Organizational Development

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This page is continuously under development, listing actions taken by any person or unit within the Library that supports our Statement of Values. Some of these are direct outcomes of staff ideas for action generated in 2000/2001, while others have grown out of unit missions and individual efforts.

Value: Collegiality & Cooperation
We work together to build a civil environment. We cooperate and support each other. We appreciate diversity.

Value: Effective Communication
Regular and ongoing open communication occurs throughout the Library.

Value: Excellence & Creativity
We pursue excellence and offer quality service within the context of the Library's stated needs and priorities.

Value: Fairness
Everyone is important and every part of the Library has an important function.

Value: Participatory Decision-making
We value the opportunity to make decisions that directly affect our daily work.

Value: Professional Growth & Development
We believe a highly skilled staff who are given opportunities and challenges are happier and more productive.

Value: Recognition
We value a clear and fair rewards policy and a competitive pay structure. We acknowledge each other's successes.

Value: Safe, Comfortable, & Healthy Work Environment
We provide a safe, comfortable and healthy environment for staff and users.

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