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UCB Library Saberware Task Force Final Report

Final Report of the Saberware Task Force
Approved by CIRG, May 24, 1995

The Saberware Task Force met over a series of months in person and through
e-mail.  We met with Ken Sogar, the Library's CD-ROM network
vendor/systems integrator, about statistics and menu functions.
There was also a sub group composed of Kathryn Wayne, Allan Urbanic, and
Andrea Sevetson to discuss the new menu option(s) made necessary by the
H&SS Tower.

The Task Force tried to set up strategies wherein responsibility for
discs fell back to units/selectors, thus putting in place a model which
should mean that there would not need to be more task forces on the CD-
ROM tower issue.

The final recommendations of the Saberware Task Force are as follows:

1- MENU DESIGNATION:  Unit or fund owner makes a designation as
to where new titles show up on the menu

Three new "menu headers" were recommended by the Task Force:
Interdisciplinary databases, Arts & Humanities databases, Social
Sciences databases.  These, combined with the other menu headers
in place should create the structure for new sections.  An
initial title/menu designation was made by a subcommittee, as

Titles should show up on no more than two menues (plus
interdisciplimary).  If titles show up in more than two, they
should simply be listed under interdisciplinary.

2- RESET TIME for databases of five minutes.  That is, if a
database has no activity for five minutes the machine
automatically reset/reboot the machine to the main menu.
"Activity" can be as simple as scrolling up and down in a
document.  The re-booting will not come as a complete surprise to
patrons as there are some warnings (beeps and messages) given.

This feature is especially important as the site licensing
programming is in place and patrons could be from the titles if
this feature is not employed.  There is the possibility of
programming each title separately, but at this point making title
by title distinctions did not seem warranted.

3- SHARED SOFTWARE:  Not everyone may be aware of this, but the
system is set up so that titles which have the same search
software (Silverplatter, Wilsondisc etc) SHARE the software.  So
if a unit requests a particular feature (e.g. a particular
citation display)  ALL units sharing the application software are

The following strategy should be used by the CD-ROM Network
Administrator when such requests are made:

     A- All affected units (i.e. owning units of the discs
     sharing the software) should discuss the issue and see if a
     friendly arrangement can be made.

     B- If no such arrangement can be made one of the following
     two strategies should be employed:
          i - Whoever owns the mosts _discs_ which operate the
          software in question has the final say.
          ii - If, by some quirk of fate two units have the same
          number of discs, the unit with the most usage shall

     The AUL for Collections or CIRG should be the mediator for
     this process, if necessary.

4- INFORMATION OPTION:  The "information" option for titles on
the Saberware menu is being exploited.  The information option
allows to put in explanatory text about each title etc.

The information should include:  Title, dates covered, referral
_unit_ (based on the location of the fund manager) for more
advanced reference assistance print equivalents if they exist,
and frequency of updating.

The information will show up when patrons press the  key
when a specific title is highlighted.

DATES: 1984--present; updated semiannually.
CONTENT: Abstracts monographs and serials, theses and exhibition
catalogs covering 19th and 20th century art and design.  Aspects
covered include: architecture, ceramics, costumes, drawing, folk
art, furniture, glass, graphic design, interior design, painting,
photography, posters, prints, sculpture, textiles, etc..
PRINT EQUIVALENTS: Artbibliographies Modern, 1971-- (available at
General Reference Service).
Reference Service, 2nd floor, Doe Library.

5. As new titles are added the following information should be
sent, along with the disc to the CD-ROM Network Administrator
(Angeline Lok), as well as the reflectors:  selector and refstaff
     - annotation
     - number of simultaneous users we have paid for
     - where the title belongs in the menu structure

The following statistics should be gathered:
1- What titles get used in unit __x__
     a- number of time the title is executed
     b- total time spent in title

2- Total database use arranged by unit.
     a- how much a title gets used in unit X
     b- how much a title gets used anywhere

3- No copies available (i.e. site license copies used up)
A log should be generated monthly indicating:
     a- title/unit/date/time of day for analysis.
     b- by title, the number of times there were no copies

It is worth noting that any unit wishing to do detailed analysis
of their CD usage can schedule a time to work with the CD-ROM
Network Administrator (currently Angeline Lok).

Submitted by the Saberware Task Force:
                Andrea Sevetson, Convenor
                Angeline Lok
                Kathryn Wayne
                Beth Weil
                Naheed Zaheer


December 6, 1994

TO:  SabreWare Task Force
FROM:  David Farrell & Bernie Hurley

The Task Force is charged to recommend the SabreWare
configurations collection specialists require to manage the CD
ROM librarywide network.   We would like to have your report on
or about February 15, 1995.

Specifically, we request the Task Force to make recommendations
on the following:

1.  Options for configuring local menu screens in a systemwide

2.   Programming SabreWare to ensure that
     --simultaneous use does not exceed the maximum number of
     users per database/site specified in the Library's
     contractural agreements with vendors
     --databases have an automatic "timeout" feature if users
     neglect to logout.

3.  Collection use reports within a given period to track
elements such as:
        --amount of  use/database
        --amount of  use/location
        --total time a database is in  use
        --number of simultaneous users/database

cc:  Collections & Information Resources Group


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