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Task Force on Staff Reclass Policy & Procedures Charge

call sent by Tom Leonard, February 5, 2002

To all Library Staff:

The Chancellor has directed The Library, along with all campus units, to fund reclass related salary increases from our existing budgets. This is a break with the practice of central campus funding for successful reclass actions. This new policy represents a challaenge for the Library, in that every dollar we reallocate for reclass-based salary increases represents a permanent decrease for other library operations. For example, if the Library allocates $150,000 for staff reclasses each year, over five years, the budget for other library operations will be reduced by $750,000 in the fifth year. As the Library adjusts for this challenge, I hope we can get wide participation in the discussion of reclassifcation policies and procedures that will equitably serve staff and managers.

CABINET has noted that we are fortunate to have in place the Library Classification Committee chaired by Kay Starkweather. I have asked them to continue their work in reviewing casual and career staff personnel positions in the Library, which are proposed for reclasssification ot the level of Library Assistant III, IV, or V. Reclass requests for other classifications will also continue within their current processes.

CABINET will now charge a new Task Force on Reclass Policy and Procedurs that will draw on the expertise of the current Library Classification Committee, but have no role in their current deliberations. Instead, this new Task Force will make recommendations on policies and procedures related to the new campus mandate for local funding of reclass salary increases. The Task Force on Reclass Policy and Procedures will be charged to:

  • review the process by which staff reclassifications are currently triggered hanled, and approved (not lmited to LAs)
  • recommend policies and procedures to ensure that reclasses will be triggered for job-related changes that are linked to the Library's highest priorities;
  • ensure the recommended policies and procedures are equitable and affordable (i.e., current library finances allow for a reclass salary poool of about $150,000 per year, compared to past campus funded reclasses that ranged from $200,000 to $300,000 per year.);
  • give direction on the role of supervisors in the reclass process;
  • recommend an average salary increase target for reclassified positions (e.g., 5%, 10%);
  • identify campus and contract issues that affect the staff reclassification process;
  • identify resources from campus Human Resources and the Executive Vice Chancellor to help with this tranisiton; and
  • suggest ideas for the continuing education of staff and management about the staff reclassificaiton policy;
  • present an interim report to Cabinet at the midpoint of the Task Force deliverations.
  • Please send me your self nominations for the Task Force on Reclass Policy and Procedures by February 12, 2002. Affiliated Library librarians and staff are encouraged to apply, as well as current members of the Library Classification Committee.

    CABINET will put this Task Force together and I plan to attend its first meeting. The target for the report is March 25, 2002.

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