February 12, 1998


EAL moves to California Hall Basement
IBS consolidates and moves to Doe 133
Moffitt Micro Computer Center, floor 3
Moffitt Library closed for seismic upgrade and surged to Doe Library


Doe Step 1:

Moffitt Seismic Upgrade completed
Library reopens
Staff work areas reconfigured Main Stacks under construction


Doe Step 1 continues:

Main Stacks under construction
Plan/design/specify new custom library tables, carrels and chairs


Complete (3) Moffitt NW corner Rooms
Open Main Stacks

Decant Doe stacks to Main Stacks
Plan/move to new Biosciences Library in VLSB
Plan/specify/order new furniture (staff & public)
Plan/move to new Business Library in HAAS
Plan/specify/order new furniture (staff & public)
Plan/renovate Public Health Minor Cap Project
Move Maps to Giannini
Open Memorial Glade and Doe North Entry
Relocate Information Desk to Subject Catalog Hall (temp)
Renovate old Loan Hall for new GSSIS (Doe floor 2)
Build out Doe 303 (former IBS) to Library conference room
Plan/renovate Doe South Entry (install monitor desk + perimeter security)
Plan/renovate/move MIP into Doe Annex 386
Plan/relocate Head Morrison from Doe 106 to Morrison Reading room
Plan/relocate Library Graphics from Doe 188 to Doe 106
Renovate Doe 188 for new Development Office
Plan/relocate Library Space Planning Office from Doe 188 to Doe 107
Plan/relocate LSO programmers, ISIS from Doe 120 to Doe Annex 386, 384, 380
Data technology upgrades made to library public and staff work areas


Relocate Art History from Doe Stacks to Doe 307
Expand Library Systems Office to Doe 386
Relocate/renovate Library Booksale to Doe 125
Move Periodicals Room from Doe stacks to renovated spaces in DoeAnnex Rm. 150 (Tiers 1 & 2)
Move/relocate Bancroft Rare Book Vault to Doe Annex tier 6 & 7
Plan/renovate/construct new Information Center Doe 137

Relocate from Subject Catalog Hall
Moffitt floor 2 Loading Dock opens
Mail, Facilities & Supply moves to new Loading Dock
Construct donor funded Stone Seminar Room in Bancroft
Plan/renovate/consolidate Newspapers and Microform/fiche from Doe tier 8 to Doe tiers 1 & 2


Plan/renovate/move Tech Services from Doe to Moffitt Floor 2
Relocate/plan/move Gifts and Exchange from Doe 110 to Doe 132
Decant Doe Stacks
Renovate Doe 110 for MIP move from Doe 386
Plan/construct Doe Annex 386 for donor funded Krouzian Study Center
Doe Step 2 Seismic Upgrade begins (day/night work)

Relocate Photo Lab to Moffitt floor 2
Renovate Librarians office for new LPG


Doe Step 2 core demolition and seismic upgrade continues
Doe Step 3 pre moves starts

Consolidate/relocate reference collection to Info Center (Doe 137)
Replan Subject Catalog Hall for Reference Annex
Renovation of Doe Information Center for additional reference collection
Close/relocate Morrsion Reading Room to Doe 130
Close/relocate Office 225
North Reading room seismic upgrade pre moves
Close HAS Reading Room
Surge ref collection to Info Center, Ref Annex, etc
Plan/specification/construction of donor funded Moffitt
Information Gateway (Moffitt floor 3)
Plan/move EART Library from McCone Hall to Wellman Trailers
Plan/renovate Doe 295 to Bancroft curatorial offices
Plan/specify new Steelcase for LSO expansion to Doe Annex 378


Doe Step 2 to be completed (April 1)
Conservation admin moves from Doe 416 & 417 to Doe
Basement work areas
Photo lab work areas returns from Moffitt floor 2
Doe Step 3 starts (Feb '98)
Close North Entry/relocate security desk and security trellis
HAS staff (Doe 208) moves to Doe 212
SSEAL moves to Doe 120
Plans for Environmental Design Library relocation/ Seismic upgrade in progress
Temporary surge to interim location under review
EART Library moves from Wellman Trailers to McCone Hall ground floor (July)
Move Maps from Giannini Hall to new EART Library in McCone Hall
Plan/consolidate/specify/move Bancroft tech services units to Doe Annex tier 8
Plan/construction of Moffitt MRC expansion Minor Cap
Plan/construction Art History Minor Cap Project


Doe Step 3 seismic upgrade complete by (Feb)

SSEAL returns to Doe floor 4
Morrison returns to Doe 101
Information Center reopen west entry/reconfigure shelving
Reopen conference rooms (303, 322, 321)
Reopen North Entry and Brown Gallery
Reopen Training room 105
HAS/IAS planning/renovation work in General Reference Room (Room 200)
Grad Services moves from Moffitt floor 5 to Doe floor 2
Plan/specify new furniture/shelving/construction in Doe
ENVI Library moves to temporary location (Moffitt floor 5)

Donor funded cafe, Moffitt floor 3


ENVI Library returns to new Wurster Hall Library
Physics Library surged from LeConte Hall for seismic upgrade (Location to be determined)


NRLF Phase III construction (exact date to be determined pending funding)
Required collection surge space for Doe Step 4
Chemistry Library surged from Hildebrand for seismic upgrade


Doe Step 4 Seismic Upgrade Project (exact date to be determined pending funding)
Services/collections/staff to surge to temporary location/s
Astronomy/Math Library surged from Evan Hall for seismic upgrade (exact date to be determined pending funding)
Ed/Psych Library from Tolman Hall for seismic upgrade
(exact date to be determined pending funding)


EAL new Building construction (exact date to be determined pending funding)

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  • Note: Bold Text: directly related to seismic improvement work


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