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Science, Technology and Industry Collection (STIC)-- survey, May 1998
titles requested by UCB faculty, students and other users
UCB contact for this project was then-AUL Katie Frohmberg

About the data Summary Reports

About the Data

In 1997 and 1998, a group of science librarians representing the UC campuses, met with future Librarian of the California Digital Library, Richard Lucier, to help define where the California Digital Library should first focus its resources and efforts. Since it was presumed that science and technology would be the first fields to offer significant digital information, it was decided that computer science and biotechnology should be the focus of the initial efforts of the CDL.

However, to best gather input from faculty and staff, a questionnaire was devised which was administered at all UC campuses in the spring of 1998.

Input at UCB was solicited in a variety of ways:

Two questions were asked:

  1. "Please list the five journals that are most frequently read by individuals with your research interests" and
  2. "If different from the above, please list the five journals you would most like to have your students read".

Two hundred and ten responses were received which are tabulated below. The web site tabulating the data for all 9 UC campuses should be ready in September 1998.

Summary of responses
Reports Raw data for UCB is available upon request.

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