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Technical Services Council

Disbanded and replaced by the Cataloging & Metadata Council (March 2011)

The Technical Services Council is one of five functional councils within the Library. For more information on the structure of library councils, see the Library Organization Chart.

The Technical Services Council advises the AUL and Director of Technical Services and technical services units on standards, policies and procedures. The Council also serves as a two-way communication link between technical services units and the rest of the Library. Issues arising in the Technical Services Council may be decided within the Council or taken to Roundtable, Cabinet or Administrative Group depending on the nature of the issue and its impact on the Library.


  1. Advise the AUL and Director of Technical Services and technical services units on standards, policies and procedures affecting OskiCat, and other appropriate finding aids maintained by the Library
  2. Raise issues and problems with existing standards, policies and procedures and recommend solutions
  3. Review, evaluate and implement new national, UC-wide and local standards, policies and procedures
  4. Respond to requests and problems identified by internal and external customers of Technical Services, such as Library administration, patrons, staff and the other councils
  5. Communicate with all staff about technical services issues
  6. Review the Technical Services Training Program and the Technical Services Performance Standards
  7. Identify needs in the subject specialty libraries and self-cataloging units and respond appropriately
  8. Advise and communicate with the Council's two subcommittees, BTECH and the Cataloging Consortium
  9. Maintain and make available librarywide technical services documentation such as the Berkeley Processing Manual (BPM).

The goals for membership are : two representatives from each Subject Council, with at least one of the representatives from each Subject Council being a library assistant; a Systems Office representative; a central Technical Services representative; an NRLF representative; an Affiliated Library representative; and the AUL and Director of Technical Services. Total standing members: 11.

Armanda Barone, Head, Original Cataloging Division
Cheryl Cook, Head of Acquisitions

Randy Brandt, Bancroft Library (ex officio)
John Ceballos, Arts & Humanities Council (2011)
Harrison Dekker, Social Sciences Council (2011)
Manuel Erviti, Arts & Humanities Council (2012)
John Galwey, Affiliated Libraries (ex officio)
Evelyn Kuo, East Asian Library (ex officio)
Virginia Moon, Northern Regional Library Facility (ex officio)
Brian Quigley, Sciences Council (2011)
John Ridener, Sciences Council (2012)
Hillary Schiraldi, Social Sciences Council, (2012)
Charis Takaro, Library Systems Office (ex officio)

Meeting schedule:
Third Tuesday every month, 1:30 - 3:00pm, 251 Moffitt

E-mail list:

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