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Charlene Conrad Liebau Library Prize for Undergraduate Research Committee

The Charlene Conrad Liebau Library Prize attracts the very best undergraduate papers from courses taught in departments across the campus. It recognizes excellence in undergraduate research projects that show evidence of:

  • significant inquiry using the library, its resources, and collections
  • learning about the research and information-gathering process itself

See the Charlene Conrad Liebau Library Prize for Undergraduate Research website for more information.

Margaret Phillips (Collection Services), 2013-2014

AUL Liaison:
Elizabeth Dupuis, Associate University Librarian

Michaelyn Burnette (Humanities and Social Sciences, Doe/Moffitt), 2012-2014
Jennifer Dorner (Instruction and User Services, Doe/Moffitt), ex-officio
Susan Edwards (Education/Psychology and Social Welfare Libraries), 2013-2015
David Eifler (Environmental Design Library), 2013-2015
Richard Freishtat (Center for Teaching and Learning), 2013-2015
Cody Hennesy (Instruction and User Services, Doe/Moffitt), 2012-2014
Jeffery Loo (Engineering & Physical Sciences Division), 2013-2015
Lydia Petersen (Business Library), 2013-2015
Scott Peterson (Graduate Services, Doe/Moffitt), 2013-2015

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