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Appendix IStudent Library Employee QuestionnaireSeptember 25, 1998

As a student library employee, you have a unique and important perspective on the operations of the library and on how The Library fulfills its role as a campus employer. The Library administration is interested in your views - and invites you to complete the following confidential survey so that your input can be included in library planning.

Please take a few minutes to provide thoughtful responses to the following questions, using the back of the sheet if you need more room. Your responses will be treated confidentially, and read only by the members of the Task Force.

Put your completed questionnaire into an envelope, seal it, and give it to your supervisor, who will collect all responses and forward them to the Task Force.

Your work in the Library is an important component in support of the academic mission at Cal. Thank you for your hard work - and many thanks in advance for your completion of this survey.

In what library do you work? ________________

# of Semesters employed by Library ___________

Main Tasks: (check all that apply)

Circulation Desk ______ Shelving _______Tech. Processing _______
Clerical ________Other ______

  1. What made you choose Library employment as opposed to other campus employment, and how did you hear about your library position?
  2. Is this your only employment at this time? Yes ____ No _____

  3. If you could change 3 things about your library employment, what would they be?

  4. Have your been adequately trained for your library tasks? Yes_____ No ________

    Are written training documents available to you in your unit? Yes _______ No _______

  5. Is a supervisor readily available to you for questions or concerns? Yes ____ No _____

    If no, can you explain why not?

  6. Are your skills and abilities well utilized in your library position? Yes ___ No ___

    Please elaborate:

  7. In what ways do you feel part of your library unit?

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