, online available) d
QR1F332 FEMS microbiology letters (Print cancelled, online available) d
QR1F333 FEMS microbiology reviews (Print cancelled, online available) d
QR151F46 FEMS yeast research (Print cancelled, online available) d
QK520B7 Fern gazette
RC889A1F4 Fertility and sterility (Print cancelled, online available) d
S633.3C2F4 Fertilizing materials : tonnage report
Current only Fiddlehead forum
Current 2 yrs only Field notes
QL1F4 Fieldiana. Zoology
SB403F55 Fine gardening
SD421U53 Fire management today
TH9111F575 Fire technology 
SH254E87F5 Fischerei, jahrbuch
SH1F524 Fisheries
SH261F57 Fisheries bulletin (Dublin, Ireland)
SH1F538 Fisheries research (Print cancelled, online available) d
SH254E87F574 Fishing in Europe
SB950A1F58 Fitosanidad
QP34.5F5 Fiziologiia cheloveka
QK1F55 Fiziologiia rastenii
QK1F633 Flora
QK366F52 Flora malesiana bulletin
QK1F45 Flora mediterranea
QK396F6 Flowering plants of Africa
SD401.64M628F6 Focus on seed programs
QH112F65 Folia amazonica
QH301F565 Folia biologica. (Warsaw, Poland)
QL461R68 Folia entomologica Hungarica
QL461F58 Folia entomologica Mexicana
SD1F42 Folia forestalia Polonica. Seria A. Lesnictwo
QK1F674 Folia geobotanica
QL461F65 Folia Heyrovskyana
QH7H5 Folia historico naturalia Musei Matraensis
QH31M45F631 Folia Mendeliana
QR1C36 Folia microbiologica
SD327C9F6 Folia oecologica
QL757A1C4 Folia parasitologica
QE696A1F6 Folia Quaternaria
S13S8Z4 Folia Universitatis Agriculturae Stetinensis
S542V4F4 Fonaiap divulga (title changed) d
TX553A3F65 Food additives and contaminants
GT2860F6 Food and foodways
TX341F58 Food and nutrition bulletin
HV696F6F56 Food assistance landscape
TP368F66 Food biotechnology
TX501F6 Food chemistry (Print cancelled, online available) d
TX359J67 Food, culture & society
TX341F662 Food first news and views
TP453C65F69 Food hydrocolloids (Print cancelled, online available) d
TX388I5F6 Food insects newsletter
QR115F642 Food microbiology
HD9000.6A1F572 Food nutrition and agriculture (ceased with no.34) d
HD9000.6A1F65 Food policy (Print cancelled, online available) d
HD9000.6I54 Food policy statement
TX341F5 Food processing (Bromley, London, England)
TP368F662 Food processing (Chicago, Ill.)
TX341F89 Food reviews international
RA601.5F64 Food safety educator
TX341F68 Food technology
TP368I56 Foodinfo
SB193F62 Forage research
QL671F6 Forest and bird
QK938F6A1F6 Forest ecology and management 
SD399.5F67 Forest genetic resources
SD430F64 Forest harvesting bulletin
f- SD13N48 Forest health and biodiversity news
SB763R62F67 Forest insect and disease conditions in the Rocky Mountain Region
SD1F61 Forest log (title changed) d
SD412F673 Forest magazine
SD1F612 Forest notes
SD538.2A1F67 Forest operations review
SB761A1E87 Forest pathology (Print cancelled, online available) d
SB824C2C2 Forest pest conditions in California
SD566O7B58 Forest plan monitoring and eval. rpt for the Blue Mt forests of E. Oregon
SD561F675 Forest policy and economics (Print cancelled, online available) d
SD1F6137 Forest products journal
SD356.54C3F6 Forest research information paper
SD252F54 Forest research note
SD14O6A3 Forest research report 
SD1F6145 Forest science 
SD11F674 Forest science review
SD428A2C2F64 Forestland steward
SD1F62 Forestry
SD1F63 Forestry chronicle
SD45A297 Forestry Commission bulletin 
SD1F6355 Forests and people 
SD1F61 Forests for Oregon
SB170I5 Forests, trees and livelihoods
SD213S9F6 Forum fur Wissen
QK1F685 Four seasons
TS800F591 FPRDI journal
QL461F67 Fragmenta entomologica
QL1W28 Fragmenta faunistica
QP527J6 Free radical biology and medicine (Print cancelled, online available) d
QP527F7 Free radical research
S590F7 Freiburger bodenkundliche Abhandlungen
QK149A1F7 Fremontia
SF456F7 Freshwater and marine aquarium
QH96A1F8 Freshwater biology (Print cancelled, online available) d
S19F75 Freyr
Current 2 yrs only Friends of Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden
QH540N6 Friends of the earth
SB356.54M42B8 FRIM in focus
QL667F76 Froglog
QH540F76 Frontiers in ecology and the environment
QP187A1F76 Frontiers in neuroendocrinology
S43E29 Frontiers of plant science
SB354F65 Fruit and nut notes
SB354C321 Fruit gardener
f- Current 2 yrs only Fruit growers news
SB354F69 Fruits
QH447F86 Functional and integrative genomics (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH540F97 Functional ecology (Print cancelled, online available) d
QK710A9 Functional plant biology
QH301A65 Fundamental and applied limnology
QK600F86 Fungal diversity
QK600E9 Fungal genetics and biology (Print cancelled, online available) d
QK623F6N43 Fungal genetics newsletter
S441F975 Furrow
g QP310W3G35 Gait and posture (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH198G3G34 Galapagos news
QH198G3N6 Galapagos research
QH465R3G3 Gamma field symposia
QK1G27 Garcia de Orta: Serie de botanica
S15G23 Garcia de Orta: Serie de estudos agronomicos 
QL1G3 Garcia de Orta: Serie de zoologia
SB4R8 The Garden
Current 2 yrs only Gardening suggestions
SB13G3 Gardens' bulletin, Singapore
RC799G3 Gastroenterology
TX1G37 Gastronomica
QL483J3G44 Gekkan mushi
QH426G38 Gene (Print cancelled, online available) d
SB123A1G38 Geneflow
QH450B732 Gene expression patterns : GEP (Print cancelled, online available) d
QK711.2A1F5 General and applied plant physiology
QP187A1G4 General and comparative endocrinology (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH426G39 Genes and development
QH431I23 Genes and genetic systems
QR180G46 Genes and immunity (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH441.5G46 Genes to cells (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH453D4 Genesis (Print cancelled, online available) d
f- TP248.6G47 Genetic engineering news
QH301G4 Genetica (Dordrecht, Netherlands) (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH431A1G45 Genetical research
QH301G43 Genetics
QH426G43 Genetics and breeding
QH426R485 Genetics and molecular biology
QH431A1A562 Genetics, selection, evolution
QH431A1G57 Genetika
RA1224.3G48 Genewatch
QH431A1C3 Genome
QH426P3 Genome research
QH445.2G452 Genomics (Print cancelled, online available) d
QE701G35 Geobios (Print cancelled, online available) d
QK101G34 Geobotanicheskoe kartografirovanie
TR810G4 Geocarto International 
S590G4 Geoderma (Print cancelled, online available) d
QE1P35B82 Geodiversitas
QE755H8A3 Geologica Hungarica. Series palaeontologica
QE75P6 Geological Survey professional paper (Bound on receipt, MANY lacks)
QR1G4 Geomicrobiology journal
RC952A1G5 Gerontology
S379G4G4 Ghana journal of agricultural science
HD1401C25G5 Giannini reporter
QH1G5 Glasgow naturalist
QH21Y8D7G4 Glasnik Odjeljenja prirodnih nauka
SD1A2 Glasnik za sumske pokuse
QH344B582 Global biogeochemical cycles
QC981.8C5G34 Global change biology (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH84G56 Global ecology and biogeography (Print cancelled, online available) d
QC981.8G56T582 Global environment review
QP552G59G54 Glycobiology
QL461G7 Graellsia
QK1G63 Grana
TP670A1S65 Grasas y aceites
SB197G76 Grasslands
HD241A53A6 Grazing statistical summary
QL461M45 Great Lakes entomologist
Current 2 yrs only Great Plains Natural Science Society newsletter
QH104.5R6G73 Greater Yellowstone report 
SB415G813 Greenhouse grower
SB415.5G71 Greenhouse management and production 
SB1G76 Grower talks
SB111A2C162 Growing affinities
SB1G782 Growing points
QH301G7 Growth, development and aging
GC1N64 Gulf of Mexico science
QL671G8 Gull
RC799G972 Gut
h QL640H198 Hamadryad
QH301C273 Harbor transcript
SD359H3H35a Harvard Forest 
QK1H247 Harvard papers in botany
SK331W33 Harvest information program
HJ4191A3H3 Harvest value schedules 
QL386A1H45 Helminthologia
QK1H47 Herbarist
Q3H45 Hercynia
QH301H4 Hereditas (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH301H42 Heredity
QL640H4 Herpetologica
QL640B68a Herpetological bulletin
QL640H415 Herpetological circular
QL640H433 Herpetological journal
QL640H47 Herpetological monograph
QL640H43 Herpetological review
QL640H48 Herpetozoa
QK542.9H4 Herzogia
QK1H49 Hickenia
f- Current 3 yrs only High country news
QK1H535 Hikobia
QH611A1H53 Histochemical journal (Ceased with v.34, online available) d
QH611A1Z4 Histochemistry and cell biology (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH178B9H5 Historia naturalis bulgarica
QE701H57 Historical biology
Q125A1H5 History of science
f- SF221H6 Hoard's dairyman
QK263H63 Hoehnea
QL541H64 Holarctic lepidoptera
TA419A1H6 Holzforschung
SD420.5H66 Home & fire
S539.5H67 Horizonte agroalimentario
QP801H7A1H65 Hormone and metabolic research
QP187A1H641 Hormone research
TP370I2 Hornblower
SB1H6 Horticulture
SB4P72 Horticulturist
SB317.56U6H6 Hortideas
SB1H68 Hortscience
SB450.9H67 Hortus
Current 2 yrs only Hot irons
QH301H8 Human biology
QH541.15C44H8 Human dimensions of wildlife
HM206H8 Human ecology
GF1H86 Human ecology review
QH431A1H85 Human genetics (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH301A335 Human heredity
QR180H85 Human immunology (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH442H863 Human molecular genetics
QP303H851 Human movement science (Print cancelled, online available) d
QP251A1H8 Human reproduction
S227H86 Hungarian agricultural research
QK1H83 Huntia
QH431H93 Hybridoma
QH301H9 Hydrobiologia (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH91A1H9 Hydrobiological journal
i QK647A1I6a IAWA journal
QL671I3 Ibis (Print cancelled, online available) d
QK1G824 Ibugana
S612I613 ICARDA annual report
S612I33 ICARDA caravan
S16I15I83 Icelandic agricultural sciences
GC1I645 ICES journal of marine science (Print cancelled, online available) d
QE720.5I25 Ichnos
QE841I34 Ichthyolith issues
QL624I34 Ichthyological exploration of freshwaters
SH1G91 Ichthyological research (Print cancelled, online available) d
S15I19 Idesia
QK263A1I35 Iheringia. Serie botanica
QL1I35 Iheringia. Serie zoologia
QL55I45 Ilar journal
fSD436I444 Illinois timber prices
QR180I458 Immunity
QR180Z4 Immunobiology
QR184I5 Immunogenetics (Print cancelled, online available) d
QR180S87 Immunologic research
QR180I48 Immunology (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH301A85 Immunology and cell biology
S539.5I47 Impact (Gainesville, Fla.)
S537C3A76 Imperial agricultural briefs
QH1C435  In the field
QH585A1I5 In vitro cellular and developmental biology. Animal
QH585A1I51 In vitro cellular and developmental biology. Plant
QH540I53 Indian j. of ecology
GE190I5I55 Indonesian environmental history newsletter (dropped (lapsed)) d
S3I53 Indonesian j. of agricultural science
QR1I5 Infection and immunity
QH201R63P765 Infocus magazine
SB379B2I5 Infomusa
S15I546  Informacion tecnica economica agraria : ITEA : revista de la Asociacion
SD13I5      Interprofesional para el Desarrollo Agrario
QH77S9I5 Informationsblatt Forschungsbereich Landschaftsokologie
SD79I54 Informationsblatt Forschungsbereich Wald
S192P27I54 Informe da pesquisa
S5C3 Ingenieurs de la vie
S542V4F42 INIA divulga
SD13I56 Innovations : the Canadian Model Forest Network bulletin
QL495I491 Insect biochemistry and molecular biol. (Print cancelled, online available) d
QL493I57 Insect molecular biology (Print cancelled, online available) d
QL461E5641 Insect systematics and evolution
BOUND QL461E5641S8 Insect systematics and evolution. Supplement (Bound on receipt) d
QL461I61 Insecta matsumurana
QL461I57 Insecta mundi
QL461I625 Insectes sociaux (Print cancelled, online available) d
QL482N8I57 Insekt nytt : medlemsblad for Norsk entomologisk forening
Current 2 yrs only Insights (Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.)
S602.5A1I58 Integrated crop management
QL1A52 Integrative and comparative biology
PN48I58 Interdisciplinary studies in literature and environment : ISLE
Q180U5I49 Intermountain j. of sciences
SB351P3I55 International arachis newsletter
QK495L52I58 International chickpea and pigeonpea newsletter
SD1I582 International forestry review
QR180I54 International immunology
QL757A1I57 International j. for parasitology (Print cancelled, online available) d
QP801V5Z4 International j. for vitamin and nutrition research
GV557I58 International j. of applied sports sciences
QP501I593 International j. of biochem. & cell biol. (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH75A1B564 International j. of biodiversity science & management
QH543A1I6 International j. of biometeorology (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH543B57 International j. of biotronics
RC261A1I48 International j. of cancer (Print cancelled, online available)  d
QL951I57 International j. of developmental biology
QP351I48 International j. of devel. neuroscience (Print cancelled, online available) d
RC815.2I57 International j. of eating disorders (Print cancelled, online available) d
RB1B68 International j. of exp. pathology (Print cancelled, online available) d
QR115I57 International j. of food microbiology (Print cancelled, online available) d
TX341J583 International j. of food science & tech. (Print cancelled, online available) d
QP141A1H8  International j. of food sciences and nutrition
QR1Z45   International j. of medical microbiology
QK1B51 International j. of plant sciences
QH652A1I5 International j. of radiation biology
SH1I584 International j. of recirculating aquaculture
G70.4I56 International j. of remote sensing
GB601A1I5 International j. of speleology
RC1200I54 Reserve International j. of sports medicine
QR81.5I55 International j. of systematic and evolutionary microbiology
QL461I68 International j. of tropical insect science 
SD420.5I57 International j. of wildland fire
QH301I5 International review of hydrology (Print cancelled, online available) d
SB191R5A1I5 International rice research notes
SB191S7S72 International sorghum and millets newsletter
TP375I6 International sugar journal
QR355I5 Intervirology
QH201A5 Invertebrate biology
QL364I5 Invertebrate reproduction and development
QL362.5I58 Invertebrate systematics
S540A2I5I5 Investigacion agraria. Sistemas y recursos forestales
S540A2I5I52 Investigacion agraria. Sistemas y recursos forestales. Fuera de serie
S645I16 IPI research topics
SB950A1I2 IPM practioner
SK511I72 Irish fisheries investigations
QH1I72 Irish naturalists' journal
S432.3I86 ISNAR briefing paper
TA593A2P49 ISPRS j. of photogrammetry & remote sens. (Print cancelled, online avail.) d
QL461I8 Israel j. of entomology
QK1I7 Israel j. of plant sciences
QL1I8 Israel j. of zoology
QL138A62 Issledovaniia fauny morei
SD1I689 Istanbul Universitesi Orman Fakultesi Dergisi. Seri A 
QL801A85 Italian j. of anatomy and embryology
QL1B6 Italian j. of zoology
QK101I88 Itinera geobotanica
QP501B528 IUBMB life
QH301A374 Izvestiia Akademii nauk. Seriia biologicheskaia
QH301A34642 Izvestiia Minist. Obrazovaniia i nauki Respub. Kazakhstan...Ser. biol. i med.
SH1V5 Izvestiia TINRO
QL671J3 Jack-pine warbler
j R15A5 JAMA : the journal of the American Medical Association
R97J36 Japanese j. of infectious diseases
QL471J37 Japanese j. of systematic entomology
SB111J57 JIRCAS research highlights
QH301S64 J. de la Societe de biologie
QH541.29Z45 J. for nature conservation
HD1401S67 J. of agricultural and applied economics
S1J68 J. of agricultural and envi. ethics (Print cancelled, online available) d
S583J6 J. of agricultural and food chemistry
S494.5I47J68 J. of agricultural and food information
HD1401W45 J. of agricultural and resource economics
SB818J67 J. of agricultural and urban entomology
S566.55J68 J. of agricultural, biological, and environmental statistics
HD103A5 J. of agricultural economics
S19W4 J. of agricultural research
S3J6 J. of agricultural science (Cambridge, England)
S13B443 J. of agricultural sciences (Belgrade, Serbia)
S9A4 J. of agriculture and environment for international development
SB111A2D4 J. of agriculture and rural development in the tropics and subtropics
S181A4 J. of agriculture of the University of Puerto Rico
S7J6 J. of agronomy and crop science (Print cancelled, online available) d
RC48A1J6 J. of allergy and clinical immunology
QL801J5 J. of anatomy (Print cancelled, online available) d
QL750J56 J. of animal ecology (Print cancelled, online available) d
SF1J6 J. of animal science
RM265J682 J. of antibiotics
RM265J69 J. of antimicrobial chemotherapy
S583A6 J. of AOAC international
QP303A1I57 J. of applied biomechanics
QK1A66 J. of applied botany and food quality
S3J715 J. of applied ecology (Print cancelled, online available) d
QL461Z38 J. of applied entomology (Print cancelled, online available) d
SH1Z4 J. of applied ichthyology (Print cancelled, online available) d
QR1J55 J. of applied microbiology (Print cancelled, online available) d
QP141A1A5 J. of applied nutrition
QK564J687 J. of applied phycology (Print cancelled, online available) d
QP1J68 J. of applied physiology
QL120J68 J. of aquatic animal health
QL451J6 J. of arachnology
QL483A1J68 J. of Asia-Pacific entomology
QL671O561 J. of avian biology (Print cancelled, online available) d
QR1J6 J. of bacteriology
QR1Z35 J. of basic microbiology (Print cancelled, online available) d
R726.5J68 J. of behavioral medicine (Print cancelled, online available) d
QP519.7J68 J. of biochemical & biophysical meth. (Print cancelled, online available) d
QP501J7 J. of biochemistry
QH511A1J68 J. of bioenergetics and biomembranes (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH84A1J6 J. of biogeography (Print cancelled, online available) d
QP501J72 J. of biological chemistry
QH505J66 J. of biological physics (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH527J68 J. of biological rhythms
QH301J6754  J. of biology 
RA409.5A1C65 J. of biomedical informatics (Print cancelled, online available) d
R860A1J68 J. of biomedical science
QP519.9N83J6 J. of biomolecular NMR (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH301J54 J. of biosciences
TP248.3J86 J. of biotechnology (Print cancelled, online available) d
RD701J69 J. of bone and joint surgery (American vol.)
RD701J68 J. of bone and joint surgery (British vol.)
QK534B7 J. of bryology
RB1Z38 J. of cancer res. and clinical oncology (Print cancelled, available online) d
QH573J63 J. of cell biology
QH573J634 J. of cell science
QH611J6 J. of cellular biochemistry (Print cancelled, online available) d
QP1J695 J. of cellular physiology (Print cancelled, online available) d
SB188J86 J. of cereal science (Print cancelled, online available) d
QD1J9261 J. of chemical ecology (Print cancelled, online available) d
QP1J696 J. of clinical endocrinology and metabolism
RB1J59 J. of clinical investigation
QR46J871 J. of clinical microbiology
RC321D5 J. of clinical psychiatry
SB269A1J6 J. of coffee research
QL921J6 J. of comparative neurology (Print cancelled, online available) d
QP1Z471 J. of comparative physiology. A (Print cancelled, available online) d
QP1Z472 J. of comparative physiology. B (Print cancelled, available online) d
QH506J664 J. of computational biology
QL401J75 J. of conchology
QL435A1J68 J. of crustacean biology
QH1J68 J. of East African natural history
QH183J67 J. of ecobiology
QL750J6 J. of ecology (Print cancelled, online available) d
SB599J6 J. of economic entomology
QC373E4A1J6 J. of electron microscopy
QP1J6965 J. of endocrinological investigation
QP1J697 J. of endocrinology
QL461G395J6 J. of entomological science
S946E541 J. of environmental education 
SB1J66 J. of environmental horticulture
HC79E5J6 J. of environmental management (Print cancelled, online available) d
S1J781 J. of environmental quality
TD172J6 J. of environmental science and health. Part A, Toxic/hazardous…
QH545A25J67 J. of environmental science and health. Part B, Pesticides, food…
QP601.5J67 J. of enzyme inhibition and medicinal chemistry
QL1J64 J. of eukaryotic microbiology
QH359J68 J. of evolutionary biology (Print cancelled, online available) d
QL55A1Z4 J. of experimental animal science (ceased) d
QH301J58 J. of experimental biology
QK1J65 J. of experimental botany
QH91A1J6 J. of experimental marine biol. & ecol. (Print cancelled, online available) d
R11J57 J. of experimental medicine
QL1J86 J. of experimental zoology. Part A (Print cancelled, online available) d
QL1J87 J. of experimental zoology. Part B (Print cancelled, online available) d
TX1J7 J. of family and consumer sciences 
QL677.5B5 J. of field ornithology
QL614J65 J. of fish biology (Print cancelled, online available) d
SH1J45 J. of fisheries science and technology
TX501J68 J. of food composition and analysis (Print cancelled, online available) d
TP368J6 J. of food process engineering
TP368J63 J. of food processing and preservation
SF221J67 J. of food protection
TP372.5J65 J. of food quality
TX341F67 J. of food science
TX341J56 J. of food science and nutrition
QL368F6J6 J. of foraminiferal research 
SD393J68 J. of forest economics
SD430J68 J. of forest policy 
SD1.1J37 J. of forest research (Print cancelled, online available) d
SD1.1C42 J. of forest science
SD1J6 J. of forestry
QH541.5F7J6 J. of freshwater ecology
SB354J68 J. of fruit and ornamental plant research
QR1J63 J. of general and applied microbiology
QP1J7 J. of general physiology
SB599J68 J. of general plant pathology
QR360A1J67 J. of general virology
SB123G4 J. of genetics and breeding
QL757A1J5 J. of helminthology
SB351H5J68 J. of herbs, spices, and medicinal plants
S494A2J7 J. of heredity
QL640J68 J. of herpetology
QP501J75 J. of histochemistry and cytochemistry
SB354J6 J. of horticultural science and biotechnology
QH431J564 J. of human genetics (Print cancelled, online available) d
QL563J6 J. of hymenoptera research
QR183J681 J. of immunological methods (Print cancelled, online available) d
QR180J6 J. of immunology
QL496J68 J. of insect behavior (Print cancelled, online available) d
QL461J63 J. of insect physiology (Print cancelled, online available) d
HD9000.1J6 J. of international food and agribusiness marketing
QL461J62 J. of invertebrate pathology (Print cancelled, online available) d
RC633A1R14 J. of leukocyte biology
QH91A1P3 J. of limnology
QP751A1J6 J. of lipid research
QD79C454J65 J. of liquid chromatography and related technologies
QL708.5J68 J. of mammalian evolution (Print cancelled, online available) d
QL1J63 J. of mammalogy
QH323.5J671 J. of mathematical biology (Print cancelled, online available) d
RA639A1J66 J. of medical entomology
QR46A1J68 J. of medical microbiology
RS402J6 J. of medicinal chemistry
QH541.5M44J68 J. of Mediterranean ecology
QH601A1J63 J. of membrane biology (Print cancelled, online available) d
QR65J68 J. of microbiological methods (Print cancelled, online available) d
QE719J65 J. of micropalaeontology
QH201R63 J. of microscopy (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH331A1J67 J. of molecular biology
QP187.3M64J68 J. of molecular endocrinology
QH366A1J681 J. of molecular evolution (Print cancelled, online available) d
QR1J7 J. of molecular microbiology and biotechnology
QL401M3 J. of molluscan studies
QL801J6 J. of morphology (Print cancelled, online available) d
TX556M4J6 J. of muscle foods
QP321J68 J. of muscle research and cell motility (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH1J615 J. of natural history
QH301L55 J. of natural products
S1J861 J. of natural resources and life sciences education (bound on receipt)
QL386A1J685 J. of nematology
RC321A34 J. of neural transmission d
RC321A342 Comes Bound J. of neural transmission. Supplementum
QP351J62 J. of neurobiology (Print cancelled, online available) d
QP351J64 J. of neurochemistry (Print cancelled, online available) d
QP351J65 J. of neurocytology (Print cancelled, online available) d
QP356.4J68 J. of neuroendocrinology (Print cancelled, online available) d
RC321J647 J. of neuropathology and experimental neurology
QP351J66 J. of neurophysiology
QP351J68 J. of neuroscience
QP351J668 J. of neuroscience methods (Print cancelled, online available) d
QP351J67 J. of neuroscience research (Print cancelled, online available) d
SB113.2J687 J. of new seeds
S17I65N4 J. of nuclear agriculture and biology
QP141J75 J. of nutrition
QP141A1J66 J. of nutrition education and behavior
QP141A1N846 J. of nutritional biochemistry (Print cancelled, online available) d
QP801V5A1J6 J. of nutritional science and vitaminology
QL671J7  J. of ornithology (Print cancelled, online available) d
QL506J68 J. of orthoptera research
QE701J6 J. of paleontology
QE993A1J6 J. of palynology 
QL757A1J6 J. of parasitology
QD431A1I35 J. of peptide research (Print cancelled, online available) d
RS1A56 J. of pharmaceutical sciences (Print cancelled, online available) d
RS1J7 J. of pharmacology and experimental therapeutics
RS1J73 J. of pharmacy and pharmacology
QH515J6 J. of photochem. & photobiol.: B, Biol. (Print cancelled, online available) d
QK564J66 J. of phycology (Print cancelled, online available) d
QP1J38 J. of physiological sciences : JPS
QP1J75 J. of physiology (Print cancelled, online available) d
QP1J67 J. of physiology, Paris (Print cancelled, online available) d
SB599P48 J. of phytopathology (Print cancelled, online available) d
QP188P55J6 J. of pineal research (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH90.8P5J68 J. of plankton research
TP248.27P55J6 J. of plant biochemistry and biotechnology
QK1K66 J. of plant biology (Seoul, Korea)
SB599Z4 J. of plant diseases and protection
QK745J68 J. of plant growth regulation (Print cancelled, online available) d
QK867J67 J. of plant nutrition
SB599R552 J. of plant pathology
QK1Z4 J. of plant physiology
SB599P65P7 J. of plant protection research
QK1S739 J. of plant research
QL696F3R3 J. of raptor research
QH603C43J6 J. of receptor and signal transduction research
QL541J65 J. of research on the lepidoptera
QL1B45 J. of rubber research
GC1N48 J. of sea research
BF233J86 J. of sensory studies
QP801S6A1J63 J. of steroid biochemistry & mol. biol. (Print cancelled, online available) d
TX599J6 J. of stored products research (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH573J65 J. of structural biology (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH573J638 J. of submicroscopic cytology and pathology
S494.5S86J6 J. of sustainable agriculture
SD387S87J68 J. of sustainable forestry
QE701J64 J. of systematic palaeontology
QE721.2F6T39 J. of taphonomy
QK1A414J6 J. of the Adelaide Botanic Gardens 
S539G7W3 J. of the Agricultural Society, University College of Wales 
RC620A1J68 J. of the American College of Nutrition
RM214A6 J. of the American Dietetic Association
RC952A1A5 J. of the American Geriatrics Society (Print cancelled, online available) d
SB1A65 J. of the American Society for Horticultural Science
QL520J6 J. of the British Dragonfly Society
R97C45 J. of the Chinese Medical Association : JCMA
QL461E64 J. of the Entomological Society of British Columbia
QL461E67 J. of the Entomological Society of Ontario
S19H6 J. of the Graduate School of Agriculture, Hokkaido University
QH305A1J64 J. of the history of biology (Print cancelled, online available) d
R131A1J65 J. of the history of medicine and allied sciences
TP500I6 J. of the Institute of Brewing
TA419A1I6 J. of the Institute of Wood Science
QL461K3 J. of the Kansas Entomological Society
QL541L4 J. of the Lepidopterists' Soceity
QH301M35 J. of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom
RC321J7 J. of the neurological sciences (Print cancelled, online available) d
QL461N4 J. of the New York Entomological Society 
QL362F88 J. of the North American Benthological Society
Q11E4 J. of the North Carolina Academy of Science
QE701P2965 J. of the Palaeontological Society of India
R35R6 J. of the Royal Society of Medicine
Q1R7J6 J. of the Royal Society of New Zealand
S3J75 J. of the science of food and agriculture (Print cancelled, online available) d
QK1T6 J. of the Torrey Botanical Society
SH182W661 J. of the World Aquaculture Society 
QH301J67 J. of theoretical biology (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH301J674 J. of thermal biology (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH540J68 J. of tropical ecology
SD247J69 J. of tropical forest science
R15N47 J. of urban health
QK901J68 J. of vegetation science
QE741J61 J. of vertebrate paleontology 
QR355J6 J. of virological methods (Print cancelled, online available) d
QR360A1J68 J. of virology
S605R582 J. of water and land development
SF997A1J68 J. of wildlife diseases
SK1J7 J. of wildlife management
SK351J67 J. of wildlife research
QL1Z33 J. of zoological systematics & evol. res. (Print cancelled, online available) d
QL1Z623 J. of zoology
QP86J67 Journals of gerontology. Series A, Biological sciences and medical sciences
QK600K3 Karstenia
S19W832 Kasetsart journal. Natural sciences
H8W834 Kasetsart journal. Social sciences
QL468.2V5a Kat. der wissenschaftlichen Sammlungen des Nat. Mus. in Wien. Ento.
QH1K38 Kaupia
SD436K4K46 Kentucky's growing gold 
QL692K4K45 Kenya birds
GE160E75K47 Keskkond
QK1K5 Kew bulletin
QK1K4 Kew scientist
S13K47 Khoziain
QH1K5 Kirtlandia
S613K55 Knowledge synthesis report
QL1K58 Koedoe
QH301K65 Korean journal of biological sciences
S11L3 Kungl. Skogs- och lantbruksakademiens tidskrift
QK1K84 Kurtziana
l SF405.5L35 Laboratory animals
QH541.5P7L3 Lakarstwo w Polsce
GB1601L27 Lakes and reservoirs (Print cancelled, online available) d
QL461L3 Lambillionea
R31L3 Lancet (Print cancelled, online available) d
HD101L37 Land degradation and development (Print cancelled, online available) d
HD101L3 Land reform, land settlement and cooperatives
SH79A3L3 Land- und Forstwirt., Fischerei. Reihe 4.5, Hochsee- und Kustenfischerei
S494.5S86L36 Landlicher Raum print (online available) d
SB1L353 Landscape & Turf News
QH75A1L35 Landscape ecology (Print cancelled, online available) d
S936W4L3 Landscope
S15L35 Lavoura
Current only Leaflets of the Southern California Botanists
QP408L43 Learning and memory
TP368L3751 Lebensmittel-Wissenschaft und -Tech. (Print cancelled, online available) d
QK1L4 ser.2 Lejeunia. Nouvelle serie
QL560.6T77 Lepidoptera news
SD1L435  Lesnaia promyshlennost
SD1W2 Lesne prace badawcze
SD1L44 Lesnoe khoziaistvo 
SD1L455 Lesovedenie 
QE701L4 Lethaia
QR1L49 Letters in applied microbiology (Print cancelled, online available) d
S15L4 Levante agricola
QK581A1L5 Lichenologist
QH301L466 Life sciences (Print cancelled, online available) d
QK1L516 Lilloa
QH96A1L567 Limnological papers
GC1L5 Limnology and oceanography
QL671C6 Limosa
QK533A1L55 Lindbergia
QK1L541 Linnean
QL461L49 RESERVE Linneana belgica
QP751A1L56 Lipids
SD208U4L5 Lisovyi i myslyvskyi zhurnal
SF13C2L58 Livestock lines
HD9414A3  Livestock slaughter
QL671L572 Living bird
Current 2 yrs only Log trucker
QH1L72 London naturalist
QL671F55 Loon
S67E27 Louisiana agriculture
SB13B8L8  Lucrari stiintifice. Horticultura
S16R75B83L8 Lucrari Stiintifice. Seria A, Agronomie
SD432W447L8 Lumber Price Index
QK1W75 Lundellia
QL700L8 Lutra
SH167T86L9 Lyons Ferry Complex hatchery evaluation
SH348L68 Lyons Ferry Hatchery evaluation, fall chinook salmon ... annual report
m TS800M342  Madera y bosques 
S17M2 Madras agricultural journal
QK1M28 Madrono
S471U7M3 Majallat al-Imarat lil-ulum al-ziraiyah
QL401M277 Malacologia
QL401M282 Malacological review
QL401M187 Malakologiai tajekoztato
SB409A1M3 Malayan orchid review
QH1M265  Malaysian naturalist
SB317P35M3  Mamao em foco
QL700M3 Mammal review (Print cancelled, online available) d
QL1M35 Mammalia
QL 1 Z26 Mammalian biology
QL738.5M359 Mammalian genome (Print cancelled, online available) d
QL700M36 Mammalian species (online only with 2006, last paper issue no.787) d
SB379M2M2 Manga em foco
QL135M37 Mare magnum
QL636A85 Marine and freshwater research
QH91A1M45 Marine biology (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH91A1M3535 Marine biology research
QH541.5S3P8 Marine ecology (Print cancelled, available online) d
QH541.5S3M26 Marine ecology. Progress series
QH143M37 Marine environment and health series
QH541.5S3M28 Marine environmental research (Print cancelled, online available) d
SK361F5 Marine fisheries review 
QL713.2M342 Marine mammal science
QE719A1M3 Marine micropaleontology (Print cancelled, online available) d
GC1M38 Marine science bulletin
SK407A48 Massachusetts wildlife 
SB191M2B43 Maydica
QL505M3 Mayfly newsletter
R15M3 Mayo Clinic Proceedings
HD9410.9U5D469 Meat, poultry, and egg products inspection
QH607A1C4 Mechanisms of development (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH301M42 Meddelelser om Gronland. Bioscience
RA641A7M324 Medical and veteterinary entomology (Print cancelled, online available) d
R131A1M42 Medical history
RC117A1S3 Medical mycology
R11M44 Medicine
RC1200M32 Reserve Medicine and science in sports and exercise
QH540M49 Medio ambiente (Valdivia, Chile)
QL391A6M4 Megadrilogica
QL121M52 Meiofauna marina
SD14Q4A25M4 Memoire de recherche forestiere
QH301I4  Memoires in-8o
QH301K93M4 Memoirs of the Faculty of Science, Kyoto University : Series of biology
QE701M466 Memoirs of the Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum
QH90A1S3 Memoirs of the Graduate School of Fisheries Sciences, Hokkaido University
QP551A1O8M4 Memoirs of the Institute for Protein Research, Osaka University 
QH7S64 Memoranda societatis pro fauna et flora fennica
QK1S575 Memorias da Sociedade Broteriana
QH7S592 Memorias de la Real Sociedad Espanola de Historia Natural
RM739B83 Memorias do Instituto de Butantan
SB13B47 Menara perkebunan
SD79M47 Merkblatt fur die Praxis
QH3M33 Mesogee : bulletin du Museum d'histoire naturelle de Marseille
QL557S6M47 Metamorphosis
QP601M47 Methods (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH585T5T13 Methods in cell science (Print cancelled, online available) d
SB952B75M47 Methyl bromide alternatives
Q65M47 Metode
SD1M387 Metsanduslikud uurimused
QK1M394 Michigan botanist
QR1A15M5 Microbe
QR180M53 Microbes and infection (Print cancelled, online available) d
QR100M5 Microbial ecology (Print cancelled, online available) d
QR171A1M53 Microbial ecology in health and disease
QR175M53 Microbial pathogenesis
QR1C32 Microbiological research
QR1M513 Microbiology  (translation of : Mikrobiologiia)
QR1J64 Microbiology (Reading, England)
QR1J42 Microbiology and immunology
QR1B25 Microbiology and molecular biology review
QR1S7P7 Microbiology today
QH212E4A1M533 Micron (Print cancelled, online available)  d
QE701M52 Micropaleontology
QH201M55 Microscope
QH212E4J68 Microscopy research and technique (Print cancelled, online available) d
QK600M55 Mikologiia i fitopatologiia
QR1M5 Mikrobiologiia
QH201M59 Mikrokosmos
QL684M6N48 Minnesota birding
QL1M68 Miscellanea zoologica Hungarica
QK73S3A3 Missouri botanical garden bulletin
QL1H25 Mitteilungen aus dem Hamburgischen Zoologischen Museum und Institut
QL1B45 Mitteilungen aus dem Museum fur Naturkunde in Berlin. Zoologische Reihe 
SD62B3A3 Mitteilungen aus der Bayerischen Staatsforstverwaltung
SB673A3 Mitteilungen aus der Biol. Bundesanstalt fur Land- und Forstwirtschaft
QL461M51 Mitteilungen der Deutschen Gesell. fur Allgemeine und Angewandte Ento. 
QL461E6939M5 Mitteilungen der Entomologischen Gesellschaft Basel 
SD53A4 Mitteilungen der Forstlichen Bundes-Versuchsanstalt Wien
QL461M82 Mitteilungen der Munchner Entomologischen Gesellschaft
QH5M57 Mitteilungen der Naturforschenden Gesellschaften beider Basel
QL461S3 Mitteilungen der Schweizerischen Entomologischen Gesellschaft
QH5T5 Mittheilungen der Thurgauischen Naturforschenden Gesellschaft
SB354J5 Mitteilungen des Obstbauversuchsringes des Alten Landes…
SD1.1V47 Mitteilungen des Vereins fur Forstliche Standortskunde und Forstpflan.
QL757M5 Molecular & biochemical parasitology (Print cancelled, online available) d
QP501M56 Molecular and cellular biochemistry (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH506M62 Molecular and cellular biology
QP187A1M56 Molecular and cellular endocrinology (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH506A1M585 Molecular biology
QH506M64 Molecular biology and evolution
QH604C445 Molecular biology of the cell
QH506M6641 Molecular biology reports (Print cancelled, online available) d
RC261A1M65 Molecular cancer research
RC270.8M65 Molecular cancer therapeutics
RC268.6M64 Molecular carcinogenesis (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH506M6643 Molecular cell
QH540M66 Molecular ecology (Print cancelled, online available)
QH540M665 Molecular ecology notes (Print cancelled, online available) d
QP187A1M64 Molecular endocrinology
QH301Z35 Molecular genetics and genomics (Print cancelled, online available) d
QR180I47 Molecular immunology (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH601A1M4 Molecular membrane biology
QR74M65 Molecular microbiology (Print cancelled, online available) d
TX341N25 Molecular nutrition & food research (Print cancelled, online available) d
QP901M65 Molecular pharmacology
QH367.5M65 Molecular phylogenetics and evolution
QR351M644 Molecular plant microbe interactions
QH481G35 Molecular reproduction and develop. (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH573M65 Molecules and cells
QH506M68 Molekuliarnaia biologiia
QL401M29J6 Molluscan research
QH1M66 Monographs of the Western North American naturalist
QK231D6M89 Moscosoa
QP303M68  Motor control
QK1M78 Muelleria
SB379B2M8 Musarama
QP321A1M78 Muscle and nerve (Print cancelled, online available) d
SB353A1M8 Mushroom journal
QK617M9 Mushroom news
QK617M92 Mushroom news flash
QH431A1M8 Mutation research (Print cancelled, online available) d
QK600M9 Mycologia
QK600B7 Mycological research
QR1M9 Mycopathologia (Print cancelled, online available) d
QK604.2M92M922 Mycorrhiza (Print cancelled, online available) d
QK600M929 Mycoscience d
QR245M87 Mycoses (Print cancelled, online available) d
QK603.2M91 Mycotaxon
QL737C5M99 Myotis
S542I4M9 Mysore j. of agricultural sciences
QH540.G47 Nachrichten der Gesellschaft fur Okologie
QL461N3 Nachrichtenblatt der Bayerischen Entomologen
S231E43 Nachrichtenblatt des deutschen Pflanzenschutzdienstes
SH332I6 NAGA, the ICLARM quarterly
R97N6 Nagoya j. of medical science
HD1421F36 al-Nashrah al-ihsaiyah li-Munazzamat al-Aghdhiyah wa-al- Ziraah
Current only NASULGC newsline (title changed) d
HG3288N37N7 National bank news review
SD421.3N38 National Fire Plan research and development. Business summary
SB403N37 National gardener
SB481A1N3 National parks
QH87.3N3 National wetlands newsletter
S964U6A1N25 National wildlife
SD387W6N37 National woodlands 
QH7N33 Natura (Milan, Italy)
QE701P25N3 Natura nascosta
S934E8N37 Natura 2000
QH76J68 Natural areas journal 
QH1N3 Natural history
QH1T4 Natural history bulletin of the Siam Society
QH1N19 Natural history research
QH541.15M3N3 Natural resource modeling
Current 2 yrs only Natural resource news
S900N28 Natural resource perspectives
HC103.7N368 Natural resources journal
Q4N16 Naturalia
QH1N492 Naturalist
Q1N2 Nature
n QH573N38 Nature cell biology
QH75A1N38 Nature conservancy
QH1E105 Nature East Africa
QH426N37 Nature genetics
QR180N38 Nature immunology
RB113N37 Nature medicine
QP351N37 Nature neuroscience
RC267N388 Nature reviews. Cancer
QH426N388 Nature reviews. Genetics
QR180N381 Nature reviews. Immunology
QH573N37 Nature reviews. Molecular cell biology
RC321N382 Nature reviews. Neuroscience
QH506N378 Nature structural & molecular biology
S934B6N38 Natureza and conservacao
QH149A1N3 Naturkundliches Jahrbuch der Stadt Linz
SD83N3 Nauka za gorata 
QL401N3 Nautilus
QL391N4A1S6P8 Nematologia Brasileira
QL391N4N452 Nematologia mediterranea
SB998N4A1N4 Nematropica
QH1N575 Nemouria
QL150A1N46 Neotropica
QL461S58A5 Neotropical entomology
QL737P9N37 Neotropical primates
QP211A1N4 Nephron
S3N45 Netherlands j. of agricultural science
QL461N38 Neue entomologische Nachrichten
QP376N47 Neurobiology of aging (Print cancelled, online available) d
RC346N484 Neurobiology of disease (Print cancelled, online available) d
QL750C58 Neurobiology of learning and memory (Print cancelled, online available) d
QP356.3N456 Neurochemical research (Print cancelled, online available) d
QP356.3N48 Neurochemistry international (Print cancelled, online available) d
QP187A1N4 Neuroendocrinology
RC78.7D53N4 NeuroImage (Print cancelled, online available) d
QM451N4 Neurological research
RC321N38 Neurology
QP356.2N4 Neuron
QP364.7N43 Neuropeptides (Print cancelled, online available) d
RC321N439 Neuroreport
QP351N42988 Neuroscience (Print cancelled, online available) d
QL750B5 Neuroscience & biobehavioural reviews (Print cancelled, online available) d
RC321N44 Neuroscience letters (Print cancelled, online available) d
SB354M3 New England fruit meetings
R11N39 New England j. of medicine
SD409A1N4 New forests (Print cancelled, online available) d
HD9757N5N48 New Hampshire forest market report
Current 5 yrs only New Mexico agricultural statistics
QK1N45 New phytologist (Print cancelled, online available) d
QL487A1N49 New Zealand entomologist
QK1N55 New Zealand j. of botany
QH540N472 New Zealand j. of ecology
SD1N44 New Zealand j. of forestry 
SD111N7A271 New Zealand j. of forestry science 
QH91A1N45 New Zealand j. of marine and freshwater research
QL340N4 New Zealand j. of zoology
QH320N45M371 New Zealand natural sciences
f- S946.32C2N49 News from the College of Natural Resources
QK1N597335 News letter of Himalayan botany
QL541L43 News of the Lepidopterists' Society
S1N45 NewsCAST : news from the Council for Agricultural Sci. and Technology
S494.5S86N49 Newsletter for international collaboration
SB123.3N49 Newsletter for the Americas
QL461M624 Newsletter of the Michigan Entomological Society
S473N6N54 Nigerian agricultural journal
SD1N551 Nigerian j. of forestry
SB613N58N5 Nigerian j. of weed science
QL671N115 N.M.O.S. bulletin
SH11A2N73 NOAA fisheries ... report
HD9750.1N66 Non-wood forest products
QK1N572 Nordic j. of botany
SK537D7 Nordic j. of freshwater research
SD1N576 Norsk skogbruk 
QL677.5A1N6 North American bird bander
QL671A734 North American birds
SK361A54 North American j. of aquaculture
SH328N6 North American j. of fisheries management
SK1N61 North Dakota outdoors 
SD1N62 Northern j. of applied forestry
QL1M8 Northwestern naturalist
QL461N65 Norwegian j. of entomology
QL541N6 NOTA lepidopterologica
SD14Q4N6 Note de recherche forestiere 
Current 5 yrs only Noticias paleontologicas
QL671N38 Notornis
QH1.A317 Notulae naturae of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia
QL520N67 Notulae odonatologicae
QL461N81 Nouvelle revue d'entomologie
QH301T68 Nova acta cientifica
QK1N67 Nova hedwigia
SB183N6 Novenytermeles. Crop production
QK1N677 Novitates botanicae
QK96N68 Novon
SB612C2N69 Noxious times
QD433A1N8 Nucleic acids research
HD9044A7B82 Numero estadistico
S631F422 Nutrient Cycling in agroecosystems (Print cancelled, online available) d
QP141A1N866 Nutrition (Burbank, Calif.) (Print cancelled, online available) d
f- Current 2 yrs only Nutrition (Ithaca, N.Y.)
TX341N75 Nutrition action health letter
RA784N82 Nutrition and health
TX341N8696 Nutrition perspectives
TX341N893 Nutrition research newsletter
QP141A1N85 Nutrition reviews
QP141A1N9 Nutrition today
TX341C15 Nutrition week
SB401A3N8 Nutshell
QK1N931 Nuytsia
o SD397O12O25 Oaks 'n folks 
QH5O2 Oberhessische naturwissenschaftliche Zeitschrift
QL671P6N4 Observer
QL1L67 Occasional papers of the Museum of Natural Science / Louisiana State Univ.
QL1M5 Occasional papers of the Museum of Zoology, University of Michigan
QL401H3 Occasional papers on mollusks
GC1O337 Oceanological and hydrobiological studies 
GC1O35 Oceanus
TP670O25 OCL : Oleagineux corps gras lipides
SD1O3 ODI forestry briefing
QL520A1O4 Odonatologica
HD1401A338 OECD agricultural outlook
QH540O3 Oecologia
S1O874 OG
  QL640O34 OGH-aktuell
QH540O5 Oikos (Print cancelled, online available) d
S650.5O478 OMRI update
SK351O5 On the edge
RC268.4O562 Oncogene (Print cancelled, online available) d
RC261A1O5 Oncology
S930A65 Onearth
QH491O571 Ontogenez
QK1O58 Opera botanica
SB409O7 Orchid digest
SB409O69 Orchid review
SB409A1A53 Orchids
SD566O7O744 Oregon forests report
S105E54 Oregon's agricultural progress
QH301O743 Organisms, diversity and evolution
QH325O65 Origins of life & evol. of the biosphere (Print cancelled, online available) d
QL671O68 Ornis fennica
QL671O554 Ornis hungarica
QL671O66 Ornithological science
QL671O6879 Ornithologische beobachter
QL671O69 Ornithologischer anzeiger
QL671O867 Ornitologiia
QK329O77 Orsis
SK1O83 Oryx
QH1O75 Osnabrucker naturwissenschaftliche Mitteilungen
QL671O889 Ostrich
QL737C2O8 Otter raft
SK1C2 Outdoor California
S3O8 Outlook on agriculture
SB950.9P478 Outlooks on pest management
QL737P98P32 Pachyderm
QH75A1P3 Pacific conservation biology
SB1C27 Pacific horticulture
Q1P23 Pacific science
p QL681P3B8 Pacific seabirds
f- Current only Packer
QE901P3 Palaeobotanist
QE500P25 Palaeogeography, palaeoclimatology, palaeoecology
QE701P25 Palaeontographia Italica
QE701P28 Abt. A Palaeontographica. Abt. A, Palaozoologie, Stratigraphie
QE701P28 Abt. B Palaeontographica. Abt. B, Palaophytologie
QE701P294 Palaeontologia Africana
QE701P2945 Palaeontologia Polonica
QE701P2967 Palaeontological Society of Japan special papers
QE701P35 Palaeontology (London) (Print cancelled, online available) d
QE841A1P25 Palaeovertebrata
QE701P325 Palaeoworld
QE701P243 Palaios
QE701P3 Palaontologische Zeitschrift
QE701P2952 Paleobiology
QE701P38 Paleobios
QE701P39 PaleoItalia
QE701P2954 Paleontologia i evolucio
QE701P296 Paleontological journal
QE701P354 Paleontological research
QE701P435 Paleontologicheskii zhurnal
QK1C125 Palm journal
SB299P3P7 Palms
QE841P344 Paludicola
QE993A49a Palynology
SB9509P36 PAN North America
QL461P3 Pan-Pacific entomologist
QL1S227 Papeis avulsos de zoologia
TS1080S658 Paper360
QL757A1P28 Parasitica
QL757A1P3 Parasitology
QL757A1Z42 Parasitology research (Print cancelled, online available) d
QL757A1P44 Parassitologia
QL757A1P47 Parazitologiia
SB481A1P29 Parks
QK261P37 Parodiana
QL671P38 Passenger pigeon
RB1P28 Pathobiology
f- Current 2 yrs only Peach fuzz 
SB351P3P39 Peanut science
S590P4 Pedobiologia
S590P44 Pedosphere (Ceased in paper, online only 2007-) d
QP552P4P467 Peptides (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH301P4 Periodicum biologorum
QK600P47 Persoonia
QH301P46 Perspectives in biology and medicine
QK1P474 Perspectives in plant ecology, evolution and systematics
S15P45 Pesquisa agropecuaria Brasileira
QK1P518 Pesquisas. Botanica 
SB599P43 Pest control
SB950A1P22 Pest control technology
SB951A1P446 Pest management science (Print cancelled, online available) d
SB951P391 Pesticide biochemistry and physiology (Print cancelled, online available) d
SB950.57P47 Pesticidi i fitomedicina
TX341P43 Petits propos culinaires
SB599P45 Pflanzenschutz berichte
SB10P54 Pflanzenschutz nachrichten
QP1P4 Pflugers archiv (Print cancelled, online available) d
RS1P5 Pharmacological reviews
RM1P475 Pharmacology biochemistry & behavior (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH5P4 Philippia
QL461P45 Philippine entomologist
Q41L842 ser.B Philosophical trans. of the Royal Soc. of London. Series B, Biological sci.
QD601A1P5 Photochemistry and photobiology
TA593A2P5 Photogrammetric engineering and remote sensing 
QK882P495 Photosynthesis research (Print cancelled, online available) d
QK564P49 Phycologia
QK564S681 Phycological research (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH505A1P4 Physics in medicine and biology
QK1P53 Physiologia plantarum (Print cancelled, online available) d
QL1P5 Physiological and biochemical zoology
SB599P461 Physiological and molecular plant pathol. (Print cancelled, online avail.) d
QP501P46 Physiological chemistry and physics and medical NMR
QL495A1P45 Physiological entomology (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH426P647 Physiological genomics
QP1P45 Physiological reviews
QP1P495 Physiologist
QP1N481 Physiology
QP351P55 Physiology and behavior (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH7P5 Physis. Secciones A, B, y C
QK861P59 Phytochemical analysis (Print cancelled, online available) d
QK1P537 Phytochemistry (Print cancelled, online available) d
QK1P54 Phytologia
QK1F543 Phytologia Balcanica
SB599P46 Phytoma
QK1P56 Phyton
SB599P464 Phytoparasitica
SB599P5 Phytopathology
SB599P52 Phytopathology news
SB1P45 Phytoprotection
SH401P46 Piscator
QK273P59 Pittieria 
QP281P53 Placenta (Print cancelled, online available) d
SH23P53 Plan to revitalize Canada's Pacific fisheries, progress report
QH320G7N41 Planet earth
QK1P64 Plant and cell physiology
S11P5 Plant and soil (Print cancelled, online available) d
QK1P436 Plant biology
QK1N8 Plant biosystems
SB21A77 Plant Board news
SB183Z4 Plant breeding (Print cancelled, online available) d
QK981P5 Plant cell
QK710P548 Plant cell and environment (Print cancelled, online available) d
QK725P52 Plant cell reports (Print cancelled, online available) d
QK725P53 Plant cell tissue and organ culture (Print cancelled, online available) d
SB623A19 Plant disease
QK1V38 Plant ecology (Print cancelled, online available) d
TX341Q3 Plant foods for human nutrition (Print cancelled, online available) d
SB109A1P5 Plant genetic resources newsletter
QK745P695 Plant growth regulation (Print cancelled, online available) d
QK710P6 Plant journal (Print cancelled, online available) d
QK710P62 Plant molecular biology (Print cancelled, online available) d
QK981P57 Plant molecular biology reporter
SB599P54 Plant pathology (Print cancelled, online available) d
QK1P67 Plant physiology
QK861P55 Plant physiology and biochemistry (Print cancelled, online available) d
QK1S663 Plant press
SB13P53 Plant production science
SB599I52 Plant protection bulletin. India
SB950A1P52 Plant protection news
SB950.3A8P535 Plant protection quarterly
SB695C9A4 Plant protection science
QK710P55 Plant science (Print cancelled, online available) d
QK1P684 Plant science bulletin
S590P53 Plant, soil and environment
QK1O4 Plant systematics and evolution (Print cancelled, online available) d
QK86A1P5 Plant talk (Ceased in print, to become online only) d
QK1P75 Planta
SB1P6 Plants and garden news
SB107P526 Plants and people
SB4N532 Plantsman
QR76.6P55 Plasmid (Print cancelled, online available) d
SB317.65B4P46 Plodovodstvo Respubliki Belarus
QH301P56 PLoS biology (Ceased in print, online only) d
SB377P58 Plum Good News
HD9757A19P3 PNW coast lumber price index
S13P6 Pochvovedenie
S590P641 Pochvoznanie, agrokhimiia i ekologiia
QL104P64 Polar biology (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH84.2S972 Polar bioscience
QK1F73 Polish botanical journal
QH540E489 Polish j. of ecology
QR1A3335 Polish j. of microbiology
HD1790.5Z8P64 Politicas agricolas
S13P65 Poljoprivredna znanstvena smotra
S469E75P65 Pollumajandus
QL461P57 Polskie pismo entomologiczne
QL750R4 Population ecology (Print cancelled, available online) d
QH301P582 Portugaliae acta biologica. Ser. B. Sistematica, ecol., biogeografia e paleo.
QP501P65 Postepy biochemii 
SB129P6 Postharvest biology and technology (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH1P83 Postilla (absorbed into Bulletin (Peabody Museum of Natural History) d
SB211P8E8 Potato research
SF481P579 Poultry fact sheet
QK1K67P7 Prace botaniczne
TP369P6P7 Prace instytutow i laboratoriow badawczych przemyslu spozywczego
S13P69 Prace Komisji Nauk Rolniczych i Komisji Nauk Lesnych
QH96A1P73 Prace limnologiczne (title changed) d
QK51.2P7P73 Prace Ogrodu Botanicznego Uniwersytetu Wroclawskiego
RM214P76 Practice : a practice update publication of Dietitians of Canada
QH540P7 Prairie naturalist
TX599C235 Prepared foods
QK1C4 Preslia
QR1P67 Prikladnaia biokhimiia i mikrobiologiia
QL737P9P67233 Primate conservation
TD171.5R9P68 Prirodopolzovanie
S589.7P76 Problems of ecological security in agriculture
QP82.2C6K7 Problemy kriobiologii
S598P64P7 Problemy zagospodarowania ziem gorskich
Q41L844 ser.b Proceedings. Biological sciences / The Royal Society
QH1A32 Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia
QH1B45 Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington
Q11C29 Proceedings of the California Academy of Sciences
QH1D412 Proceedings of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science
QL625D4 Proceedings of the Desert Fishes Council : the annual symposium
QL461E69 Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington
QH301E42 Proceedings of the Estonian Academy of Sciences. Biology, ecology 
QL461H35 Proceedings of the Hawaiian Entomological Society
QH301P76 Proceedings of the Indian National Science Academy
QH301N37 Proceedings of the Indian National Science Academy. Part B, Biological sciences
QH1L68 Proceedings of the Linnean Society of New South Wales
Q11N26 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
QP141A1N87 Proceedings of the Nutrition Society
  QH1P284 Proceedings of the San Diego Society of Natural History
QL605A1W4 Proceedings of the Western Foundation of Vertebrate Zoology
QH505A1P76 Progress in biophysics and molec. biol. (Print cancelled, online available) d
QD301H57 Progress in lipid research (Print cancelled, online available) d
QP356P731 Progress in neurobiology (Print cancelled, online available) d
SB950A2I53 Progress in plant protection
QP551P695818 Protein expression and purification (Print cancelled, online available) d
QD431A1P7 Proteins (Print cancelled, online available) d
QP551P7565 Proteomics
QL1A66 Protist
QL461P85 Psyche
QL671P8 Ptaki slaska
QK520P975 Pteridologist
LB2300N21 Public voice
QH1S345P8 Publicaciones ocasionales del Museo Nacional de Historia Natural
QH117P82 Publicacoes avulsas do Instituto Pau Brasil de Historia Natural
Q4P838 Publicatio UEPG. Ciencias exatas e da terra
S540A1U5P8 Publications and patents of the Nat'l Center for Agri. Util. Res., Peoria, IL
SD13I542 Publications digest
QH91A1K9 Publications of the Seto Marine Biological Laboratory
QH95.1A12P8 Publikatsii Instituta biologii moria
TS1080P15 Pulp and paper 
TS1171F6W6 Pulp and paper capacities
TS1080P77 Pulp and paper international 
QL1P82 Punjab University j. of zoology
QL696G27T352 Quail call
QK1Q46 Quarterly bulletin of the North American Lily Society, Inc
QH301Q7 Quarterly review of biology
SD269Q43 Quebracho
QH1Q4 Queensland naturalist
QH201Q4 Quekett j. of microscopy
QH505A1B57 Radiation and environmental biophysics (Print cancelled, online available) d
r QC770R3 Radiation research
QH652A1R35 Radiatsionnaia biologiia. Radioekologiia
HD9757A5A1R3 Random lengths 
SD1R3 Random lengths international
SD427G8J7 Rangeland ecology & management
SF85R34 Rangelands 
S470A1R282 RAP bulletin (dropped (lapsed)) d
SD255C43R3 Rapport d'information LAU-X
SD69N6R3 Rapport fra Skogforskningen
QK374R25 Rasteniia Tsentralnoi Azii
QK321R37 Rastitelnost Rossii
SB108A1R3 Rastitelnye resursy
QL83.4R44 Re-Introduction News
Current only Recent publications of the Pacific Northwest Research Station
S604.8R42 Reclamation newsletter
QH1A85 Records of the Australian Museum
QH1C32 Records of the Canterbury Museum
  QH197W4 Records of the Western Australian Museum and Art Gallery
QL84.24R42 Recovery
QL461R35 Redia
S537W85 Reflections
QL638S35R44 Regional tuna bulletin
QD431A1R4 Regulatory peptides (Print cancelled, online available) d
QL461R353 Reichenbachia
QK1R36 Reinwardtia
QH541.15R4A1R45 Remote sensing of environment 
SD193R46 Rendez-vous techniques
S605.5A5  Renewable agriculture and food systems 
SD1R345 Renewable resources journal 
QK96R41 Repertorium plantarium succulentarum
S13R47 Report on agriculture and food sektor in the Slovak
SD391R47 Report on forestry in the Slovak Republic …
Current 2 yrs only Reporter / National Farmers Organization
QH359R46 Reports of the national center for science education
QP251R44 Reproduction
QP251A1R3 Reproduction fertility and development
SF515R47 Reptiles
SH315S7R47 Research highlights
S671C45 Research in agricultural engineering
QR1A55 Research in microbiology (Print cancelled, online available) d
S67R47 Research information sheet / LSU Ag Center
SK351R42 Research update
HC103.7A1R14 Resources
QP121A1R4 Respiratory physiology & neurobiology (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH541.15R45R515 Restoration ecology (Print cancelled, online available) d
SH334R48 Review of fisheries in OECD countries
QE901R38 Review of palaeobotany and palynology 
SH1R48 Reviews in fish biology and fisheries (Print cancelled, online available) d
S494.5D6A8a Revista AIBDA
SD356.54B6R48 Revista arvore 
QH301R427 Revista biologia. (Havana, Cuba)
QL461R3626 Revista brasileira de entomologia
SB269R4 Revista cafetera de Colombia
S15C4 Revista Ceres
SD147R493 Revista Chapingo. Serie Ciencias forestales y del ambiente
SB13R492 Revista Chapingo. Serie Horticultura
S760M6R482 Revista Chapingo. Serie Ingenieria agropecuaria
GB618.16R483 Revista Chapingo. Serie Zonas aridas
QL461R363 Revista chilena de entomologia
QH7.5R4 Revista chilena de historia natural
S15R406 Revista de agricultura
QH301R3416 Revista de biologia
QH301R342 Revista de biologia marina y oceanografia
S15R454 Revista de ciencias agricolas
SH1R49 Revista de ictiologia
SH45R5 Revista de investigacion y desarrollo pesquero
S539.5R4 Revista de investigaciones agropecuarias
QH91A1R4 Revista de investigaciones marinas
S539V4 Revista de la Facultad de Agronomia (Universidad Central de Venezuela)
S15R46 Revista de la Facultad de Agronomia (Universidad Nacional de la Pampa)
QL461S47 Revista de la Sociedad Entomologica Argentina
SB95.3C8R4 Revista de proteccion vegetal
QK1R421 Revista del Jardin Botanico Nacional
QH113R485 Revista del Museo Argentino de Ciencias Naturales
QR1S32 Revista do instituto Adolfo lutz
QL658S7R48 Revista espanola de herpetologia
QE719A1R4 Revista Espanola de Micropaleontologia
QE755S6R4 Revista Espanola de Paleontologia
S15C7 Revista, Facultad Nacional de Agronomia
SD39R4 Revista forestal del Peru
SD1R355 Revista forestal venezolana
S15R43 Revista industrial y agricola
QH107R485 Revista mexicana de biodiversidad
QH301R485  Revista peruana de biologia
QL461R3675 Revista peruana de entomologia
QK1R443 Revue de cytologie et de biologie vegetales
QH3R47 Revue de la physiophile
QE701R46 Revue de micropaleontologie
QE701R48 Revue de paleobiologie
QH3S76 Revue d'ecologie
QL461R4531 Revue francaise d'entomologie
QL1R352 Revue roumaine de biologie. Serie de biologie animale
QK1R482 Revue roumaine de biologie. Serie de biologie vegetale
S5R55 Revue suisse d'agriculture
SB387R47 Revue suisse de viticulture, arboriculture, horticulture
QL1R36 Revue suisse de zoologie
QK1R5 Rhodora
QL677.5A1R55 Ring 
QL698.9R5 Ringing and migration
QH3R5 Riviera scientifique
QH301R5 Rivista di biologia. Biology forum
SB354R5 Rivista di frutticoltura e di ortofloicoltura
QP623R56 RNA
SD432W46A357 Roadmap for sustainability / Weyerhaeuser Company
QK475P651 Rocznik dendrologiczny 
HD1995.7R6 Roczniki nauk rolniczych. Seria G, Ekonomiki rolnictwa
QK1R64 Rodriguesia
QP1F5 Rossiiskii fiziologicheskii zhurnal imeni I.M. Sechenova
S465R67 Rostocker agrar- und umweltwissenschaftliche Beitrage
HD1491U5A3 Rural cooperatives
HT401R78 Rural sociologist
HT401R84 Rural sociology
QH77R8R87 Russian conservation news
QL461R87 Russian entomological journal
QH540E32 Russian j. of ecology
QL640R88 Russian j. of herpetology
QK1P675 Russian j. of plant physiology
QK1R683 Rustaniha
s SB354S24 SA fruit journal
TP248.13S2 SAAS bulletin, biochemistry and biotechnology
QK46.5D58S32 SABONET news
QL640S3 Salamandra
QL700S3 Saugetierkundliche mitteilungen
QL640S25 Sauria
QL640A45 RESERVE Sauria suppl.
QH7P6 Sbornik Narodniho muzea v Praze. Rada B, Prirodni vedy
SD217S34S26 Scandinavian j. of forest research
QR180S331 Scandinavian j. of immunology (Print cancelled, online available) d
Current only Schedule of projects for the Ochoco and Deschutes National Forests…
LB3475A1S3 School foodservice and nutrition
SD1P38R42 School of Forest Resources biennial report
S7K5 Schriftenreihe der Agrar- und Ernahrungswissenschaft. Fakul. der Univ. Kiel
SD1S3 Schweizerische Zeitschrift fur das Forstwesen
Q1S33 Science
SD356.52A13S35 Science findings
QH301S38 Science in China. Series C, Life sciences
RA565S365 Science of the total environment (Print cancelled, online available) d
Q77S44 Science reports of the Tohoku University
SD387E58S38 Science update / Pacific Northwest Research Station
Q1S332 Science watch
S192P37R42 Scientia agraria
S15S3 Scientia agricola
S13Z358 Scientia agriculturae bohemica
SD1I41a Scientia forestalis
T1S5 RESERVE Scientific american
TX341S12 SCN news
SB354.6U6S37 Scoop on fruits and nuts in Stanislaus County
QL692E2S36 Scopus
S459A64 Scottish agricultural census summary sheets by geographical area
QH301S39 Scripta. Biology
Current 2 yrs only Sea Grant fisheries
Current 2 yrs only Sea Grant news
QK570.2S43 Seaweed research and utilisation
SD401.64M628S44 Seed info
SB117A1S4 Seed science and technology
SB113.2S43 Seed science research
SB113.2J6 Seed technology
SB1S3 Seed world
SD111N5E58 Seeing / State Forests of New South Wales
S590S44 Seesoil
QK1S2721 Selbyana
QL331K39S4 Selevinia
QK1S46 Sellowia
QH359S44a Seminario sulla evoluzione biologica e i grandi problemi della biologia
QH573S41 Seminars in cell and dev. biology (Print cancelled, online available) d
QR180S45 Seminars in immunology (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH5S372 Senckenbergiana biologica
QE701S35 Senckenbergiana lethaea
QH301U6P7 Seria Biologia
S192S3S47 Serie pesquisa APTA. Boletim cientifico
QK827S39 Sexual plant reproduction (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH540S53 Sibirskii ekologicheskii zhurnal
QK1S5 SIDA, contributions to botany
F868S5S5 Sierra
QK332S54  Silva Balcanica
SD1S85 Silva fennica
QH21C94S55 Silva Gabreta. Supplementum
SD1S435 Silvae genetica 
HD9240.4U55 Situation and outlook report. Fruit and tree nuts
HD9131A3 Situation and outlook report. Tobacco
HD9074S58 Situation and outlook yearbook. Cotton and wool
SB446.55F56 Situation and outlook yearbook. Floriculture and nursery crops
HD9066A1R55 Situation and outlook yearbook. Rice
HD9104S892 Situation and outlook yearbook. Sugar and sweetener
HD9220U6A3 Situation and outlook yearbook. Vegetables and melons
QH5G4 Sitzungs-berichte der Gesellschaft naturforschender Freunde zu Berlin
SD1S475 Skogeieren 
SD77A38 Skogsstatistisk arsbok 
SD69A76 Skogstatistikk
S560U58a Small farm news
QK1S27471 Smithsonian contributions to botany BOUND ON RECEIPT
QE701S365  Smithsonian contributions to paleobiology
QL1S45 Smithsonian contributions to zoology
QL666O6S6 Snake
HQ750A1E745 Social biology
HC10S625 Society and natural resources
QH75A1S614 Society for Conservation Biology newsletter
QH301S7621 Sociobiology
S590S5771 Soil biology and biochemistry (Print cancelled, online available) d
S590S6 Soil science
S631S62 Soil science and plant nutrition
S590S65 Soil Science Society of America journal
S590S696 Soil use and management
QH426S6 Somatic cell and molecular genetics (Print cancelled, online available) d
GN49S6 Somatosensory and motor research
SH315S7S597 South African commercial fisheries review
TP369S6S68 South African food review
QK1J66 South African j. of botany
RM214S68 South African j. of clinical nutrition : SAJCN
S590S75 South African j. of plant and soil
SK575S5S691a South African j. of wildlife research
R98S63 South African medical journal
QL671S6 South Australian ornithologist
QH301A14 South Pacific study
QH1M427 Southeastern biology
SD1S69 Southern African forestry journal
SD144A15S58 Southern j. of applied forestry 
QL461S799 Southwestern entomologist
QL461S799 suppl Southwestern entomologist. Supplement (ceased) d
QH1S56 Southwestern naturalist
SB320I56 Spanish journal of agricultural research
QL352S643 Species diversity
SB306I5S65 Spice India
QK321A54 Spisok rastenii Gerbariia flory Rossii i sopredelnykh gosudarstv
QL352S68 Spixiana
RC1210S67 RESERVE Sports medicine    (Unbound issues shelved on Reserve)
SD391S67 Sprava o lesnom hospodarstve v Slovenskej republike …
RC582.2S6 Springer seminars in immunopathology (Print cancelled, online available) d
HD9235P6S68 Spudman
SB271T4 Sri Lanka j. of tea science
K3581.2S8 Stanford environmental law journal
SB193A1S7 Stanislaus forage farmer
S539G7S72 Stapledon Society bulletin
SD144C2C35a State forests research and demonstration
HD9000.1S73 The state of agricultural commodity markets
SD145S82 State of Canada's forests
HD9018D44S7 State of food insecurity in the world
SH331S738 State of world fisheries and aquaculture
SD432W395 Statistical yearbook of the western lumber industry
HD2031S35 Statistische Schriften
QL1S778 Steenstrupia
QH607I49 Stem cells
QD341S15A1S75 Steroids (Print cancelled, online available) d
HD9259S83S77 Strawberry review
QP551F65 Structure (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH301S814 Studi trentini di scienze naturali. Acta biologica
QK1S9328 Studia botanica
QK1F72 Studia botanica hungarica
QL531S78 Studia dipterologica
QK281S88 Studia geobotanica
QH301C465 Studia Universitatis Babes-Bolyai. Biologia.
QL1B422 Studies on neotropical fauna and environment
QH301S817 Stuttgarter Beitrage zur Naturkunde. Serie A. Biologie d
QE1S935 Stuttgarter Beitrage zur Naturkunde. Serie B. Geologie und palaontologie
QH5S82 Stuttgarter Beitrage zur Naturkunde. Serie C. Wissen fur alle
SB1R56 Subtropical plant science (Ceased in print with 2004, online only 2005-) d
S1S8 Successful farming
HD9100.1S6 Sugar journal
SB215S82 Sugarbeet
SH559S8 Summary of results, bass and walleye fishing contests held in Washington
SH681S86 Summary report of warmwater volunteer angler diaries
SK1S88 Suomen riista
S451C2S85 Sustainable agriculture
QH75A1S877 Sustainable humanosphere
QK1S8 Svensk botanisk tidskrift
QH75S82 Sveriges natur
SK1S95 Swara
SD77S94 Swedish forest industry : facts and figures
QK600S8 Sydowia
QH1S84 Syllogeus
SD1S89 Sylwan 
QH548S92 Symbiosis
QP364S92 Synapse (Print cancelled, online available) d
QL458S97 Systematic and applied acarology
QR1Z41 Systematic and applied microbiology
QL1S95 Systematic biology
QK95S971 Systematic botany
QL461S983 Systematic entomology (Print cancelled, online available) d
QL757S94 Systematic parasitology (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH541.15B56S97 Systematics and biodiversity
QK1B83 Systematics and geography of plants
QK1T283 Taiwania
QH540T355 Tall timbers news
SD1T26 Tanzania j. of forestry and nature conservation
TS1080T282 Tappi journal
QK1T35 Taxon
SD388.5T4 TD news
TX343T4 Tea and coffee trade journal
S469E7T3T4 Teadustoode kogumik
JZ510301U54 Technology policy briefs
SD387I57T43 Technology transfer notes
SD81A695 Teknik bulten serisi 
QH87.5T4 Telma
QK1T42 Telopea
QL728R8T45 Teriologicheskie issledovaniia
GE198C2T47 Terrain
QH545A25T47 Tests of agrochemicals and cultivars
QL332.3T47 Tethys aqua zoological research
QL461T48 Tethys entomological research
QL691K3T47 Tethys ornithological research
QL507J3T48 Tettigonia
QH212E4T485 Texas journal of microscopy
SD1T423  TFD review
SD97T4T43 Thai j. of forestry 
QK1T47 Thaiszia
QH91A1T45 Thalassas
S494A2Z77 Theoretical and applied genetics (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH301T546 Theoretical population biology (Print cancelled, online available) d
S193I51 Tierra Adentro
QL81.5T5 Tigerpaper
QL461T5 Tijdschrift voor entomologie
SD254C19T5 Timber
TS1171P857 Timber harvesting 
HD9751T54 Timber supply and demand
SD538.2P3T5 Timber/west
SD1T57 Tiroler Forstdienst
QH301T57 Tiscia
QH573T56 Tissue and cell (Print cancelled, online available) d
QR180T5 Tissue antigens (Print cancelled, online available) d
TX335A1T6 Today's consumer
HQ555C2T6 Today's families
SB354O43 Today's grower
S19T57 Tohoku j. of agricultural research
S471J3T62 Tohoku Nogyo Kenkyu Senta kenkyu hokoku
HD1491C3T67 Topics in subtropics newsletter
RA1190T691 Toxicology (Print cancelled, online available) d
QP631A1T6 Toxicon (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH509T66 Traffic (Print cancelled, online available) d
QL81.5T76 Traffic bulletin
S530T71 Training for agriculture and rural development
QP501B533T7 Transactions (Biochemical Society (Great Britain))
QL461A5 Transactions of the American Entomological Society
SH1A5 Transactions of the American Fisheries Sociey
S671A62 Transactions of the ASABE
Q93A4 Transactions of the Royal Society of South Australia, Incorporated
SK351.C3 Transactions of the Western Section of the Wildlife Society
QH76.5C2N2 Transect
R11J6 Translational research
QP89A1T69 Transplantation
RD120.7T68 Transplantation proceedings (Print cancelled, online available) d
SB763C2T74 Tree notes
QK477.2P59T7 Tree physiology
SD401U47 Tree planters' notes
QK475T7  Tree-ring research
QK475T79 Trees, structure and function 
QH345T76 Trends in biochemical sciences (Print cancelled, online available) d
TP248.3T79 Trends in biotechnology (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH573T74 Trends in cell biology (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH366A1T7 Trends in ecology and evolution
RC648A1T73 Trends in endocrinology & metabolism (Print cancelled, online available) d
TP368T741 Trends in food science and technology (Print cancelled, online available) d
QH426T5 Trends in genetics (Print cancelled, online available) d
QR180I484 Trends in immunology (Print cancelled, online available) d
QR1T742 Trends in microbiology (Print cancelled, online available) d
QP351T7 Trends in neurosciences (Print cancelled, online available) d
RM300T741 Trends in pharmacological sciences (Print cancelled, online available) d
QK1T742 Trends in plant science (Print cancelled, online available) d
QL1T7 Treubia
S17T68 Tropical agriculture
QH75A1T76 Tropical biodiversity 
QH68A2T75 Tropical fish hobbyist
QH96A1T76 Tropical freshwater biology
SB183T85 Tropical grasslands
QL560.6T76 Tropical lepidoptera
SD247T19 Tropical resources
SB111A2L6 Tropical science
QL1T76 Tropical zoology
QL461R77 Trudy Russkogo entomologicheskogo obshchestva
QH573T75 Tsitologiia
QH540T77 TTRS research notes
SH167S17T83 Tucannon River Spring Chinook Salmon Hatchery Evaluation Program ...
TX341T83 Tufts University health and nutrition letter
f- Current 2 yrs only Tulare County Farm Bureau news
RC261A1O48 Tumor biology
SH351T8T86 Tuna fisheries assessment report   
SH351T8T863 Tuna fishery yearbook
QK1T855 Turk botanik dergisi
QL1T96 Turk zooloji dergisi
QH301D64 Turkish j. of biology
S315T3 Turktarim
QL666C5T86 Turtle and tortoise newsletter
S31T84 Tuskegee horizons
SB271A1T9 Two and a bud
u Current only UC Davis magazine
SB950.2C2U55a UC IPM update
QL1C3 UC Publications in zoology
QP501B58 Ukrainskyi biokhimichnyi zhurnal
QH201U5 Ultramicroscopy (Print cancelled, online available) d
SD1U48 Unasylva 
SD356.52A4U53 Under the canopy
QH91A1U55 Underwater naturalist
QE701K335 University of Kansas paleontological contributions 
QL737C27I56 Ursus
f- Current 2 yrs only US water news
QP1U76 Uspekhi fiziologicheskikh nauk
QH301U77 Uspekhi sovremennoi biologii
QL671U8 Utah birds
S1F216 Utah science
QH301U9 Uzbekiston biologiia zhurnali
v Current 2 yrs only Vegetable growers news
Current 2 yrs only Vegetarian voice
QK900V4 Vegetation history and archaeobotany (Print cancelled, online available) d
QK1B523 Veld and flora
QL401V45 Veliger
QH5Z65 Verhandlungen der Zoologisch-Botanischen Gesellschaft in Osterreich
QK1B551 Verhandlungen des Botanischen Vereins von Berlin und Brandenburg
S13V473 Vestnik Belorusskoi gosudarstvennoi selskokhoziaistvennoi Akademii
TD169V47 Vestnik ekologii, lesovedeniia i landshaftovedeniia
QH301M6733V4 Vestnik Moskovskogo universiteta. Seriia 16, Biologiia
S590M63V4 Vestnik Moskovskogo universiteta. Seriia 17, Pochvovedenie
S13V479 Vestnik selskokhoziaistvennoi nauki Kazakhstana
QK86A1V47 Vestnik zashchity rastenii
QL1V431 Vestnik zoologii
QH301A3794 Vestsi Akademii navuk Belarusi. Seryia biialahichnykh navuk
SK351V53 Vida silvestre neotropical
QK495B76V53 Vidalia
QH540V6561 Vie et milieu
RC114.5V57 Viral immunology
GC1000M37 Virginia marine resource bulletin
QR360A1V5 Virology (Print cancelled, online available) d
QR375V6 Virus research (Print cancelled, online available) d
SB354.6Y8J8 Vocarstvo
QL614V66 Voprosy ikhtiologii
RM171A1V69 Vox sanguinis (Print cancelled, online available) d
w S1W3 Wallaces farmer
SB1A7 Washington Park Arboretum bulletin
SD12W3 Washington timber harvest
TD172W3 Water air and soil pollution
GB2425C2A3 Water conditions in California
QL671C65 Waterbirds
QH541.5F7W38 Watershed (ceased) d
QK1W35 Watsonia
QK3W5 Webbia 
SB611A1W36 Weed research (Print cancelled, online available) d
SB611A1W4 Weed science
SB610W39 Weed technology
R35W42 Wellcome news
QP144F85W45 Wellness foods
SB435.52W47I57 Western arborist 
QL683W4W4 Western birds
S1U7 Western farmer-stockman
HD9247C2C43 Western fruit grower
HD9220U63C28 Western grower and shipper
SD1W37 Western journal of applied forestry
SD432W447W48 Western lumber facts
QH1G7 Western North American naturalist
QH75A1W47 Wetlands (Wilmington, N.C.)
QH87.3W45 Wetlands (Ottawa, Ont.)
QH540E49 Wiadomosci ekologiczne
SK435W54 Wild Ohio (dropped (lapsed)) d
SH222W3W45 Wild salmon production and survival evaluation : annual performance report
QH1W55 Wilderness
Current 3 yrs only Wilderness record 
QH76W64 Wilderness Society's member newsletter
SD420.5H68 Wildfire
SD421C2A3 Wildfire activity statistics 
SD421.3W5 Wildfire news and notes
SD420.5W45 Wildland firefighter health and safety report
QL338A1W54 Wildlife Australia
SK351W663 Wildlife biology
QL1N45 Wildlife conservation
QL1W48 Wildlife monographs
SK577A85 Wildlife research
SK1W53B8 Wildlife Society bulletin 
QK1W54 Willdenowia
QL671W54 Wilson j. of ornithology
SB387W5 Wines and vines
QL671W72 Wing span (Melbourne, Vic.)
QL451W56 Wings
QL696F3W55 Wingspan (Boise, Idaho)
QL681W85 Winter bird highlights
S605.2P7W63 Woda, srodowisko, obszary wiejskie
TS800W66 Wood and fiber science
KF1750A15W6 Woodland report 
QH1I59 World conservation
QR1M435 World j. of microbiology & biotech. (Print cancelled, online available) d
QK658A1W6 World pollen and spore flora
S590W8 World soil resources reports
SB273A1W6 World tobacco
HC79E5W7 World watch
x QP909X441 Xenobiotica
y QL541Y33 Yadoriga
QH541.2Y35 Yale environmental news
SD11U5N679 Year in forestry : State and Private Forestry in the Northeastern Area
QR151Y4 Yeast
SD1Y44 YFF review
QL555G7Y67 Yorkshire lepidoptera
QL676.57G7R37 Yorkshire rare and scarce birds report
QH105C2Y6 Yosemite
z SB599Z325 Zashchita i Karantin Rastenii
SB599Z35 Zastita Bilja. Plant protection
SD83S6I55Z2 Zbornik gozdarstva in lesarstva
QH7P65 Zbornik slovenskeho narodneho muzea. Prirodne vedy
QK600Z4 Zeitschrift fur mykologie
Q3Z386 sect.C Zeitschrift fur Naturforschung. C, Journal of biosciences.
S631Z4 Zeitschrift fur Pflanzenern. und Boden. (Print cancelled, online available) d
S13Z385 Zemedelie Plius
HD101C9 Zemedelska ekonomika
S269L78Z53 Zemes ukio mokslai
S590Z4 Zemljiste i biljka
QE701Z4 Zentralblatt fur Geologie und Palaontologie. Teil II.
SB354Z48 Zeszyty naukowe Instytutu Sadownictwa i Kwiaciarstwa w Skierniewicach
QP501Z48 Zhurnal evoliutsionnoi biokhimii i fiziologii
QH301Z55 Zhurnal obshchei biologii
QP351Z6 Zhurnal vysshei nervnoi deiatelnosti imeni I.P. Pavlova
S3R5 Zimbabwe j. of agricultural research
QE1M9 Zitteliana
SB320Z6Z6 Zoldsegtermesztesi Kutato Intezet bulletinje
QL77.5Z66 Zoo biology (Print cancelled, online available) d
QL1Z6 Zoologica
QL293Z66 Zoologica baetica
QL1A5521 Zoologica scripta (Print cancelled, online available) d
QL1L5 Zoological j. of the Linnean Society (Print cancelled, online available) d
QL1Z743 Zoological science
QL1A14 Zoological Studies
QL1Z648 Zoologicheskii zhurnal
QL1D78 Zoologische abhandlungen
QL1L45 Zoologische mededelingen
QL1L46 Zoologische verhandelingen (CEASED with no.350) d
QL1Z67 Zoologischer anzeiger
QL1Z667 Zoology
QL334M53Z66 Zoology in the Middle East
QL801Z4412 Zoomorphology (Print cancelled, online available) d
QL1Z8 Zoonooz
QL1P35B82 Zoosystema
QL1Z95 Zootaxa
QK339C8C48a Zpravy Ceske botanicke spolecnosti
SD83C8Z67 Zpravy lesnickeho vyzkumu