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UCB Library's Public Electronic Access Systems --
Work of the Committee

The Public Electronic Access Committee began their work in November of 2000. The following people served on the Committee:

  • Bill Brown, The Bancroft Library
  • Jan Carter, Humanities
  • Laine Farley, CDL
  • Bernie Hurley, Library Technologies
  • Robert Knapp, Professor-Classics
  • Norma Kobzina, Natural Resources and Biosciences Library
  • Jeff McNeill, Graduate student, Computer Science
  • Ellen Meltzer, Chair. Teaching Library
  • Barbara Morgan, IS&T
  • Jim Ronnigen, Earth Sciences/Maps Library
  • Gary Peete, Business and Economics Library
  • Lisa Weber, Library Systems

The Committee met eight times. Gail Ford, who provided administrative support to the Committee, mounted a website with documents of interest to the work of the (Committee). The Committee approached its work by identifying problems that led users to frustration. Next, the Committee looked at an existing UCB draft of principles and sought out principles already in use at other institutions, and in the literature. A subcommittee of PEAS constructed a draft of principles and presented them to the PEAS Committee. Members then considered these candidate principles in the context of the problems we were trying to solve. The Committee created a draft list of principles which was discussed with Roundtable, then finalized. Next, a subcommittee of PEAS presented pros and cons of various organizational models and led a discussion that resulted in a ranking of the models.

The Committee reported three times to Roundtable: first, to give a status report on the work of the Committee and to distribute a list of the problems with our existing public electronic access systems, and a set of principles to address the problems. Second, we met to lead a discussion of the principles by which our systems should be organized, and to identify what had been omitted from the list, and to ensure that there was commitment to the principles on the part of Roundtable. Finally, we met to discuss this final report.

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