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Appendix IV

Student Library Employee Task Force

September 25, 1998

Starting Wages Paid for Basic Student Library Duties

Hayward State$5.75/hour, $.10 raise in 6 months
Santa Clara University $5.75
UC Berkeley$6.47
UC Davis$6.47
UC Berkeley Library$6.47

UC Berkeley Affiliated Libraries:

Law Library$9.17Clerk
Water Resources Center Archives$9.17Clerk
Institute of Governmental Studies$10.22Sr Clerk/Secretary
Institute of Industrial Relations Library$9.17 Clerk
Architecture Slide LIbrary$10.04 Bibliographer I
Inst. of Transportation Studies Library$9.17Clerk
Agriculture Economics Library $9.17Clerk
Ethnic Studies Library$7.10 Library Clerk I (ASUC)
Women's Resource Center$10.22Sr Clerk/Secretary

One affiliated library mentions turnover as a problem. Others indicate sle's stay 2-4 semesters, and often their whole undergraduate careers.

Other Berkeley campus starting wages with listing of major responsibilities:

UCB Housing Office$6.47SA II
Table washer, salad runner, restock beverages, glasses, make sandwiches, set-up and clean-up soft serve machine

Intercollegiate Athletics $6.91 SAIII
Issue and assign lockers; locks swimming ID tags, towels; file user registration or gym privilege cards; answer phones and questions; run errands; file; fold towels, assist with locker clearance at end of semester; public relations and guest services; emergency response; security and access to facility.

Chemical Engineering $8.67 Lab Helper
Assist supervisor in safe startup and shutdown of labs; assist in instructing students in safety and equipment operation; prepare standardized solutions for student use; prepare lab waste for safe disposal.

Lawrence Hall of Science $8.67 Lab Helper
Turn on/off exhibits/ clean exhibits; assist in maintenance of exhibits.

Plant & Microbial Biology $8.67 Lab Helper
Dishwashing, autoclaving, media preparation, checking and replenishing standard lab equipment and supplies

Chemistry $8.67 Lab Helper
Pick up, sort and deliver department mail Issue lab equipment and chemicals

School of Public Health (Library) $9.17 Clerk
Locate/retrieve articles from campus libraries; use campus on-line catalogs; photocopy/file/data entry using bibliographic databases

Engineering ORS $9.17 Clerk
Pick up and deliver mail using two-wheel truck; sort and deliver mail and supplies

Lawrence Hall of Science $9.17 Clerk
Stock exhibit supplies, clean exhibit areas; assist visitors with exhibits; crowd and damage control. Retails sales clerk with crowds and on phone; stock displays; cash and credit card sales.

Intercollegiate Athletics $9.17
Cleaning and laundry duties; light building maintenance; possible travel with football team; prepare athletic teams for practice; distribute athletic gear into lockers; data entry; clean-up after practice and games; open/close retail store operations; serve pre-packaged food/drinks; receive and record merchandise; stock shelves/maintain displays/ answer phones and disseminate public information/ process cash, check and credit card transactions; relieve receptions; process phone and mail ticket orders.

Child Care Services $9.80
Teaching assistant for campus child care with children 3 mos to 8 years; assist teachers in supervision of children; carry out curriculum related development activities; assist in maintenance of safe and healthy environment; attend weekly staff meetings and/or conference with teacher.

Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory $10.00
Typing, filing, photocopying, running erands on and off site; data entry; sort and deliver mail

Architecture Slide Library $10.04 (Library Assistant I)
Assist in operation of Architecture slide library; mount slides and photographs; refile slides and photographs; affix labels to new slides; assist library users with circulation of slides; other library jobs as assigned.

Law Library $10.04
Student shelving supervisor

UC Berkeley Library $12.80
Graduate Student Researcher:
Various positions in HAS department; requires some language proficiency; verify call numbers and holdings locations; perform monographic and serial bibliographic searching using systems such as OCLC, RLIN, Melvyl or Gladis;

Blank Assistant $11.68

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